September 2017 Newsletter
~ September 2017 ~
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TopMessage from our President
Perseverance and a great attitude pay off for CVOA Paddlers
The CVOA Paddling Day on the North Branch of the Dead River started out with a sunny, if somewhat cool, Sunday morning. Paddlers of all descriptions began descending on the King & Bartlett Rd. launch site about 9:30. Solo kayaks, tandems and canoes of many shapes, sizes and colors stacked up at the site awaiting the call to launch.
With over 25 boats and 40 people to get safely onto the river the first wave of boats launched without incident and were quickly joined by their fellow paddlers. All's going nicely with this event....well almost.
The warming sunny conditions that greeted us earlier quickly departed and were replaced with a fast moving bank of ominous dark clouds. We had checked multiple forecasting sites, and unpleasant weather, while forecasted for late afternoon, just could not resist the opportunity to "rain on our parade".  And rain on us it did. A straight down cold rain that quickly soaks a body and makes you wish you were anywhere but there.
Now given my role as launch boss and river guide, I was the last boat into the water. A quick look out across the river....where is everybody? Not a kayak or canoe in site. Oh, there they are. What a great sight! Twenty-five brightly colored boats and paddlers all taking shelter under the old wooden bridge. All lined up like racers at the starting line....ready set go?
Laughter and good natured bantering could be clearly heard from the launch site.  The rain still pounded down, it was getting colder, but three quick paddle strokes got me under the bridge.  Good natured ribbing regarding our weather planning, as expected, was forthcoming. With a kayak paddle held high aloft and the call of "tally ho" we went.
Although the cold rain continued for another 15 minutes, aggressive paddling and a positive attitude has a way of warming the body and.....  the mind.
Finally the rain departed and patches of blue sky greeted us at the Eustis Dam portage. High water off the dam provided a very quick entry into the downstream current and all boats headed south toward the Wing Community Common for the take out.
Once off the water a barbecue menu of burgers with Gruyere Cheese/Vidalia Onions, Teriyaki Chicken and Tuscan Herb Chicken awaited the paddlers. Numerous dishes provided by the attendees and a full desert table rounded out a fine lunch. In total we had 47 CVOA folks for lunch.
This is the fourth North Branch of the Dead River Paddle for CVOA. The first three events were blessed with warm sunny weather. Just a lovely slow paddle through some of Maine's most beautiful mountain scenery. But maybe, just maybe, this trip with a little adversity, well managed, will be just a bit more memorable. Well done, paddlers!
~ Joe Loughran, President
Calendar of Events
September 8
- Skydiving
September 17
- Board/Member Meeting
October 7-8 - Homecoming
October 20-22 - Bar Harbor Fall Weekend


January 21-28 - Copper Mountain Ski Trip
February 6-13 - Banff/Lake Louise Ski Trip
June 14-17 - Sky Lodge of Moose River


Every Sunday - Morning Trap Shoots 9-noon
October 8 - Turkey Shoot
Future Events & Adventures
Future Events
New event leaders are needed!
It is not too late to add an event to the fall calendar, or winter or spring; here are some ideas, we only need leaders:
  • Paddling on the Saco (or another) River
  • Reed Falls hike and lunch in Kingfield
  • Fall bicycling day trip
  • Fall foliage hike
  • December hike/snowshoe and holiday cookie swap
  • Full moon event - March 1st - full moon at 7:51 pm
~ Betsy Chapman, Events Coordinator
[email protected] or 207-944-3264

PS - New to leading events? We can offer you guidance on how to manage a trip or event successfully.
CVOA goes Skydiving....
High Flying Joe
In just a few days: September 8, and you can still participate

CVOA's most adventuresome event of the year is fast approaching. A group of 5 CVOA'ers will be doing their first (Joe's second) Tandem Skydive at Sky Dive New England located in Lebanon, Maine. And it is not too late to sign up! Waffling on the idea? Give Joe a call!
The skydive includes a one hour safety class, a meeting with your guide and a hands-on explanation and fitting of the equipment. The guide controls all three units, the stabilizer chute, main canopy and the reserve canopy. The cost for the tandem sky dive is $215.00.
Each CVOA attendee can book their reservation at: sure to request the 10:00 AM safety class and be included in the CVOA Group.
Skydivers should plan on arriving about 9:00AM and staying till about 2:00 PM. You can bring snacks or a lunch. There is a basic snack shack serving lunch type foods at the site.
I guarantee you this event will be one of the most memorable and exhilarating experiences of your life.
Best, Joe Loughran
[email protected] or 207-650-3099
PS - Spectators are welcome!
Board and Member Meeting
Sunday, September 17, 1:00pm

Mark your calendars, all are welcome. The meeting will be held at September 17 at 1:00 pm at the Carrabassett Valley Town Park - outside if the weather is nice, inside the town office otherwise.

~ Cindy Foster, Secretary
Help Wanted . . . 
Homecoming Weekend at Sugarloaf
October 7th and 8th our Homecoming Booth
CVOA is looking for a few friendly volunteers to help us at our booth on Homecoming Weekend.

It's a great chance to see old friends, share your great CVOA experiences in the outdoors, answer questions and sign up new members.
The booth is open from 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm Sunday. We like to have a couple of CVOAers around throughout each day in two-hour shifts: 10-12; 12-2 and 2-4 (5) to greet new potential members.

If you are willing to volunteer a couple hours to chat with people about your experiences with CVOA, please contact Bonnie at [email protected] or call her at 207.735.3984. It is a fun time to be involved.

We could really use your help promoting CVOA!

~ Bonnie Farrar, Vice President
Bar Harbor Fall Weekend
October 20, 21, and 22
It is not too early, or too late, to make your Cromwell Harbor Motel reservation.

We've got the whole Mt. Desert Island reserved for the weekend of October 20 - 22 (well not really, but it kind of feels that way) and you won't want to miss this popular CVOA event.  You already know how special the Park is, especially with the fall foliage.  Add to that a nice motel to stay at, lots of good eats in Bar Harbor, the infamous COVA happy hours, and to top it off, you get to enjoy all this with your CVOA friends.  Feel free to bring guests with you as well. 

We will be staying at the Cromwell Harbor Motel once again. It is in easy walking distance to downtown Bar Harbor.  The rooms are $88 or $98 per night, subject to availability.  We have not pre-booked any rooms, so it is recommended you make your reservation with the Cromwell Motel ASAP.  You can cancel the reservation up to 7 days in advance, with a $20 cancellation fee.  First night deposit is required at the time of booking. Be sure to tell them you are part of the CVOA group.

Cromwell Harbor Motel
359 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME  04609
Reservations:  1-800-544-3201
Information:  207-288-3201

Our weekend goes like this: arrive Friday, hopefully early enough to get in a bike ride, a hike, or just a stroll through town.  Friday is the traditional Al Diamon Memorial pub-crawl.  We will meet up for happy hour around 5 pm at a local watering hole, or maybe we will do our own happy hour at the hotel.  After happy hour, people head out on their own to find that perfect meal in one of the 40 area restaurants (see for a list of restaurants).  The motel does not have a restaurant so you will want to head into town for breakfast and lunch, or bring your own.  Some of the rooms have kitchenettes; so inquire when booking your reservation.  Saturday night plans are up in the air at this point, but we will have some sort of group get together for sure.
  • There are literally hundreds of miles of hiking trails, some more challenging than others, but all are spectacular. 
  • The Carriage Trails are great for walking or biking and pass through some of the more beautiful sections of the Park. 
  • Biking the Park Loop is a great experience, probably one of the most scenic rides in the state. 
  • Kayaking around the many islands in the harbor is also a fun activity. 
  • Golf at one of the outstanding golf courses on the Island including Kebo Valley and Northeast Harbor Golf Club. 
  • Shop in the town of Bar Harbor as the stores are offering end of season deals. 
  • Farmer's market on Sunday morning just down the street, with lots of great local produce.
  • Get up early and catch the sunrise on top of Cadillac - it is worth the effort!
Make your reservation at the Cromwell Harbor Motel, and let Pete Weston know you are going to attend.  It is that easy!
~ Pete Weston
[email protected] or call 207-831-8565

Ski Trips in 2018

Copper Mountain - January 21-28
We may have room for 1 or 2 more to fill a condo   Contact: Cindy Foster, [email protected]  or 207-644-1334

Banff/Lake Louise - February 6-13
The trip is full, with a waiting list.  Contact: Gail Miller, [email protected] or 207-650-0033

Schweitzer Mountain - 
Because only 4 people signed up, we are not offering this trip. However, you can join Pete, Judy, Bee and Dennis as they are going to tag along with a group from Peabody, MA.  They are going a day later than originally scheduled, leaving March 7th, returning March 14th.  There is room for more people. If you are interested, contact John Diskes immediately; find complete information about his trip in this brochure. CLICK HERE

Questions? Contact Pete Weston at [email protected] or 207-831-8565
Range News
Regular Sunday shoots continue
Sunday mornings, 9 to noon.
This event will be held at our Range on September 16:
Turkey Shoot - October 8th
Details will be in the October Newsletter;
Mark your Calendar Now.
Other News
Our popular Hiking Guide
Time for an update, and an editor
Our long-popular Hiking is due for an update, and we will no longer have the current (original) version printed and offered for sale.
Perhaps you don't know how popular our guide has been in the Western Mountains, and some of its history:
  • 2009 - Hiking Guide Idea hatched
  • December, 2011 - Nancy Perry (past officer, trip leader, devoted CVOA volunteer) assumed the role of guide editor
  • June, 2012 - Nancy presented format, and request for hike write-ups
  • August, 2012 - Initial order of 300 copies
  • December, 2012 - 225 have been sold (retail and wholesale to a dozen merchants)
  • February, 2013 - Second order, 300 copies
  • August, 2014 - Third order, 100 copies
  • August, 2015 - Fourth order, 100 copies
  • August, 2016 - Fifth order, 100 copies
  • June, 2017 - The guide is becoming outdated, it is time for a revision; CVOA makes some money from sales, but more importantly it is a nice contribution to the outdoors community, and offers publicity for CVOA. We will discontinue ordering the current version, and hope to find someone to step into the editor role for the updated version.
Since our first order in 2012, we have sold an astounding 900 copies of our Hiking Guide; we would like to offer it again next year with revised content, which will generate sales to past and new readers.
Whether you are an avid- or occasional- or non-hiker, you could help. We need someone to oversee the process of updating the book, with support from others.
If you have any interest in participating, or questions, please be in touch with any of the officers: Joe Loughran, Bonnie Farrar, Gail Miller, or Cindy Foster. 

[email protected] - or "Reply" to this email newsletter

PS - a couple of years ago at Homecoming, a new member offered to help with the Hiking Guide; well, darn, we have misplaced her name. If you are reading this, please let us know!
Fishing at the Outdoor Center Pond
Fishing is welcomed!

September's cooler days and nights will stimulate improved Fly Fishing conditions at the Outdoor Center Pond. Let's get out there a couple of times and see what type of fall Trout fishing the pond will provide CVOA. 

And don't forget the valuable service you provide by fishing and completing the survey.
Tight lines,
Joe Loughran
FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor
Past Events and Adventures
North Branch of the Dead River Paddle and BBQ

Here are some photos from the day, and if you missed Joe's report on the event, go back to the top and the President's Message.

Member News
Bill Haefele wrote a note to update us on the progress his 5-year-old grandson Brennen has made since July 25, when he was struck by an automobile in Newburgh.
Bill wrote:
Taken last year: Bill on the left, Brennen on the right.
Both of Brennen's legs were broken, and he has had two surgeries on his legs, having had rods inserted to mend the femur in each leg. He also suffered a fractured pelvis and a bad concussion. Brennan is walking with his walker, and talking and singing to the video Frozen...his favorite... His left side is responding slowly.
The Best News ...he went home a week ago, after almost a month in the hospital...I cannot say enough about the staff at EMMC... Brennen is happy to be home and getting into his new routine with will still be a few weeks before he can go to school....he has a long recovery but is way ahead of what was predicted...
I want to Thank All of My Friends for their emails, pm's and texts and especially for All of Their Prayers.... which Worked Wonders...  his prognosis is good and he is healing much faster than expected... Brennen and his family are doing well...
Thank You All, Bill
This space will be available monthly for member news. Perhaps you know of a member who received recognition from another organization? Or someone who needs some support from other members? Or you would like to see someone recognized for their CVOA participation? News should be very closely tied to members. If you wonder about the appropriateness of an article, reply to Cindy Foster, newsletter editor, by replying to this email.
Photo of the Month

Craig Lehigh writes: "I found the rock in the Carrabassett on my New Portland property, Western Maine Screen Door Company. I thought the rock looked just like 'the mountain'."
Do you have a photo suitable for "Photo of the Month"? Are you a CVOA member? If so, send your photo to: Cindy Foster, Newsletter Editor -  [email protected].
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