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photo courtesy of Bob Trapani
September 2017

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Anchored for a picnic

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Hello Shipmates,

Thank you for a wonderful season.  It was great to see you all aboard.  We dodged any hurricanes even thinking of coming our way and had a very nice season of sailing with just the right amount of calm and excitement.

Here are some highlights from the end of the season.

Fall sailing with Mate Ben at the wheel headed across the bay.

And then there was this day, September 1st, when the breezes were so strong that we had a reef in the mainsail and both Archie and Lois Lane, our row-ashore boats, were swung inboard.  It was a great sailing day!


From the Galley 

In late August this delicious kale salad was created in our galley by Marsha Stone and Norm Hirschfeld with the kale from their own garden.  It was the best kale salad any of us had ever enjoyed.  We had them give us the recipe and we recreated it on our last trip.  Boy, was it good!


Break up the kale into bite size pieces. 
Massage as you're doing so.
        Canola or olive oil
        Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
        Maple syrup
        Salt & pepper

Mix all to preferred taste.
Add to kale and massage again until a little softened.
        cranberries, pumpkin seeds or nuts of choice
        Avocado in bite-size pieces
        Shredded carrots for garnish and/or in the salad
 You can add whatever you like that's complimentary.


End of the day
Sunset at Gilkey Harbor 

Here's our crew for the toast at brunch on the last day of the season.  What a beautiful day it was charging down the bay from Gilkey Harbor with the sheets all started on a flying beam reach doing over nine knots, headed for home.


Looking forward to the 2018 season and seeing you all aboard again. The schedule should be up on the website soon.