~ September 2021 ~
Message from our president . . . . .

Fall is almost upon us and CVOA has begun to plan for Homecoming Weekend and ski season activities. Our ski trips are proceeding as scheduled, and in this regard CVOA leaderships has addressed questions about the current public health environment and communicated with ski trip participants. Following is a brief excerpt of that communication.

“People have to make personal decisions with consideration of their own risk tolerance. No one knows what the future holds, but we are working with a reputable trip provider and established resorts that want to maintain their customer base.

If a person is concerned about the risk, they should review the travel documents provided with the trip materials and the provisions of available travel insurance.  

In addition, because we do not want a trip to be disrupted, and we travel in close quarters, we are requesting that all trip participants be vaccinated against the Covid virus in accordance with CDC guidance.”

Leadership and the Board will address similar questions for other CVOA activities and events at the appropriate time.

Looking forward to CVOA gearing up for the upcoming ski season.

Have a great end of summer and beginning of fall.

Your membership is valid through Dec. 31, 2021
Thank you for being a member of CVOA.
Please Welcome CVOA's new Membership Secretary!
When I offered to take on CVOA's membership rolls, little did I know what I was getting myself into. But I have no regrets. CVOA has been an integral part of my life, and an excellent part at that.

When I began working with the membership, CVOA had an excel spreadsheet listing: 360 memberships, which entailed 650 members. Of those, 190 range memberships included 275 range members.

Today, we are working with an Access database of 1200 records (past and present members). Our numbers have grown to: 650 memberships, including 1050 members; of those, 450 are range memberships, including 600 range members. You can see what a tremendous impact our Shooting Range has had on our organization.

It is with great pleasure that I announce my retirement from membership responsibilities, and give great thanks to Patti Johnston for stepping up to become our new Membership Secretary. Patti and I have been working together to make the transition - and without a doubt, Patti will be very successful at managing the many moving parts of her position.

Patti wrote to me: "I am happy to be helping you lighten your load, and beg for people to have patience as I try to learn some of what you know!! I ask that members please feel free to contact me when something doesn't seem to go as they thought it would when renewing or joining membership in CVOA! Joining online would be most helpful in the fall as I travel between Gorham and Carrabassett Valley until the ski season begins in earnest."

Membership Renewals will begin online on October 1 as usual, with the additional opportunity to renew in person at our Homecoming table.

Please welcome Patti when you meet her, and thank her on my behalf for becoming our Membership Secretary. Patti can be reached at cvoa.membership@gmail.com.

~ Cindy Foster
~ CVOA Secretary and Newsletter Publisher
Homecoming Weekend - October 9 - 10
Mark your calendars for the weekend of October 9-10, 2021 for this year’s Homecoming Celebration at Sugarloaf.

CVOA plans to set up our usual informational table in the Base Lodge, staffed by our members. If you’re interested in greeting new and old friends as part of our table crew, please forward your name and contact information to Thom Johnston at
tandpjohnston@gmail.com or call 207-852-3595. Stay tuned for more details in CVOA mid-September announcements.

~ Thom Johnston
Ski Trips in 2022
Snowbird/Alta – February 26 to March 5 – $2,300 pp/do
Trip Leader: Bonnie Farrar – phone: 207.735.3984

Our trip is full with the minimum 22 travelers; contact Bonnie if you would like to be put on a wait list in case any travelers have to cancel before the trip.
Aspen/Snowmass – March 5 to 12, 2022 – $2,250 pp – 4 per 2BR/2bath condo
Trip Leaders: Lee & Jon Goss – phone: 207-542-9361

The Aspen/Snowmass trip has filled 8 condos. We also have one condo for four people available. If you are interested, or would like to be placed on the waiting list, contact Lee and Jon.
Big Sky – January 22 to 29 – $2,290 pp/do 
Trip Leader: Mike Parker – phone: 207-649-7308

The Big Sky trip has been filled with the maximum 36 people. If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list, contact Mike.
Range News
Hello All,

August rolled along smoothly at the Range. Though ammunition is still in short supply and what is available is expensive, the Range has seen a continuous flow of shooters. Our trash bins have been filling up each month. If you are throwing away boxes, please take a second to break them down so there is plenty of room for the next user.  

I have six folks interested in getting certified as NRA Range Safety Officers. I need a few more before we can get a special class for our Range. The course will be an all-day affair held at Howell’s in Windham, just off the Gray Exit of 95. It will be on a Saturday in October that best suits everyone, and we will reimburse the cost of travel as well as the class. This certification will apply to all ranges, making you a valuable asset for any other range to which you belong. If you are interested, please send me an email or text.  

Fall is approaching fast and folks are already starting to sight-in their rifles for hunting season. Deb Sanford was sighting-in her 305 for bear hunting recently, taking advantage of the new 50yard range. We hope you all enjoy the extra space for shooting. Please be aware that if you need to pattern in a shotgun, we ask that you not use the pistol or rifle targets. You may bring a sheet of cardboard and lean it against the bottom of the target stand.  

5 Stand and Trap will continue to operate every Saturday (5 Stand) and Sunday (Trap) from 9am to noon or until all shooters are done. If you’ve never tried either, we encourage you to come, and one of our Range Safety Officers or other experienced members will guide you through a round. One box of ammo and a shotgun (20 or 12 gauge) is all you need. I promise you will have a blast!  

The voice activation system is still down, but the manual pull is working fine. So if you are certified to use the Trap system and want to shoot outside of our regular schedule, contact me and I will give you the details of using the manual pull.  

I just want to give out a special thank you to our range member volunteers who help make everything operate smoothly. There are many of you who have helped out this season. Just a few names I want to mention are those who have helped with the 5 Stand and Trap shoots:

Thank you:
  • Ed and Pat Davis
  • Mark Daigle and Ami Cinq-Mars
  • Darold Tukey
  • Seth Gilbert (RSO)
  • Steve and Molly Duran
  • Jeff Sanford
  • John and Kathi Bennett
  • Phil and Mary Hunter
  • Bill Karn

Come and enjoy your Range. Fall is always the most beautiful time to shoot, so impress your friends and bring them along. Guests are always welcome; just have them fill out a Day-Use Waiver (and leave $5/person) at the kiosk attached to the Gatehouse. Also, membership forms can be filled out at the kiosk or on line. A single membership to both CVOA and the Range is just $40. And if you are new to the Range and apply after October 1st, your membership will be extended through 2022!

See you at the Range,
Diane Stone, Range Secretary
dpstone32@gmail.com or 207-240-4752
How can You Help at the Range?
Here are some Ways:

Do some minor exterior painting and staining, a few items didn’t quite get done on the clean-up day. Call Harvey at 207-246-2339

Pitch in before and after the shoots – open up the 5-stand building, set up for trap; close up the 5-stand building, put away trap stations; fill the clay throwers at the end of the each shoot.

Become an NRA Range Safety Officer by taking a one-day course at Howell’s in Grey; CVOA pays the course fee. We would like to have 6 new officers, and Howell’s will set up a course just for us. Call Ray at 207-240-3591.
How to Contact Us
  • President Steve Smith: 207.799.8254: cvoa.president@gmail.com
  • Vice President Thom Johnston: 207.852.3595: cvoa.vicepresident@gmail.com
  • Treasurer Sam Hudspath: 207.458.9138: cvoa.treasurership@gmail.com
  • Secretary Cindy Foster: 207.829.6110: cvoa.secretary@gmail.com
  • Membership Secretary Patti Johnston: 207.745.5815
  • Adventure Coordinator : who will fill this spot?
  • Range Secretary Diane Stone: 207.240.4752: cvoa.range@gmail.com
  • Range Chairman Neal Trask: 207.235.2732
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