September 2021

Do you have a gas-powered tool you'd like to trade-in for an electric model? We just learned about two upcoming "exchange" events sponsored by PGE, and wanted to share them with you:

PGE Electric Tool Exchange - Milwaukie, OR
Sunday, September 12, 2021 - 10:00am to 2:00pm
City Hall, 10722 SE Main Street
PGE Electric Tool Exchange @ Portland Home and Garden Show
October 9 & 10, 2021

Please share this information with your friends & neighbors... and contractors. It's a great opportunity to hasten the transition away from gas-powered tools!
In other news....
·        We now have a template letter to send to an HOA Board regarding using electric tools vs. gas-powered ones. Check it out.
·        There's been another great slew of articles on the leaf blower topic - see below.
·        An excellent talk about moving to all-electric yard care by ElectrifyNow has been recorded and is now available (free!) - see below. btw, ElectrifyNow is a project of our steering committee member Brian Stewart.
·        If you live in West Linn, Oregon, and want to join a group forming there, please contact Deborah Maria @

Thanks for your continued support! Have a great (hopefully quieter) summer!
The QCPDX Steering Committee:
Michael Hall, Albert Kaufman, Nancy Kurkinen, Susan Mates, Tamara Olcott, Brian Stewart, Judy Walton

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Ditching grass will help your backyard thrive - Share this!

Summer is officially here. For many Americans, that means blankets of grassy green for kids to play in, or families to picnic on. There are an estimated 40 million to 50 million acres of lawn in the continental United States - that's nearly as...

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California moves to ban sale of gas-powered lawn mowers

California could soon ban the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers under a bill the Legislature passed and sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday. Assembly Bill 1346 would direct the California Air Resources Board to phase out the sale ...

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If you live in West Linn, Oregon, and want to join a group forming there, please contact Deborah Maria @

"Yard sign spotted in SW Portland. Awaiting response." 
Here's a recent talk on moving to all-electric yard care.
Lawn care is going electric. And the revolution is here...

Harrison popped open the top of the mower, where a pull cord might normally be, and instead snapped two battery packs into place. Click. Click. A moment later, the low whoosh of mower blades filled the air. A slight whine from his co-worker's...

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Why Eliminating Dirty Equipment Is an Important...

A teacher at a school in a prosperous part of Washington D.C., writing from his official school email account and saying that he was a mentor for the school's future-entrepreneurs program, wrote with two concerns about the District's impending...

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Bay Area cities prepare to restrict gas leaf blowers. A...

Oakland, too, has vowed to get serious about enforcing its rules against their use. And the entire war may swiftly come to a head if a state Assembly bill seeking to ban new leaf blower sales statewide wins approval.

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The Fully Electric Future of Landscape Maintenance

Article by Brian Stewart, founder of Electrify Now , a volunteer driven organization working to promote electrification and renewable energy solutions. You have probably noticed the electric car ads on television and the news about automakers...

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Popular models of gas leaf blowers are 100+ decibels at the ear of the operator. At this level, 14 minutes can cause hearing damage. 
Please download these and share them. Or, print some up and hand them out!