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Special Announcement

Later this year, Marriage: Unique for a Reason will become Love Means More, a major new direction for our online presence.

Not to worry, we will still be defending marriage as a one-flesh union between a man and a woman, just as we always have! The new website will enable us to deepen the explanation of how marriage is an integral aspect of the truth of the human person, revealed in Jesus Christ, John Paul II's teaching, and in the created world itself.

When the site initially launches, we will eagerly seek your feedback, so stay tuned!

Podcast Hiatus

While we're getting things ready for the new website, the podcast is also on hiatus. There will be more updates to follow on this as well.

You can still listen to our back catalog of episodes here!

DVA Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, for which our friends at Catholics For Family Peace are busily preparing. They have numerous resources for helping those who experience domestic violence, as well as ways for parishes to help any time of the year, but especially during October.

For those in the Washington, DC area, there will be a special Mass on October 7 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Learn more and register here.

Legal/Policy Updates

Speaking Out on GAC – The New York Times received backlash from LGBT activists again for publishing another look at "Gender Affirming Care" (GAC), because it was less than fully supportive. The article profiled the claims of Jamie Reed, a whistleblower who had worked at the gender clinic at St. Louis Children's Hospital, along with detransitioners who have signaled their concerns with the protocols.

More on GAC – The American Acadmey of Pediatrics academy reiterated its support for GAC, but announced that it is conducting a "systematic review" (the highest level of evidence evaluation) regarding its 2018 endorsement of GAC. Policy reversals on GAC in the United Kingdom and Sweden were preceded by systematic reviews.

Courts – A Massachusetts couple sued the state for denying their eligibility to provide foster care on the basis of their religious beliefs regarding marriage and family. A Catholic school in New Jersey was allowed by a ruling of the state's supreme court to enforce its employee code of conduct in accordance with Church teaching on sex and marriage. A Maryland court ruled against parents who objected to the school district's decision not to notify them of curriculum materials promoting gender ideology, in spite of the state's opt-out laws. A Michigan farmer won a suit against the city of East Lansing for banning him from a public farmer's market for allowing his farm to be a wedding venue only for opposite-sex couples.

States – The 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an Alabama law banning GAC for minors until it goes to trial in April 2024. Parents in California protested at the statehouse in opposition to upcoming legislation that would curtail parental rights in education with respect to gender ideology. A Georgia court temporarily blocked a state law banning GAC for minors. An Idaho law banning female-identifying males from women's sports was blocked by the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. A Missouri law banning GAC for minors was allowed to take effect in spite of a legal challenge from the ACLU. North Carolina upheld recent laws defending human sexuality in medicine, education, and sports, overriding vetoes from the governor. A Texas law banning GAC for minors will go into effect until the state's supreme court can rule on it.

International – The world governing body for chess banned female-identifying men from competing in the women's category, in spite of not involving physical competition. British Rowing also banned female-identifying men from competing in women's events and created a third "open" category.

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