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  Guess what my friends?
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I'm moo-ving :)

Robi's got his bones packed and passport in paw, he doesn't like to be left behind. Although he's still successfully ignoring the elephant in the living room, the big wire thing that looks suspiciously like a dreaded kennel. He wants to know why we're not taking the sofa from my studio that he's grown so fond of. If I've said it once, I've said it a zillion times:"it won't fit in the van"!


(if I don't look at it, it's not really there)

Jeez, the attitude! (He is French you know and he considers this is part of his alluring charm)  Proof:


You might be thinking, did you say van? Why yes I did! That way Robi only has to stay in the little wire house thingy (AKA cage) for the hour and a half ferry ride from Malta to Sicily and then again for the short hop from Sicily to the mainland of Italy. Pesky rules and regulations. Then Robi can reclaim the big back seat and drool happily out the window all the way up the Italian coast, over the Swiss Alps and land safely in the heart of Burgundy, France.    


Blue Shutters

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You never know what surprises we will find together! There promises to be lots of markets, cows, delicious food,wine and new friends along the way. I'll be painting all things French and sending out watercolor postcards along the way.


Route des Grands Crus

I'd like to wish a fond farewell to my Maltese friends, this beautiful island, and my extraordinarily wonderful experience here. I've loved every minute. We've got a couple of weeks to pack and then the 

adventure begins mid-September!



Here's a little driving music to get you in the mood:

Katie Melua - On The Road Again (live AVO Session)
Katie Melua - On The Road Again (live AVO Session)

Now it's time to get our joie de la vie going!


Until next time...


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