Issue: 9 September 2018
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We hope you are enjoying Autumn and look forward to seeing you at the membership meeting on September 27th.  The Fall Aging Conference is also quickly approaching and will be held at the Earle Brown Heritage Center on October 25th.  You can register now at the link below.

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MeetingMembership Meeting
January 2016

Minneapolis Area  Senior Workers Association
Monthly Membership Meeting

Thursday, September 27th
2:20 pm - Sign In/Networking
2:40 pm - Introduction/Announcements
3:00 pm - Program
4:00 pm - Adjourn

Assessing Capacity to Sign Legal Documents

This presentation will review the definitions of capacity and how to identify and resolve issues of undue influence. The presentation will also include an overview of how dementia can impair a person's ability to communicate decisions and sign legal documents. Dementia and other memory-related impairments can raise red flags and often place a professional in an ethical dilemma created by questions surrounding capacity. The presenter will share considerations for such a situation and when it is necessary for a surrogate decision-maker to become involved.

Presented by:

Sarah Sicheneder, Associate Attorney

Sarah Sicheneder is an associate attorney in Maser, Amundson, Boggio & Hendricks, P.A.'s Elder Law Department. She practices in the areas of estate planning, wills, guardianship and conservatorship cases. Sarah has a passion for helping people. She is dedicated and persistent in helping her clients navigate through the process of identifying core issues in order to find the optimal solution for their situation and giving them peace of mind.
Sarah enjoys giving back to the community and volunteers at Tubman, Minnesota's largest provider of domestic violence shelter services, as well as Wills for Heroes, an organization that provides legal services free of charge to our nation's first responders.

  • Be able to define legal capacity
  • Compare testamentary and contractual capacity
  • Identify three red flags of undue influence and the ethical challenges associated with them
  • Summarize the importance of evaluating capacity prior to executing legal documents

Calvary Lutheran Church
7520 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, MN 55427

Directions and parking info: 
Certificates of Attendance (CEU) will be available.
Annual Membership fee $30.00, Guest fee $5.00

PresidentPresident's Note
Hello all,
As President, I get the honor of writing a little blurb each month to our membership. I want to personally thank you for what you all do to help seniors and others in our care.  Recently, we had a resident pass away that I wish I had spent more time with.  I found out after her death that she had volunteered many, many hours to the 4-H club as a local leader and county extension officer. Our youth were her passion.
I instantly brought me back to my years as a youth and the leaders that took time with me. I was in 4-H and I wonder what impact 4-H has possibly/probably had on me.  How much of who I am today came from the guidance and influence of these volunteers in my life?    

The four-leaf clover is the official 4-H emblem. The four H's stand for head, heart, hands, and health. The 4-H pledge is: I PLEDGE My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service, My Health to better living, For my club, my community, my country, and my world.
I am curious as to how many of us in our industry were at some point involved in 4-H.  What other organizations inspired us?  Who were the helpers?
To all of you who are putting "your Hands to larger service" I commend you.  Please take a moment to remember those that inspired you and helped you.  Now carry on with making the world a better place...
I look forward to seeing you all at the Sept. 27th meeting!

Judy Decker

Minneapolis Area Seniors Workers Association
P.O. Box 26630
Minneapolis, MN 55426