September 2021
2020 Annual Report Highlights Carpet Recycling Progress
The 2020 California Carpet Stewardship Program’s Annual Report was submitted to CalRecycle on August 31, per legislative requirements. At a time of immense strain on recycling efforts across the country, carpet recycling saw significant progress in California in 2020. The California Program achieved an all-time program high recycling rate of 23.2 percent in Q4 2020, with an overall annual recycling rate of 21 percent in 2020. While it did not meet the target 24 percent goal, the recycling rate for this fossil-fuel-based material is up 107% over the past five years. CARE Executive Director Bob Peoples estimates that if there had not been a COVID-19 pandemic, the rate would likely have achieved 25% or higher in 2020.

Sixty-eight percent of the carpet collected in California in 2020 was recycled. This percentage, called the yield, has grown dramatically over the life of the program from just 28 percent nine years ago, thanks to expanded processing capacity, growing markets for post-consumer carpet materials and technological advances. Major market development efforts, particularly in the creation of a market for carpet backing material, also known as PC4, has led to this outstanding 68 percent yield rate.
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In the past five years alone, 292 million pounds of discarded carpet was kept out of California landfills – equivalent to more than 10,000 fully-loaded 53-foot trailers – and recycled into useful new products.
CARE Thanks Jacy Bolden; California Program Director Position Available
CARE California Program Director Jacy Bolden will be leaving her position at the end of this month. CARE Executive Director Bob Peoples commented, “Jacy has done a wonderful job over her more than three years with CARE. Her quick study, no-nonsense approach and deep understanding has helped us achieve many of our objectives. She was offered an outstanding career opportunity and we wish her all the best – she will really be missed.” CARE's board and staff thank Jacy Bolden (pictured) for her sterling work as California Program Director.
The California Program Director position is open for applicants. Qualified and interested candidates are invited to see the full position description and application link here.
CARE intends to fill the opening as soon as a qualified candidate can be selected. Until that time, CARE is pleased to announce that Grants Manager Abbie Beane will serve in the position of Interim California Program Director as of October 1 and can be reached at
Recycling Progress Continues in Q2 2021
CARE’s California Carpet Stewardship Program continued to make progress in Q2 2021. The Recycling Rate for Q2 was 29 percent, setting another high-water mark. The yield (output/collections) — an important measure of recycling efficiency — reached 83 percent. Efforts continue to enable expanded collections to support the higher recycled output. Eighty-four percent of program expenses were paid out in the form of subsidies.

In terms of national trends, Executive Director Bob Peoples notes, “All indicators continue to point in the right direction as the U.S. grapples with the latest Covid surge and supply chains remain strained. Transportation costs have doubled and then some in many areas.”
CalRecycle Comments on Recent CARE Documents
At the September 19th public meeting, CalRecycle staff made the following recommendations to CalRecycle’s Director:
  • Conditional approval of the Carpet Differential Assessment Plan with conditions to be met within 60 days.
  • Disapproval of the Convenient Collection Plan.

The documents that CARE submitted can be found here and CalRecycle’s recommendation can be downloaded here.

CARE is addressing the agency’s concerns and will respond in a timely fashion.
CARE Annual Conference Brings Industry Together

The 19th CARE Annual Conference on August 31 through September 1 went fully virtual, but still provided a valuable platform for information and exchange of ideas. About 80 attendees participated in sessions covering many aspects of the carpet recycling ecosystem in the U.S.

Thanks to all the attendees, speakers, award winners (see next story) and sponsors.
CARE Awards Go to Recycler, Person of 2019 and 2020
At the Annual Conference, CARE announced winners of the 2019 and 2020 Person and Recycler of the Year awards. CARE Executive Director Bob Peoples explained, “We had to cancel the 2020 Conference due to COVID but did not want to skip recognizing a year’s worth of carpet recycling successes. So at this year’s virtual conference, we are giving awards to the companies and individuals that have worked tirelessly to advance the carpet recycling industry in the face of recent economic and social challenges.” 

The selection process began with nominations, followed by membership voting on those with the highest number of nominations.

The winners are:
Drop-Off Site Update
As part of our efforts to increase carpet collection for recycling across the state, CARE is pleased to announce our latest public carpet recycling drop-off site:
  • Robbie’s Floor Coverings, El Centro, Imperial County.

There are currently 87 CARE-supported public drop-off sites in the state, serving 53 counties.
CARE supports drop-off sites by providing at no cost:
  • A container for collection,
  • Third-party hauling to bring carpet material to recyclers,
  • Promotional materials for local government and the hosting facility,
  • Technical assistance from CARE staff and
  • Ready access to micro grants that support site set-up and collection equipment.
Also this month, another independent drop-off site has been added:
  • Aquafil Carpet Collection Miramar, San Diego, San Diego County. Accepts all carpet and pad types. 602-562-0444.

To find the CARE-sponsored drop-off site closest to you, visit the drop-off site map here. If there is a location, such as a supply house, landfill, transfer station, or recycling facility that you feel would work well as a drop-off site for you and other flooring professionals near you, please email CARE with the facility's name and location. A CARE staff person will call you to discuss your volume, learn more about flooring professionals’ needs in your area and work toward finding a solution.
In addition to public drop-off sites, CARE works with the recyclers who operate more than 190 private network collection sites around the state.