September 2015 Newsletter
~ September 2015 ~

The next time you wonder where your CVOA dollars are hiding, take a walk.
Bring a picnic lunch. Find a nice spot on the river and watch the sun sparkle on the currents on a warm summer day.
Or maybe head up to Crommett Overlook on some jaw-dropping gorgeous day this fall, gaze out at Sugarloaf in all its splendor ... a panoramic fully taking the whole mountain east to west ... all dazzling with color.
Don't worry about sitting on rocks or roots or wet grass. Sit right down at a nicely crafted wooden picnic table, spread out your lunch and relax.
Enjoy your CVOA dues dollars at work.
The outdoor club began building picnic tables for public use more than a decade ago, one of the many projects CVOA does in the name of community service. Although the cash outlays may be small, the volunteer effort that goes into these projects is huge. Over the years we have helped build hiking and biking trails, cleaned litter on roads and trails, stocked fish ponds, sponsored Boy Scouts, taught kids marksmanship and archery, written a local hiking guide. The list goes on and on.
This year, it was the picnic tables, which were aging and deteriorating from a decade of use along the Gauge and up on Crommett, popular routes with hikers, bikers, skiers and dog walkers.
One CVOA member donated needed cement pads to place under picnic table legs to avoid future rot ... thank you Doug Andrews.
Two other dedicated CVOA volunteers rebuilt four of the tables located along The Gauge. A rickety fifth table was tossed and a new one built to replace it. Another new table is under construction, ready to be hauled up to Crommett Overlook to replace the aging table that was first built in memory of CVOA founder Dick Crommett in 2004, the year he died....thank you Glenn Bickford and Paul Trueworthy.
The project represents a joint effort by the town of Carrabassett and CVOA to make our region a top notch recreational mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Under a partnership with the town, CVOA built the tables for the Gauge and the town of Carrabassett bought the materials. CVOA paid for and built the table for Crommett, a small investment at $150 with big rewards.
So, enjoy the new tables, our gift to our town. And, next year ... pick up a hammer and lend a hand!!

Thank you for being a part of CVOA,
Nancy Perry, President

Message from the President Past Events and Adventures
Future Events and Adventures Somes Sound
Adventure Group  Kayaking the Dead River
Little Lyford August Board/Member Meeting
Bigelows Hikes Moonlight Paddle
Map, Compass, GPS Course Range News
Bar Harbor History
Whistler Blackcomb Compliments & Crommett
Golf Lac Megantic News
Community News By the Numbers
Biscay Paddle Photo of the Month
Calendar of Events
September 18 - 20 - Little Lyford Pond
September 26 - Exploring the Bigelows
October 3 & 4 - Map, Compass, GPS Course
October 9 - 12 - Sugarloaf Homecoming Weekend
October 11 - Exploring the Bigelows
October 23-25 - Bar Harbor - Acadia
October 24 - Exploring the Bigelows

January date TBD - Board/Member meeting
January 23 - Winter Social with Delta Knights
Feb. 25 - March 3 - Whistler Blackcomb
June 25 - Golf at Lac Megantic
Future Events & Adventures
The Adventure Group is looking for ideas and leaders
2016 is on the radar!

The calendar is building with the addition of:
  • a golf outing at Lac Megantic
  • a bike trip with details still being discussed
  • the unique combination of XC skiing and bowling
  • a day of sea kayaking
  • a full moon ski
  • an overnight kayaking trip to the Maine Huts and Trails Grand Falls Hut 
  • a summer adventure to rival the winter ski trip
........ but, there is never enough.  Keep the ideas coming.  Remember that you can send an idea and we'll do the research, send an idea and do the  research, or send an idea and offer the time to lead it.  We need it all.
Happy Adventures!
lyford sign
Fabulous Foliage and Fishing - September 18-20
The leaves are already starting to turn and the fishing is angling into prime season.
Time to set our GPS coordinates for the 100-Mile Wilderness and a fun-filled weekend of casting, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, socializing and feasting at the Appalachian Mountain Club's Little Lyford Camps.
Located deep in the woods outside Greenville, the camp offers easy access to several pristine lakes and ponds, drop dead foliage and some superb hiking. To top it off ... there are hot showers, hot meals prepared by a staff using fresh ingredients from Lyford's gardens, a big fire pit to gather around and a lovely lodge to hang out in.
AND ... there's room for more! We had a couple cancellations so if you want to join us, contact Nancy ASAP. ( There's some cabin space and a few beds in the bunkhouse still available.
If you've already signed up, you'll be getting additional info in early September with details about the weekend outing.
~ Nancy Perry, Trip Leader

link to: Little Lyfords Camp

lyford inside
lyford view

Exploring the Bigelows - Three Hikes
September 26, October 11 and 24
Join us this fall for any, or all, of three hikes that will explore the Bigelow Range. When you are waiting in line at the Quad this winter, you can gaze up at the peaks you mastered! Rest stops and camera ops included, we will be in a 'B Team' mode to accommodate the hiker of average ability and speed. Bring your camera, snacks, plenty of water, and sense of humor and fun. For more information as to the trails, consult your CVOA Take a Hike guide!
Saturday, September 26: Cranberry Peak to Stratton Brook
Pond Road.
This is a loop hike of about 7.6 miles. We will drop a car or two on the Stratton Brook road, and start our hike at the trailhead on Curry Street in Stratton. Mixed growth woods give way to some steep sections, then great overlooks as we reach the ledges. Then a woods section, and some boulder climbing bring us to the rocky summit. We will descend to Cranberry Pond and intersection with the AT trail, to Stratton Brook Pond Road.
Contact trip leader Peggy Bickford to arrange car drop times; we will hopefully start from the Curry Street trail head at 9:00AM. Plan on a 6-7 hour day for this hike.
Sunday, October 11:  Little Bigelow.
This popular hike is about 6 miles round trip, and takes 4-5 hours. The varied terrain includes nice woods trails that ascend gradually, open rock ledges with great views, some steep forested sections, then huge open granite ledges with breathtaking views of Sugarloaf and the rest of the Bigelow Range.
Meet at Tufulio 's parking lot at 8:00 AM. Let trip leader Peggy Bickford know if you plan to join the hike. We can carpool to the parking lot near Round Barn, off the Carriage Road. Hopefully we will be on the trail by 9:00 AM.
Saturday, October 24:  Avery and West Peaks via Fire Warden's Trail.
From Rt. 27, turn on to the Stratton Brook Pond road, and drive about two miles to the Stratton Brook Pond outlet. It is a  4.3 mile hike on the Fire Warden 's trail to  Bigelow Col. The woodsy hike ends with steep rock steps. From the col, Avery Peak is .4 miles to the right, and West Peak is .3 miles to the left. You 'll 'bag ' two 4,000-footers in one hike!  Not to mention fantastic views! We will return on the Fire Warden 's Trail, with total distance hiked about 10.8 miles. We will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Fire Warden trailhead.
To sign up for any of these hikes, contact Peggy at
~ Peggy Bickford, Trip Leader
Map, Compass, GPS Course
October 3 & 4
CVOA is offering a navigation class, taught by Dick Parker, CVOA member. This will be a great way to learn more about maps, compasses and hand-held GPS units.
Join us on October 3rd and 4th for an orienteering course. The two-day class will be at the Carrabassett Valley Public Library Begin Room from 9AM to 4PM each day. To sign up, contact Dick Parker at
Dick Parker writes: 
For those who signed up for the GPS class, and those who may be interested, I would like to suggest the type of compass that would do the job. The Silva Ranger (Model 15) is the industry standard. Every game warden, forestry ranger and many guides depend on their Ranger. (about $55). A good substitute would be the Silva Huntsman (about $20). If you can't purchase one right now, I have some that I can loan out for the class.
I still haven't decided on a topographical map. If anyone has topo maps and want to use them, give me a call at 628-2122.
I am looking forward to working with you.
~ Dick Parker
Bar Harbor & Acadia Excursion
23, 24 & 25 October 2015
(CVOA Sometimes Annual)

CVOA is returning to Bar Harbor in October and it is time to book your room!  We will be staying at the Cromwell Harbor Motel again, located in easy walking distance to downtown Bar Harbor.  The rooms are $88, or $98 per night, subject to availability.
Arrive Friday, meet up at Galyn's Restaurant for happy hour around 5 pm, then head out to find that perfect meal in one of the 40 area restaurants.
There are activities for everyone: hiking the many trails, walking or biking the Carriage Trails, biking the Park Loop, and kayaking around the many islands in the harbor. There are several outstanding golf courses, and lots of shopping. Acadia National Park is beautiful this time of year; and you can get up early to catch the sunrise on top of Cadillac!
So, make your reservation and let Pete Weston know you are going to attend.  It is that easy!
Contact him at or call 207-885-5995 if you have any questions.
~ Pete Weston, Trip Leader
Whistler Blackcomb
February 25 to March 3
We have 66 of our 72 Whistler slots filled. Don't delay if you want to go on this fabulous trip!

Golf at Lac Megantic, June 25, 2016
Express any interest now....

Always looking ahead, we are excited to announce the first Golf Outing at Club de Golf du Lac Megantic, Canada on Saturday, June 25, 2016. This is a day trip, with a short drive from Sugarloaf, 18 holes of golf and return to a Barbecue and Awards at Jay & Elise Gebhardt's on the mountain.
Mark your calendars now and email Sandy & Jim Osterrieder and Jay & Elise Gebhardt at if you are interested so we are sure to have booked enough tee times.
~ Elise Gebhardt and Sandy Osterrieder, Event Leaders
Range News
Progress on the new range building.....
August 22
CVOA's lead carpenters, Tim Richards, left, and Greg Roux finish up the trusses on CVOA's new toilet/storage building. The project, scheduled to be completed this fall, includes a new well and septic system which, along with the building slab, had already been prepared by last Saturday (August 22).  Then the volunteer crew stepped in, including Ray Stone, Jim Heichel, Neal Trask and John McCatherin, who quipped, "We had four of us sorting and cutting boards and we still couldn't keep up with Tim and Greg."  The project was undertaken after CVOA successfully sought a Range Access Improvement Grant from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Game in the amount of $18,419.

~ John McCatherin
By the Numbers
800 and growing....

Last week, we welcomed our 800th member for 2015.

We have 433 Individual and Family Memberships, representing 802 members.  This is a 22% increase from 2014.
The range numbers have increased 28%:  Of the 433 memberships, 239 include Range memberships, representing 354 Range members.
~ Cindy Foster, Secretary
Compliments and Crommett
2004 View from
Crommett Overlook
A little history.....

We like a pat on the back as much as the next guy. So it was really nice to hear some praises for our summer Picnic Table Project.
"The Town of Carrabassett Valley greatly appreciates CVOA's generous work and the donation of new picnic tables for the Narrow Gauge Pathway and Crommett's Overlook Trail for all to enjoy! Also, it's great to see the legacy of Richard `Dick' Crommett continued with the club's assistance in maintaining the wonderful `'Crommett's Overlook' named after Dick," said Dave Cota, Carrabassett Valley Town Manager.
The project involved building or rebuilding a half dozen picnic tables along the Narrow Gauge Pathway and at Crommett Overlook. The town bought the materials for five of the tables, CVOA member Doug Andrews supplied cement pads to prevent future rot in the table legs, and Glenn Bickford and Paul Trueworthy rebuilt, built and sited the tables. CVOA also financed ($150) and built a brand new table for Crommett Overlook.
The Picnic Table Project started many years ago, after the 2004 death of Dick Crommett, one of the founding fathers of CVOA. Dick "discovered" the Overlook one day after hearing about it from a hunting friend. The trail was unmarked and the climb up uncharted ... but there was no mistaking the site when he and his hiking friends stumbled upon it ... an unrivaled vista of Sugarloaf from Burnt Mountain to West Mountain in all its glory.
It was an "Ahhhhhh" moment for Dick and his friends. Dick loved it
there. After his death from cancer, CVOA friends carted lumber, tools and paint to the site, built and painted a picnic table for future hikers to enjoy and graced it with a plaque in Dick's memory.
Over time, more tables were built, this time along the Narrow Gauge Pathway, which tracks the river from Campbell Field to the Huston Brook Road. And, over time, the trails became more heavily used.
Although the path leading to Crommett was largely untrampled in Dick's day, it has since become a key connecting trail for both Maine Huts and Trails, which has built and maintains a wilderness hiking/biking/skiing/lodging network in the western mountains, and the NEMBA, which has built and maintains an impressive array of mountain biking trails.
This year, CVOA decided the original tables needed some work. It's the kind of project that nicely fits CVOA's mission statement of preserving and protecting our environment and promoting the use of our natural resources. And Glenn, Paul and Doug represent the kind of volunteer spirit that has built this club and keeps its thriving.

~ Nancy Perry
Past Events and Adventures
Somes Sound Camping Trip
Fun for All







A group of adventurous CVOAers spent a recent weekend camping at beautiful Somes Sound. Campers arrived with kayaks, bikes, hiking boots and a puppy on his first camping trip. Friday happy hour was a chance to catch up and socialize while enjoying a spread of appetizers. Mr. Bar Harbor also joined us for happy hour. Plans were made for the following day's activities and the group then went out for dinner at a local restaurant overlooking Southwest Harbor.

Mr. Bar Harbor made an appearance.


On Saturday a large group took the ferry to

Great Cranberry Island while others hiked a local mountain and biked Bass Harbor. Some of the island group took bikes and enjoyed the scenic biking. The walking group hopped off and on the free island shuttle and hiked the scenic trails to the shore. CVOAers later enjoyed another happy hour joined once again by Mr. BH. This was followed by a big lobster dinner with all the sides and blueberry pie at the campsite.


Sunday morning started with a quick rain shower followed by more of the perfect weekend weather. Campers then went hiking, and kayaking in Somes Sound before packing up and breaking camp.


~ Linda Trueworthy, Trip Leader



Kayaking & Canoeing the
North Branch of the Dead River
It Was A Great Trip... 


~ Gail Miller and Joe Loughran, Trip Leaders

August Board and Members Meeting   
August 22, 2015 Report

On Saturday, August 22, 10 board members and 15 members-at-large attend the fourth quarter board/member meeting.  Some of the content from the meeting minutes:
  • At the last meeting, the bylaws were changed so that the membership year is now based on the calendar year, rather than the year ending on September 30th. All current memberships will be extended through December 31, 2015.
  • Our treasury is healthy.
  • The new building at the range was fully framed that day by a group of very capable volunteers, led by Greg Roux and Tim Richards, using lumber supplied by Peter Weston.  The first request for reimbursement of approximately $13,000 has been submitted to the state.
  • The Picnic Table Project was reported on.
  • Upcoming trips were summarized.
  • We continue to sell our hiking guide "Take a Hike", and the next order of 100 will bring us to a total of 700 copies printed.
  • The long overdue CVOA Donations Policy, created by a committee including Gail Miller, Glenn Bickford, Betsy Chapman, and Mary Berger was discussed, amended, and approved.  The Policy can be read in the minutes for the meeting.
  • Nancy Perry is working on logistics and volunteers for the Homecoming table, and can use more help. The Range will have its noon BBQ on Sunday, along with youth activities.
  • Possible adventures for 2016 were discussed, with some volunteers to lead trips; we need more trip leaders.
  • Our next meeting will be in January 2016, date, time and location TBD.
After the meeting was adjourned, we enjoyed a pot-luck supper featuring brisket and pork loin smoked to perfection by Rob Marshall.

~ Cindy Foster, Secretary

Rob Marshall
Rob's extraordinary 
smoked beef brisket and pork loin
Moonlight Paddle on Scarborough Marsh
Sunday eve past

A peaceful paddle through the winding waterways of the Scarborough Marsh ... 
... a warm evening in late August on calm waters ...
... a brilliant sunset ... good friends ...
Although the Supermoon we'd hoped to watch rise
 over Pine Point eluded us at the paddle's end ... 
... it was a night for the memory books. THANKS GAIL!!!

See more photos - click here.

[Editor's note: This Show and Go event was planned just a week earlier, with minimal effort. If you have some special place to share with CVOA, we welcome Show and Go's; you plan it, and we will send out an emailed notice several days ahead for you.]
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