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September 2020
Join us for our second Parenting Now session!
We are delighted to welcome Cindy Wang Brandt, podcaster and author of Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy and Kindness. How can we as parents work for a better world and raise our children to seek justice? What are some ways we can talk with our kids about the world around us and how we can work to make it better? What does it mean to raise kids who are antiracist, kind, and strong? Join us for this special Zoom webinar – click here to register at firstumc.org/parenting-now.
Advent Devotionals
Our Advent Devotional theme is Keeping Christmas in your Heart and the sermon series is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Please consider writing a devotional with a Bible verse and prayer. You may want to write about your favorite film version of A Christmas Carol and why. These may be written by adults, group, children or youth. Submit it no later than Friday, October 9. If you are interested in writing or providing original artwork, please contacMuriel Kuhn. 
Hey Preschool Pals!
Join us at 11am on Tuesday mornings via Zoom.
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Join us on the first and third Thursday evenings for a game night! Come hang out! To get the link, click here to email Cristi Moore! 
From Ministry Spark: A resource for parents. 
Check out this article on tips for overwhelmed parents!

"It’s important that we all have grace for one another and ourselves during this time."

"Parents will need breaks. They will need to lean into the unforced rhythms of grace."