This is a perfect time to tell you…
 We appreciate your decision to choose our center and we take seriously the responsibility you have given us. Our teaching staff will work hard to:

  • Keep your child safe
  • Maintain classroom environments  to promote health and sanitation
  • Love and nuture your child
  •  Provide activities that stimulate your child’s development and growth
  • Communicate with you about your child’s progress in our program
RevSports will kick off their fall soccer classes on Tuesday, September 7. Registration materials will be posted in the classrooms prior to the start of classes. 
Please join us on Wednesday, September 15 (please note the change of date) at the Rosland Park Shelter in Edina, 6-7:30 PM to celebrate Especially for Children’s 45th anniversary!! We will serve HUGE pizzas & a chocolate chip cookie dessert from Party Pizza. To help us plan, please RSVP no later than Friday, September 10. 
Picture Time will be here to take individual student pictures on Thursday, September 16. If the weather cooperates, we will be taking our pictures outside. If you child does not attend on Thursday, please speak to Anna or Samantha about a good time to stop by. We will also offer class composite pictures. 
Especially for Children will be closed for teacher training on Friday, September 3, and Monday, September 6, for Labor Day. We wish you a long, wonderful weekend!
We all know that the pandemic has been so hard. We are so glad your child is here whether they are starting for the first time or back after spending some time at home. We want to recognize that coming to school and being with a different caregiver can cause some separation anxiety, as much for a child as for you as a parent! 
This is SO hard on a parent’s heart, but please know this: separation anxiety is perfectly normal at the baby/toddler/preschool age, pandemic or not. And? We CAN separate in a way that helps our kids grow/do new thing while showing them we love them and are not abandoning them.
The key to helping them work through separation anxiety in a healthy way, that leaves them feeling safe and secure is to:
  • Practice drop-off during playtime at home
  • Follow through on your promises so that they can trust you when you say you’ll be back
  • Create a “goodbye ritual” to ease transitions
Now, when the day arrives:
Use similar phrases such as “Today after nap time at school, mama (or whoever) will pick you up.” Tell them exactly what they can expect, so they can mentally prepare.
“You’re feeling sad about mama leaving. It’s okay to have those feelings. I always come back!” Allow those upset feelings, tell them they’re safe. Avoid diminishing with “You’re fine! There’s nothing to cry about.”

“It’s time for school. I love you so much! Daddy will pick you up after nap time.” Keep it brief, calm, confident. Lingering causes confusion and doubt that something IS wrong. Teachers will comfort them and help with big feelings. It is SO important to show your child that YOU are excited, and you are confident in the caregivers. Show them that YOU know it is a safe place! 
“You did it! You felt scared this morning and you were safe and school today AND I came back! You are so brave.” Tell them the story of how they felt scared before you left, how brave they were, and how they made it through! This becomes concrete proof for themselves that they can make it through the scary separation anxiety feelings.
*An excerpt from @biglittlefeelings a team of a Parent Coach and a Child Therapist. Check out for more!
  • Feel free to call or utilize the app! If your child had a tough time at drop off or if you just want to see how the day is going, please call us! We want you to feel comfortable and know that your child is loved and cared for. We are here to support you!

  • Remember to call us by 9 AM if your child is not coming to school!! We like to know that our friends are healthy and safe at home! Our direct phone number is 952-835-0505. You can also communicate absences via Baby/Daily Connect directly to the teacher, or to Anna/Samantha via email at
By Angie Williams
As we begin the fall program at Especially for Children, we wanted to share with families some of the guiding principles for our classrooms and interactions. The Six Positive Messages below come from Teaching Strategies, author of The Creative Curriculum®, and for the past several months, our team of managers has reflected on them and set goals and strategies for ensuring they are reinforced in our program:
This is a good place to be.
The intent of this message is reassurance for children that they will enjoy being in the classroom and feel safe there. Our goal is to have them look forward to learning new things and spending time together.
You belong here.
This is a message of acceptance. By sending this message, we help children feel accepted for who they are and encourage them to build connections with others. Our messages can help children appreciate different types of people and learn to find similarities that form the foundation of friendships.
This is a place you can trust.
This message is about reliability. Young children crave consistency, routine, and structure. Once children build trust in their environment, teachers, and classmates, they feel safe to unleash their creativity and big ideas.
There are places you can be by yourself.
The intent of this message is respect for children as individuals. Some children need more alone time than others. We let them know that this is okay and that we respect their needs.
You can do many things on your own here.
This is a message about nurturing independence. During the early childhood years, children are learning that they are unique individuals with their own interests and agency. By sending this message and providing developmentally appropriate
challenges, we are building children’s confidence in their ability to achieve their goals.
This is a safe place to explore.
This is a message of confidence. To do their personal best, children need the freedom to try new things without fear. They should feel that it’s quite acceptable—even expected and encouraged—to make mistakes as they learn.
These positive messages guide our teaching staff and leadership as we arrange classrooms and build relationships with children and families. In addition, we will look to EFC’s core values below as we build community at the start of the “school year”:
  • Trust and openness
  • Respect and affirmation
  • A balance between flexibility and structure
  • Adaptability and spontaneity
  • Support of individuality and self-reliance
  • A spirit of cooperation
  • An atmosphere of warmth and caring
  • A sense of humor
Thank you for choosing Especially for Children. We look forward to a wonderful fall together!
Angie Williams
EFC Marketing Director

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