By all these lovely tokens September days are here,
With summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer.
-Helen Hunt Jackson
Solar Eclipse Video of the Horizon Before, During, and After Totality
Breath-taking views from totality.
Have Plans for Fall Break 2017?
Watch the video below and join us for a customized mission experience.
What are Summer Missions Really About?

Hear from our CEO, Jacqueline Gottlieb on her favorite aspects of summer missions.
Watch the video below!
Thank you, WCU!

Volunteers from Western Carolina University visited Hinton on August 17th to help Els with the garden, along with some other campus projects.

Have a great school year, ladies!
Spend this Spring Break volunteering in local missions.

Hinton Center has transitioned its Mission Outreach Program from being solely a summer based mission opportunity to a year long outreach. Teams are invited to contact us about creating customized week or weekend mission opportunities. You’d be surprised what can be accomplished and the relationships that are built within a weekend trip. Cost will vary depending on your group.

Council for Collaborative Impact:
What Have We Been Up To?

This Council continues to build on the Quality of Life Initiative. So far, the Council's effort has elicited the following community outputs:

  • development of public internet hub test sites in Clay County
  • acceptance of two families for Habitat for Humanity houses, not previously operational in Clay or Graham Counties
  • development of multi-county training is in process for the impacts of trauma on children underway
  • revitalization of the Drug Coalition of Clay County currently in process
  • development of multi-agency training in process on addressing the opioid epidemic
  • adoption of drug abuse awareness by Rotary Club to support multi-agency initiative
  • implementation of a community-wide volunteer program with technology platform and infrastructure for support that will be ready to launch early 2018
  • submission of a grant to train the trainers for a local mental health program
  • submission of a grant for the development of a local leadership academy

The Council for Collaborative Impact will continue to seek a better quality of life in our communities for all. Through these initiatives and strong leadership, the Council will continue to grow and transform to the needs of the community.

For more information on these initiatives and work of the CCI, contact Ricky Hill at (828) 389-8336 or