September 2019 e-news
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SOS and UPS Partner for Bahama Disaster Relief
Immediately after Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas, our team sprang into action! We partnered with UPS to deliver hospital beds, wheelchairs and walkers to Grand Bahama Island where they will be used to help the disaster relief efforts.

Listen to President & CEO Denise Sears describing how SOS made this happen. We will have much more to share on this story as it develops so stay tuned!
SOS Equips Two New Hospitals in Nigeria
SOS has sent two shipment to hospitals in Nigeria and Ghana in the last 4 weeks! These two shipments will help save lives by providing treatment for common cancers, diabetes and heart conditions. In the U.S. we have doctors and clinics to access when dealing with these conditions. SOS is helping provide the same opportunity in other parts of the world.

In Nigeria, we worked with Mass Medical Mission to send a 40' container of medical supplies and equipment to new hospitals in Abuja and Lagos. These are new facilities that will offer free and reduced care to urban citizens. Many of our shipment are delivered to remote, rural areas where healthcare access is near zero. However, city centers can also be medically impoverished and in need of SOS support. Listen to our President & CEO Denise Sears discuss this in depth here.
Mass Medical Mission's mobile dental clinic in action
Patient triage before her exam
This shipment to Nigeria included equipment such as an anesthesia machine and a CAT scan machine and we would like to thank Hardin Memorial Hospital, Baptist Health Louisville, U of L Hospital and TriHealth for generously donating supplies and equipment that were included! We would also like to thank our loyal supporters who make stories like this happen!
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Hope for Children in Angola
Can you imagine your nurse treating you with bandages that have been hand-washed and hung on a clothesline for re-use? This is the reality in so many undeserved regions of the world.

In August our team met Dulce Lubrano when visited SOS to receive supplies for her clinic in Angola. Dulce founded the Centro Mèdico Lubrano in Luanda, Angola to treat orphans and women suffering from domestic violence.

While she was packing her supplies at SOS, Dulce told us the story of watching nurses washing and re-using bandages on patients. We are working to send a full shipment to the Lubrano Clinic so that medical staff have the necessary items to provide proper healthcare to those most in need. Dulce is providing hope for the children of Angola.
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Supplies Over Seas (SOS) is a Louisville, Kentucky-based nonprofit organization that meets critical health care needs in medically impoverished communities around the world by collecting and distributing surplus medical supplies and equipment.

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