Over the decades that we’ve focused on long-term care planning, we’ve simplified our process into three steps:


Step 1: Health history will determine insurability, carrier, product and cost. It is the key to long-term care planning.


Step 2: Education will provide the knowledge for clients to make prudent decisions about insurance as the funding option.


Step 3: Application process.


Along the way we’ll discuss affordability, coverage desired and assist with completing the application, underwriting and case management.


A learned colleague used to say we’re only one doctor’s appointment away from being uninsurable. Worrisome but true.


Underwriting guidelines are constantly changing. Medical conditions that once were uninsurable are now insurable. And conversely, conditions that once were insurable are no longer.


Many who know how important this insurance is because they have had a heart attack or bout of cancer assume they are not insurable. A lot depends on the type, stage, grade and treatment protocol with cancer. And heart conditions can be insurable depending on the outcome of treatment and other associated conditions such as diabetes.


We aim to make our process straight forward. Click through to watch Nicole discuss what to expect as you explore long-term care insurance.

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Most people want a quick answer about how much long-term care Insurance is going to cost them. The conversation always starts with the facts.

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Think Medicare is going to cover the cost of long-term care?  Think again. Find out how people pay for long-term care in the United States.

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