September 2016
  Date:  Tuesday, September 27, 2016  
  Doors Open:  6:00pm
  Location:  The Biltmore Hotel 
    2151 Laurelwood Rd 
Santa Clara, CA 95054 

September Membership Meeting
"Internet Security and Security Services"
Walter Edmondson    
TeamLogic IT
Walter Edmondson is the President and CEO of TeamLogic IT. The company provides services to help maintain, backup, and secure networks. He graduated from Santa Clara University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Walter also attended Stanford University, majoring in Business Administration and Management. His skills include management, network security, cloud computing, IT service management, and many more!


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In This Issue:

~President's Message~
~September News~
  • Beginning the New Year: Investment U
  • Changes to the CPA are Coming!
  • 7 Job Interview Mistakes to Never, Ever Make 

~Board of Directors~

~Committee Updates~

~AFWA Foundation~

~Annual Conference~



Edronda Guiriba  
AFWA - Silicon Valley Chapter President
It definitely feels like fall when school is back in session and traffic is a bit heavier! 

Speaking of school back in session, one of our chapter's main goals is to support students in accounting and finance. To do so AFWA Silicon Valley awards scholarships every year. The funds raised from our annual gala event goes towards our scholarship fund. 

During our strategic planning meeting in July this year the board decided to make some important changes affecting  our scholarships. Some changes include:
  1. Issuing 2 scholarships at $2,500 instead of 3-4 scholarships at varying amounts. We feel if students know the value of the scholarship, we may receive more applications.
  2. We will hold the Gala fundraising event on the same night as our Scholarship Awards night. Feedback from students provided great insight that May was a tough time with finals to attend the gala, so the event will be held in April. 
Also, watch for upcoming scholarship recipient spotlights where we will check in with past scholarship recipients!

To support our chapter and to take advantage of your AFWA membership, be sure to attend our membership events. Our meetings are almost always the 4th Tuesday of the month - it's easy to set up a reminder on your calendar.

For our September meeting Walter Edmondson of TeamLogicIT will be presenting "Internet Security and Security Services." Don't forget to register early and watch for the event invitation for more information. I will see you there!


Beginning a New Year: Investment U
Posted August 11, 2016 
By '16-'17 AFWA National President, Linda Harris, CPA
It is that time of year when students are returning to school and AFWA Chapters are beginning a new year of leadership and programming. I always loved the first day of school and as a parent I loved preparing my son for the next chapter in his life. Besides wanting him to do well academically I also wanted him to have the full experience of his education. That meant helping him appreciate the value of investing in himself and showing him how much more he would gain by getting involved in his school. The same concepts hold true for members of AFWA.

What you get out of an organization is directly related to what you put into it. Every time you volunteer, you are making an investment in yourself that I guarantee will benefit you. Through AFWA, you have the opportunity to grow your leadership skills and help direct where the organization is going in the future - and it's never too late to get involved! For example, if you need a specific topic of CPE, join your Chapter's programming committee and provide your input. The committee may not be aware of the need or you may learn why it hasn't been offered. Either way everyone benefits with additional insight.

So, take that first step and  get involved, either in your local Chapter or on a National Committee. I promise you won't regret it.

Speaking of  National Committees, the National Conference Committee is busy finalizing the details for our upcoming conference in Denver. I encourage you to check out our website and see all the great speakers  scheduled to present. In addition to earning up to 17 hours of CPE there will be countless opportunities to grow your professional, opportunity to provide input on proposed AFWA national bylaw changes, and many more opportunities to have some fun! The  Grand Hyatt is a great hotel right downtown, close to the 16 th Street Mall. I have scoped it out and will be happy to provide you with my must-dos while in Denver. The Conference Committee is still looking for volunteers to introduce speakers and pass sign in sheets around - please contact  Stephanie Searcy or headquarters if you are interested.

The early bird deadline for Conference Registration is September 2 nd - that's just around the corner. I can still remember my first national conference in St Louis. I have never regretted making that investment in myself. I had fun, met great women and took advantage of the CPE offered. My ROI was so important to me that I have attended every national conference since then.  Please  join me in Denver - it will be one of the best decisions you make!

So, like I always told my son at the start of a new school year enjoy yourself, work hard and don't be afraid of saying yes to a new experience.

Changes to the CPA are Coming! 
Posted August 11, 2016
By Melissa Peters, CPA, AFWA National Director 


The AICPA has recently announced that changes to all four sections of the Uniform CPA examination ("exam") will be implemented starting on April 1, 2017.   In 2014 the AICPA launched a practice analysis which identified the knowledge and skills required of newly licensed CPAs for the design of the next version of the exam.  To learn more about the practice analysis, click here

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7 Job Interview Mistakes to Never, Ever Make
Posted by Michael Weiss, August 15, 2016 

Where do job seekers make their greatest blunders? When they get to the interview. A  Robert Half survey shows that job interview mistakes are what trip up accounting and finance candidates most - more than their resumes, cover letters and reference checks. 

No doubt about it, meetings with hiring managers can rattle the nerves of even the most polished professionals and lead to  bloopers, but one way you can avoid the most egregious interview mistakes is to mind your P's and Q's. Avoid the following seven  etiquette breaches to make a positive impression with employers.

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Board President:
Edronda Guiriba

Program Director:
Tran Huynh

Newsletter/Web Chair:
Julien LaCrosse

President Elect:
Nicole Sheets

Scholarship Director:
Wendy Matthews

Hospitality Director: 
Jeff Olevson

Sue Stokke

CPE Chair:
Deborah Rosengarten

Hospitality Co-Chair: 
Barbara Lietzan

Julia Becklund 
Membership Chair:

Immediate Past President:
Eileen Perry





There is an excellent line-up of programs for the Silicon Valley Chapter this year, and most of them qualify for CPE!  Check out the line-up as we have engaged some dynamic and outstanding speakers coming up for 2016.

Topic - TeamLogicIT Presents Technical Solutions
Speaker: Walter Edmondson

Topic - TBD
Speaker: TBD

  • All Levels of Accounting & Finance
  • Bookkeepers
  • Corporate Accounting Finance
  • Public Accounting
  • Management & Educators
  • Recruiters
If you would like to join the Silicon Valley Chapter of AFWA, follow the link to our National website:
Please feel free to complete the application or forward a copy to someone you think would benefit from joining our Chapter.
Prestigious status of professional affiliation
  • National contacts for networking and professional information
  • Forum for CPE
  • Scholarships
  • Leadership opportunities in supportive arena
  • Subscription to Accountability e-newsletter 
  • National and regional conferences at a discounted rate
  • Access to Career Center
  • Access to AFWA's LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter groups and National online membership directory
  • Discounted membership to the Institute for Management Accountants (IMA)
  • Discounted products and services through affiliation agreements (CPA review courses, CCH tax & accounting books, Long Term Care Insurance and Bank of America credit card)
Email Edronda Guiriba

Hospitality Chair: Jeff Olevson
CPE Chair: Deborah Rosengarten, CPA

Reservation and cancellation policy:  
Reservations or cancellations are requested by noon on the Friday preceding each meeting.  Email Allyson- to reserve or cancel. The goal is an accurate count for the hotel.  Unreserved members (not guests) incur a surcharge of $5.00.
Reserved members or guests who are no-shows will be billed if not cancelled by noon the preceding Friday. We do want you to come to the meetings and reservations are helpful but if you have to cancel let us know beforehand to avoid incurring the cost of the meal.

WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENT AT THE DOOR with higher cost. Online registration will close on Sunday before the event day. 
Volunteers are always welcome at our monthly membership meetings. Lend a helping hand to make our monthly events and meetings even more interesting while building a great network and forming new relationships.
CPE credit is available for participating in any of our qualified programs.  See Debbie for more details in person at the meeting.

Chair: Julien LaCrosse

Send in your articles!


We encourage our membership to submit articles of interest for our monthly newsletter.  Please make your submission under the following criteria...

  • Prepared as a Microsoft Word document
  • Photos in JPEG format
  • Captions are okay, no imbedded text, please

The newsletter is prepared and distributed on a monthly basis.  Visit our web site at  If you have questions regarding articles to submit or about the newsletter, email the newsletter chair, Amrit,


Amrit is interested in hearing about your latest achievements and activities too, she will include the appropriate content in next newsletter. 

There are three sponsor levels of contribution established for the scholarship fund:
Sponsorship up to $150.00 
Sponsorship up to $200.00 
Sponsorship $350.00 or more

Share  the information! 
See Edronda Guiriba for more  details.


The Foundation is all about us, accounting and financial professionals, we strive every day to make a difference in the financial world and in our communities. The Foundation is charged with raising funds for national scholarships, and educational advancement of our peers and rising leaders. 


The Foundation offers each of us the opportunity to support the future direction of the profession where we have gained our own personal successes.


It is important to support those entering the profession and working alongside us. Those that follow in our footsteps have much to teach us and much to learn from us. They embody the next generation of accounting and financial professionals. Our goal for you and AFWA is to lead the way in their development.




The Foundation promotes and advances education, career development and leadership in finance and accounting. Our vision is to guide women along the path to achieve success in finance and accounting.





The Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance Annual Conference is the premier networking and education event for professionals and students of Accounting and Finance. The event attracts hundreds of professionals from across the country for four days of educational sessions - providing up to 24 hours of CPE credit - presented by leaders in the industry.


2016 AFWA National Conference

Mark your calendars for the 2016 AFWA National Conference to be held October 26-28, 2016 in Denver, CO. Registration is now OPEN! Sign up for early bird discount. 



 Founded in 1938, AFWA/ASWA provides  women in accounting and finance the  leadership, education and networking  opportunities needed to achieve their career  goals. Celebrating 75 years as the only  organization that solely represents the interest  of women in the entire accounting and finance  community. The organization's mission is to  enable women in all accounting and related  fields to achieve their full personal,
professional and economic potential and to  contribute to the future development of their  profession.