Participate in our Conference,
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Share Your Photos at Conference

We want to share photos of events from ALL of the Unity ministries in our Region at Conference!

So send any celebrations or fun photos to our regional email at or upload them to this folder by Sunday, September 23rd.

They will run on a Power Point slideshow between events, so be sure to include which Unity center the photo represents and the people pictured.

It'll be like we're all together!

Thank you for sharing!
Complete This Survey on Paradox in Unity Centers
From Rev. Kelly Isola, our workshop leader:

The more data, the better. This is a link to a series of statements. It’s a quick survey, but will give us an idea of how well we leverage one of the main polarities alive in churches:
Honoring the Past/Tradition AND Innovation/Change
The more responses we get, the better the data about how well individually and collectively we actually harness the power of our differences, and where we can improve upon our collective capacities for moving through change. Results will be used in the live workshop.
Stay informed about our Regional Meeting
Your Conference Committee and Regional Board want you to have all the information regarding the regional meeting before you arrive, and even if you won't be attending this year.

We are also mindful of the use of natural resources and would like to reduce the amount of paper we use during the conference. That's why we've set up a page on the Region's website called:

Please be sure to take the time to read the reports, bios and updates so you'll be informed, and ready to vote, on those running for office, as well as the recommended bylaws changes, shown below.
If you are interested in Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for attending the conference workshops, be sure to check the Conference Paperless Information page for the updated policy and a link to the form.
Alhambra Foundation News
The Foundation is happy to report that the new Conference Scholarships supported 10 ministries, from all across the Region, in attending conference this year! Learn how the Foundation can help support your center.
Resources for Holiday
Service Planning

The Unity Church of Alhambra Foundation can help you promote your ministry for the holiday season!

Apply for up to $1,000 and you can use the funds to promote your ministry through online or print media, or music!

Video Promotion Workshop and Lunch Gathering

After learning some of the many ways video can be used to promote our Unity centers, the attendees broke out groups to make their own videos.

Along with the above, you can see the videos that were uploaded by going to the

Learn more about the workshop
by visiting the
Share your News and Contact Info with our Region
Check your listing on our spreadsheet!
Send the news or updates you want to share with the region to our new regional mailbox at

Or post it directly to the SW Region Facebook page, which will appear on our regional website at!
Remember, has links to Unity Village, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Silent Unity and Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, as well as resources and publications, all in one place.