As we begin our fall program, we welcome you! We appreciate your decision to choose our center and we take the responsibility you have given us seriously. Whether you are new with us this fall, or whether you have been at the center for years, we want to say, “We’re glad that you’re here!” We will work hard to:

  • Keep your child safe.
  • Maintain our environments to promote good health and sanitation.
  • Love and nurture your child.
  • Provide challenges that stimulate your child’s development.
Thank you to all the families that completed the Annual Survey this spring. Below are the goals we have set based on the feedback received:

  • Based on your input, our teaching team is committing to an increased focus on communication. Specifically, we will be working together over the next several months to make sure that we are utilizing Baby/Daily Connect so that you can stay informed on what your child is learning and experiencing at EFC.
  • We will be committed to increasing communication surrounding new teaching staff in classrooms so that you feel informed and connected to who is working with your child. If your child has a new teacher, you’ll find a poster in their classroom with some information about the new teaching staff along with their picture, and the same communication in Baby Connect/Daily Connect.

Thank you for your partnership as we continue striving to be our best!  
Join us for our fall family picnic on Thursday, September 12, at Rosland Park (right next to the Edina Pool) between 6 and 8 PM. Bring a dish to share; EFC will supply pizza, plates, utensils and beverages. We hope to see you there!
On Tuesday, September 17, our preschoolers will head to Como Zoo to kick off the fall with some fun animal friends! Look for more information early September about timing for the bus as well as chaperone opportunities. Please plan to pack a nut-free bagged lunch for your child (this includes peanut butter!).  

Karen—Sign Language
Karen returns in September to teach sign language classes to our Pre-K groups. Karen has a degree in Early Childhood Education from U-W Madison. She offers an interactive class based around the same themes that we are studying here at EFC. Classes are held on Monday mornings, starting at 9 AM.

Kyle—Music with Mr. Kyle
Kyle is a former public-school music teacher who now introduces young children to music concepts. His course is a pre-instrumental course where children learn about high/low notes, variations in sounds, as well as being introduced to many instruments. Kyle will sing with the toddlers, Puppy and Penguin classes every other Monday morning.

Ms. Emma (Roo Teacher) will be teaching Spanish to our preschoolers this fall. Emma is fluent in Spanish and is excited to share O’Neill Language Academy’s Spanish preschool curriculum with the children. Spanish Classes will occur on Friday mornings.

Coach Nikki has a degree in Community Health Education and is a Certified Health Education Specialist, and fitness instructor. Stretch-n-Grow is designed to promote exercise and wellness for children through games, music and stories. A short wellness lesson is followed by warm-up, exercise and cool down; teaching children that exercise is fun and important for good health! Nikki is here every other Thursday morning and teaches all our toddler & preschool groups.


Kiddy Keys—Tuesday afternoons, starting 9/10
Mr. Kyle returns on Tuesday afternoons for an optional music class for preschoolers. In Kiddy Keys, children are introduced to rhythm & music exercise that develop small & large motor skills, memory skill building, recognition of the music alphabet and musical terminology. 

Kid Dance—Wednesday mornings
In Kid Dance, a variety of dance styles including basic ballet technique, jazz, tap and creative dance are taught by our long-time instructor Amy. Dancers also participate in two annual shows, complete with costumes, in December and May. If you are interested, please let your child’s teacher know; your child can attend a trial class before signing up!
Especially for Children will be closed for teacher in-service on Friday, August 30, and for Labor Day on Monday, September 2. We wish you and your family a terrific long weekend!
For several decades, Especially for Children has used The Creative Curriculum® as the foundation of our early childhood programs. The Creative Curriculum ® is a play-based learning curriculum that focuses on interest areas and fosters creativity in both children and teachers. Being creative means thinking of new ideas, obtaining information by asking questions, and learning through trial and error.

Beginning this fall, you will see additional elements of The Creative Curriculum® taking place in your child’s classroom. Our teaching staff has spent the past several months, including at our most recent Professional Development Days, revisiting the foundational basis of the curriculum and engaging with new teaching materials; they are excited to bring even more of these research-based methods into the classroom to build on what our programs have always aimed to do: develop the confidence, creativity, and life-long learning skills of each child in our program.

Infant and toddler classrooms will follow The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos, which emphasizes the importance of the child/caregiver relationship. The Creative Curriculum® emphasizes a classroom environment filled with responsive daily routines and meaningful, individualized experiences that nurture your child’s learning and development.

The routines will sound familiar to you: hellos and good-byes, diapering and toileting, eating and mealtimes, sleeping and nap time, and getting dressed. These routines are the foundation of your child’s day; they are also the foundation of learning. The consistent and nurturing interactions that children experience during everyday activities build trust and allow them to learn through experiencing the world around them.

In addition to daily routines, The Creative Curriculum® will support your child’s teacher every day as she engages your child in meaningful experiences, such as playing with toys, enjoying books and stories, creating art, and going outdoors. In each of these experiences, teachers observe what children do and select materials that match their growing abilities and interests.

The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool is based on 38 objectives for development and learning that focus on all the areas that are most important for school success: social–emotional, cognitive, math, literacy, physical, language, social studies, science and technology, and the arts. These objectives are built into every activity that happens in the classroom, which means that all day long, the teacher is helping your child build skills and knowledge in these important areas.

In The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool, learning happens through studies . Studies, which span several weeks, are in-depth, project-based investigations of topics that are part of your child’s everyday life. They feature topics such as trees, buildings, clothes, and balls. In a study, children raise questions about the topic and find answers by exploring, experimenting, and investigating in a hands-on way—through activities that take place in the classroom and outdoors.

Importantly, teachers will follow the lead of the children and pursue the questions and investigations within each study that are most interesting to the children in their classroom, thus promoting a love of learning. Teachers will also continue to have the freedom to add their own “handprint” when lesson planning, utilizing their personal experience and passions to shape the studies.

We are thrilled to have new curriculum materials in each of our classrooms that will support our teaching staff as they guide your child on this journey of early childhood. We have always been proud of the gifts our teachers bring to the classroom, and we are thrilled to be able to support their passion and creativity with this curriculum. In addition, we look forward to connecting with families in new ways as we engage with these materials and methods. Please let your directors know if you have any questions.

DeeAnn Besch
VP of Operations

Alli Zomer
Director of Operations

Now-9/2  Minnesota State Fair , Saint Paul, MN
Now-9/2 Llama Trek , MN Zoo, Apple Valley
Now-9/8 Rube Goldberg The World of Hilarious Invention , MN Children’s Museum, St. Paul
Now-10/29  Minnesota Renaissance Festival , Shakopee, MN
9/5-9/8   City of Ramsey Happy Days , Ramsey
9/6-9/8   Taste of Greece , St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church, Minneapolis
9/15 Red Barn Pizza Farm , Northfield, MN
9/21   Excelsior Apple Day , Excelsior
9/21-9/22   Lone Oak Hill Days , Eagan

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