New York Agriculture in the Classroom | September 2016
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Important Dates

Feed the Hungry
$500 CHS Classroom Grants
Teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade who have projects that will use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing, science, social studies and more are eligible for 15 $500 CHS Classroom Grants.

Proposals are now being accepted, but time is running out. Proposals must be submitted by September 15th. For more information or to apply, visit our website
2016 USDA Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award Winner
New York Agriculture in the Classroom is excited to introduce Judiann Carmack-Fayyaz, who recently won the  USDA Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award for 2016

Judiann, the NYAITC 2016 Teacher of the Year, instructs about 50 students a year at Bridgehampton school here in New York. 
Judiann developed a school garden and greenhouse program to teach food and agricultural literacy to middle and high school students at her school. Students in technology, food, and plant science classes use the garden as a classroom to become environmental stewards and to solve real world problems.

Teacher of the Year Applications Now Available!
If you or a teacher you know is interested in applying for the 2017 Teacher of the Year Award, visit our  website  to submit an application by November 1st. The winning teacher, or team of teachers, will win a trip to the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference.
Back to School Curriculum Matrix
Summer vacation isn't just ending for students this month. As students across the state head back to school, farmers and agriculturists are hitting the fields to harvest all the fruits and vegetables they have been cultivating. 
Give your students a glimpse of the agricultural activities going on across the state in your classroom with NYAITC's Curriculum Matrix

The Matrix makes it easy to find a lesson suited to your desired subject and grade level that carries a related agricultural theme. Many lessons are available to teach your students about agriculture and food and fiber systems while still meeting state curriculum standards. Start searching today!

Show Your Love of Agriculture...Everywhere You Go!
Outfit your vehicle with a specialty Ag Tag license plate and let people know your commitment to ag ricultural education with every mile you drive. 

Your purchase of an Ag Tag helps to support classroom grants, school gardens, professional development for teachers across the state, and support the purchase of books and materials for Agricultural Literacy Week. Spiff up your old truck or your new car with an Ag Tag! Learn more and order your specialty license plate today.
Educator Resources
Let the Lesson Planning Begin!

Vacations are winding down for both students and teachers everywhere. Let NYAITC help you with the lesson plans by implementing agriculture into your lessons. 

Nutrient's For Life, provides free educational material and lesson plans to educate your   students about the important role of soil nutrients play in feeding our growing world! The modules for elementary, middle and high school classrooms provide STEM activities and lessons to show how the challenge to feed our world's growing population can be solved with science. Check out the free lessons and learn more here
Featured Lesson
Lunchtime doesn't have to be the only time students interact with food and agriculture during the school day. Are you looking for a hands-on, agriculturally relevant learning experience for your students? If so, FoodMASTER: Vegetables will satisfy you and your students, plus we take care of the lesson planning! 

In this lesson, best suited for grades 3-5,  Students will measure the weight and length or circumference of various vegetables. After studying the vegetables, students will classify the vegetables based on plant parts and explore chemical reactions from cooking colored vegetables in acidic and basic water.  Students will also use a variety of vegetables to prepare soup. 
Check out this lesson and the many others available at our website.
September Book Nook
Do you listen to your students ask what is for lunch every day? How about expanding their inquiry and discovering the types of school lunches typically found around the globe, without leaving the classroom. 

What's For Lunch, by Andrea Curtis, photography by  Yvonne Duivenvoorden, help children compare and contrast school lunch in different countries and cultures. Each page has a photograph of a typical lunch along with a detailed description about the menu and what school lunch is like. This book will help your students "visit" school lunch in France, Mexico, Kenya, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Peru, America, and more. 
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