September 2017       DCCPTA Newsletter       Vol. II
Reminder, our next general meeting is October 24 at 9:30 am

 Cline Auditorium, DCPS School Board Building
1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32205
Hospitality begins at 9:00 am
Meeting begins at 9:30 am

General Meetings are open to ALL PTA Members.
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2017-2018 General Meeting schedule.

2017-2018 DCCPTA Officers
President:  Felita Tutt
1st VP – Programs:  Theresa Rogers
2nd VP – Local Units:  — OPEN —
3rd VP – Leadership: Anna-Maria Charles
Recording Secretary : Ann Gipalo
Corresponding Secretary: Kim Alvarez
Treasurer: Cathy Guiler

Register now with Florida PTA
New and returning officers must visit to register for the 2017-2018 school year. Membership Cards and the Florida PTA Kit of Materials will be sent to each local unit upon receipt of this completed form.

Fall Leadership Workshops

October 21, 2017
9:00 am -12:00 noon
Eugene Butler Leadership Academy
900 Acorn Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209

**More information with complete workshop offering coming soon!**
Bylaws Reminder
   Please check the front page of your PTA bylaws for approval date. Bylaws are valid for 3 years from that date. To renew your bylaws, download the 2017-2018 form from the  Florida PTA . Fill it out, get proper signatures, and fax to Florida PTA for approval. (407 240-9577). Be sure to fill out the bylaws submission form as well.
Remember, any amendments need the vote of the membership following a 30 day notice. Otherwise, simple notification of the membership is all that is required. If you have any questions, contact Betty Marty at .
Compliance Requirements Are:
1) PTA officers must be registered on the Florida PTA website
2) The financial audit for the previous year must be completed and turned in to the bookkeeper at the school and sent to and to,
3) The appropriate 990 form must be filed with the IRS and a copy of the  acceptance sent to  treasurer@dccpta.or and to,
4) Bylaws must be current The y are valid for 3 years from date of approval
5) Council dues must be paid by November 1st
6) State and National portion of membership dues collected must be sent to Florida PTA.
Betty Marty
The TEACHER SUPPLY DEPOT is a great resource not only for our teachers, but also for PTA presidents or their prearranged designee. It is necessary, if doing general shopping to come during the posted giveaway dates. It is the only time when limited items are available, and, we do not have the manpower to have people coming in daily to just look around to do general shopping. However, if you have a special project coming up before a giveaway and you need a couple of urgent items, we will try to help out if possible. We also need volunteers on a daily basis to make the materials ready for the upcoming giveaway. PTAs that help out during the year, get special recognition at the Presidents’ and Principals’ luncheon. Our next giveaway is October 2, from 3-6 pm. If the president needs to arrange a designee, contact Chris Buckley at  381-7480   or   .
A special giveaway has been created for PTA Presidents, named delegate, and/or the alternate who attend the DCCPTA general meeting Tuesday, October 24. Following the general meeting, shoppers will take the pass provided at the meeting to the Depot. They will have the opportunity to shop as they would at other scheduled giveaways. We have had some great donations including paint, flag/banner poles, and inspiring gifts from Natural Life. Please join us for the meeting and this special opportunity to privately shop the Teacher Supply Depot immediately following the close of the meeting until 12:00 PM.
2017-2018 Reflections
2017-2018 Business Partners

Thanks so much for your patience with the business partner list this year. Please make sure to tell your members to check the DCC PTA website for new partners added throughout the year. Since I have you on my contact list I try to make sure that I email an updated partner list to you as I add them.

Be sure to let me know how many Office Depot cards you need for your members. I will need to request those from Office Depot and will hopefully have them by our next meeting to give to you.

Please get in touch with any questions.

Christina Cummings 


More information coming soon.