September 2019
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Waiting is tough. Vicki and I are waiting for some information. The unknown is exhausting sometimes, and rarely welcome. It intrudes on our sense of well-being and order. We know that waiting can be a catalyst that will propel us to ride the currents of faith with our Heavenly Father. We've both taught about the importance of waiting and trusting, and now we are walking that path together. Walking by faith through the unknown and the uncertain is an experience many face. So now we walk our talk and rely on the promises of God.

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14

Jim Smith
Pacific Church Network

PS: To all men in the world who speak English or Spanish. Sign up for either our English Man Camp or our Spanish Men's Retreat.

PSS: To all women who know a man who speaks English or Spanish, get the men in your sphere of influence to attend one of our retreats.
Still time to sign up...
especially for the men!
September 6-8
Registered 146 women
Murrieta Hot Springs

September 13-15
Registered 170 women
Murrieta Hot Springs

October 3-5
Pine Summit

October 4-6
Pine Summit

This year's PCN youth retreat was again a fantastic event with 136 in attendance. The best part of the weekend was the 25 students who gave their lives to Jesus! Thanks to Dourly Galvez for organizing all the volunteers, and to Noel Hacegaba for speaking!

CBAmerica has a far-reaching Chaplaincy program that PCN supports monthly through the generous support of our member churches. Here is a story from one of our CB chaplains, John Hatfield, Rhode Island Army National Guard. CB Chaplaincy has close to 200 military and civilian chaplains around the world.

Nearly 60 church leaders came to hear Bill Hull share his ideas on Discipleship in the church. Thanks to Calvary Baptist Church of Huntington Beach for hosting this training event--a special thanks to Mary and the church staff for all your work!
Saturday, November 9, 2019
Redemption Hill Church, Whittier, CA

This concert will be in Spanish!
$15 / $20 after Oct. 1

Pacific Church Network's Spanish Ministries is excited to be bringing well-known singer Steve Green to the Southern California area this November. Purchase your tickets now to get the best price!
Sunday night, November 10, all PCN lead pastors and their wives are invited to join us for this relaxing and encouraging time. We are sold out of our free ocean view rooms, but we may be able to add some city view rooms. Call our office to register. 909.944.5900
Mark your calendars:

Sunday, January 26, 2020
5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Bethany Church, Long Beach

We will highlight our church planting, church revitalization, 2021 Bible Tour, and more. Plan on attending!
When asked to choose a single format they most prefer, 72% of Bible users still prefer to read a physical copy of the Bible. Their preference for print out-numbers their preference for smartphones or tablet app nearly four to one (19%). Less than 5% prefer an online or audio resource. All Bible users, regardless of age, prefer a print version of the Bible. However, 27% of Millennials and 26% of Gen X adults prefer to use their phone or tablet vs. 9% of Boomers and 2% of Elders. Just 15% of whites prefer a smartphone vs. 28% of African Americans, 28% of Asians and 24% of Hispanics. 91% of U.S. Bible users use a physical copy of the Bible while 55% have also used the Internet on a computer to read Bible content, 56% searched
for Bible verses or Bible content on their phone and another 44% have downloaded or used a Bible app on their smartphone.
(State of the Bible 2019, American Bible Society)