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JOIN US for breakfast on Friday, September 1st to congratulate our Leadership Jasper 2017 graduates!

Our breakfast sponsor is AT&T.  Regional Director, External Affairs - Paul Chambers will be speaking about their new wireless broadband services.

Breakfast begins at 8am

P lease RSVP so we know how much food to prepare.

Our featured BUSINESS OF THE MONTH is Heartland Chiropractic .  Stop by the Visitors' Center and see their great window display!  

Heartland Chiropractic is located at 
972 College Street
Monticello, Georgia 31064

Over 100 job seekers attended the Jasper County Job Fair that was held on August 17, at Southern Crescent Technical College, Jasper County campus, on Industiral Park Drive in Monticello.

The Development Authority of Jasper County, and Monticello-Jasper County Chamber of Commerce teamed up with Southern Crescent Technical College to host a combined Job Fair and SCTC Open House.

Participating in the job fair were Associated Staffing Service, AT&T, Cal Maine Foods, Dexter Axle, Express Employment Services, Georgia Pacific, Jasper County Charter Schools, Jasper County Human Resources, Jasper County Sheriff's Office, Southern Crescent Technical College, Sovereign Risk Solutions, and TSM Contractors. 

Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Southern Crescent Technical College staff were in attendance to meet and greet the attendees. The Jasper County Campus was open for touring and information was available about classes.
Pam Mayer, President of Chamber of Commerce said this job fair provided a vital service to our community by communicating to our local workforce the jobs that are available here in our own county.

Linda Simmons, Center Coordinator said, "At Southern Crescent our purpose is to develop students to become work ready employees thereby having a positive impact on the economic development of our community."


Let's decorate for FALL YA'LL...!

Come on Jasper County - let's get ready for Fall.  Catch the Fall spirit and decorate your storefront and/or windows. Make it inviting for our community and tourists to stop and shop with us this season.

Definition of Tourist:
Anyone who is in the county that doesn't have a Jasper County car tag.              

Thought you might be interested in seeing the 2016 Georgia Department of Transportation annual DAILY TRAFFIC COUNT stats for Monticello.  If this many people drive in front of your place of business on a DAILY basis - what efforts are you making to get them to stop and shop or patronize you...?   Is your storefront inviting?  Is your signage visible to walking or car traffic?  Let's make a difference!  Let's get creative!  Go above and beyond to encourage more business traffic in Jasper County!

3,740  Highway 11North:  Curve at Football field 
2,190  Highway 11 South:  In front of Jordan Funeral Home
3,210  Highway 16/212:  In front of Reese Hall open_sign_shop.jpg
7,610  Highway 16/212:   In front of Dairy Queen
4,990  Highway 16 West:  In front of Ingles
3,480  Highway 212 West:  In front of Town n Country
3,030  Highway 83 South:  In front of NAPA
2,690  Highway 83 North:  In front of Lewis & Malone
6,870  Square:  In front of Monticello Drugstore
6,170  Square:  In front of Masonic Lodge Building


THANK YOU for investing in Downtown Monticello!  Several businesses have added new signage, new awnings, and fresh paint.  LOOKING GOOD....!!!

Top Left:  Bic Chic, Top Right:  Tricia Armistead, CPA and Bramlett Realty
Bottom Left:  Bank of Monticello, Bottom Top Right:  Sovereign Risk Soluctions,
Bottom Right: CVS Pharmacy

Bees and Fleas
Thrift Store
113 South Warren Street
Rusted Roots
Salon & Boutique
133 West Washington Street

 SPLOST VOTING DATE November 7, 2017

Distribution of Proceeds:  

All projects have equal priority and Jasper County and each municipality shall receive, on a monthly basis, an allocation of SPLOST funds as payments from the Georgia Department of Revenue are received.  Said allocations shall be based, pro rata, on the table below. 

  2018 SPLOST Estimated Revenue:  $5,000,000 over 6 years, beginning April 1, 2018.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED  by the Board of Commissioners of Jasper County, Georgia as follows:
(A) Assuming the question of imposing a County SPLOST is approved by the voters of the special district in the election hereinafter referred to, the SPLOST shall be imposed for the term, purposes and costs as follows:
1. In order to finance the Projects described herein, a SPLOST in the amount of one percent (1%) on all sales and uses in the County is hereby authorized to be levied and collected within the special district created in the County as provided in the Act.
2. The proceeds of such tax are to be used to fund the Projects. The Projects consist of "County Projects" and "Municipal Projects." The County Projects, the Municipal Projects, and the Estimated Costs are set forth below:

(B) General Obligation Debt.
1. The County is hereby authorized to issue general obligation debt (the "Debt"), secured by the proceeds of the SPLOST, in a maximum aggregate principal amount of $3,500,000 The proceeds of the Debt, if issued, shall be used to pay a portion of the costs of the County Projects and the costs of issuing the Debt. The Debt shall bear interest from first day of the first month during which the Debt is to be issued or from such other date as may be designated by the County prior to the issuance of the Debt, at a rate(s) to be determined in a supplemental resolution to be adopted by the County prior to the issuance of the debt, which rate shall not exceed 4.5% per annum. The amount of principal to be paid in each year during the life of the Debt shall be as follows:  Year 1   $519,895,  Year 2 $543,779,  Year 3 $568,461,  Year 4 $594,875,  Year 5 $622,203,  Year 6 $650,787
2. The proceeds of the Debt shall be deposited by the County in separate funds or accounts as specified in the intergovernmental agreement.
3. The SPLOST proceeds received in any year pursuant to the imposition of such tax, shall first be used for paying debt services requirements on the Debt for any such year before such proceeds are applied to any of the Projects authorized above. Proceeds of the SPLOST not required to be deposited in the separate fund in any year for the payment of principal and interest on the Debt coming due in the current year shall be deposited in a separate fund to be maintained by the County and applied toward funding the Projects to the extent such projects have not been funded with debt proceeds, all as more fully provided for in the Agreement.

Monticello City Council Meeting
Monticello Government Complex - Council Room (Visitors' Center)
2nd Tuesday of each month  -  7 o'clock p.m.

Jasper County Commission Meeting
Jasper County Courthouse - Ground Floor/Basement Floor
1st Monday of each month -  6 o'clock p.m.

Development Authority of Jasper County
Monticello Government Complex - Third Floor (enter Visitors' Center)
1st Tuesday of each month -  12:30 p.m.

Monticello Downtown Development Authority
3rd Floor Monticello Government Complex
2nd Tuesday of each month - 6 o'clock p.m.

Monticello Jasper County Chamber of Commerce
Monticello Government Complex - Council Room
2nd Thursday of each month -
12:30 p.m.