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A Successful Summer!
This summer was a good one for Colorado Headwaters Land Trust! We closed on an easement , had two very successful events, and made great headway in educating more residents and visitors about conservation and land protection in Grand County.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in one of CHLT's events this summer, and to everyone who supports the land trust, including our sponsors , easement grantors and landowners , historic Grand County families, other nonprofits, and all of the individuals who check in with us from time to time, to see how we're doing and what we're up to. Between History on Horseback , A Grand Afternoon , and the many other events we attended, co-sponsored, and supported, everyone at CHLT feels that the conservation community is alive and well in Grand County.

We have one event scheduled for the fall at the moment, but more are in the planning stages and will be announced soon!
First Friday Dinner at The Dean Public House in
Hot Sulphur Springs
Friday, November 01
A portion of the proceeds will go directly to CHLT. Come on out for a delicious local dinner to benefit not only your local economy, but also your local nonprofit land protection group! Meet the CHLT staff and board, and many other supporters from all around the county!
50/50 On the Water Film Tour at Headwaters Center
Join your fellow water enthusiasts at Headwaters Center in Winter Park for a family-friendly evening of female focused fly-fishing films on Saturday, October 05.

"You will leave the event inspired and energized by the 90+ minutes of storytelling which highlights anglers and fisheries from around the world ."
Thank You to Our Students
Colorado Headwaters Land Trust is proud to annually award $2000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors in Grand County who wish to pursue land conservation and management in their higher education and professional lives. In 2019 we awarded this money to three students whom we believe to be high-achieving and serious about their goals to protect not only Grand County's beautiful natural resources, but those of the entire Intermountain West, United States, and world. These three students showed a diverse range of interests as well: ranching, snow science, and environmental education.

The Carolyn Hackman Education Scholarship was created by request of Carolyn Hackman and is awarded to all graduating high school seniors in Grand County who wish to "increase their knowledge of land conservation and management and carry such knowledge into their adult years."

Below are thank-you notes we received from two of 2019's recipients: Tel Linke and Brendan Droll (posted with permission). Best of luck in college to all of our scholarship awardees!
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Here are some of our posts from June:
Aug 28 : In Grand County we are surrounded by mountains (and have some of our own, too). Both locals and visitors to our county have ample opportunity to embrace the mountain lifestyle: slow, relaxed, and enveloped by nature. When someone leaves Grand County, whether for a day or forever, they yearn to come back - as the summer season wraps up and school gets back in session, more and more people will be looking back at the horizon, waiting for some land to rise up that they can run off into.

The land trust helps protect those mountains, those horizons, those lands. From conserving land right on the creeks, streams, and rivers that give this region its life to preserving the vistas seen from mountain tops along the Continental Divide, CHLT is dedicated to stewarding and protecting the views and rugged country that define Middle Park and the Rocky Mountain region.
Aug 07 : S ome wisdom from Toni Morrison: "At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough. You don't need to photograph, paint or even remember it. It is enough. No record of it needs to be kept and you don't need someone to share it with or tell it to. When that happens - that letting go - you let it go because you can." Many landowners choose to protect their land in perpetuity simply because the beauty of the land itself is enough. They don't see the reason to commercialize their land, nor do they see a reason to struggle with the choices that inevitably come with the process of bequeathing or selling the land. The beauty is enough to protect it.

We at the land trust like showing off the lands we protect, and we don't judge the reasons people might come to us. For us, protecting the land is enough.
Aug 01 : CHLT is the only land trust based in Grand County, and we only work within Grand County! From Supply Creek to Blacktail Creek, Berthoud Pass to Gore Pass we protect private open land in partnership with landowners and for the benefit of all.

This photo is overlooking Kremmling, the western-most town in our fair county. We hold six beautiful easements around the town, totaling over 900 acres! (Not counting the additional seven other easements in the western part of the county.) Kremmling is surrounded by historic working ranches, containing generations of history and land protection - the land trust exists to help protect those values and histories.
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Support local land conservation by shopping our Conservation Partners. Our partners believe in the mission of the land trust and that open space enriches our quality of life, protects landscapes, and brings visitors and residents to Grand County. Protecting open space is an investment in our environment, our culture and our economy.
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