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Speak Up, DPMs!
Formally known as the DPM Vote-N-Go
We're always looking for your insight in an effort to strengthen the performance of exhibitors in a vendor hall.

We were having a conversation with some exhibitors this week and the booth activity from CURRENT DPM CUSTOMERS.

Obviously vendors love to see their current customers during a tradeshow, however, a huge goal is to bring on new customers. Sometimes this goal is met when a current customer is walking the exhibit hall with a peer/friend.

We want to know... would you be more willing to bring your colleagues to an exhibitor booth (that you already work with) if the company provided a referral benefit to you?
Provide Your Answer Below:
Yes, I would introduce colleagues to my suppliers for a referral bonus.
No, I don't see a big benefit and/or it makes me uncomfortable.
Speak Up, Exhibitors!
Formally known as the Exhibitor Vote-N-Go
We are currently running an Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind/Focus Group in an effort to gain insight which will will help meeting planners better understand how they can improve the exhibitor experience at their events.

We want to hear your thoughts about meetings across the board - the good, the bad and the ugly. We need to know what works at other meetings, and where meetings as a whole may be missing the mark.

We are planning to have a few more sessions next week and we want you to participate!
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In July, we passed out a few copies of the Workbook at the APMA National Conference to gain feedback. We gathered some great insight to make this an even more effective tool for you. Since the Conference, we have made some significant enhancements that will allow us to provide our workbook FREE OF CHARGE to DPMs attending any type of educational event.

Our timeline for distribution is still a little, “up in the air,” however, we are needing an estimate of demand! SO DO YOU WANT ONE?

Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
A "Best Of" Round Up
Did you know we post all of our "Tricks of the Trade" on our website? Take a few minutes to check out our previous tips - you may have missed one along the way!

Some of our personal favorites include:

But wait, there's more! From time to time we create downloadable worksheets for DPMs to utilize. You can access the DPM Downloads by clicking here. Check out resources such as our Exhibit Hall Scavenger Hunt, Pre and Post Meeting Action Plans and a few others.
TIP FOR: Vendors
Patience is a Virtue
One of the things that I know we're all guilty of is jumping the gun on evaluating the effectiveness of a particular meeting. Most of the time, we base the effectiveness on the amount of on-site sales we achieved. That is a very fair and very important metric; but this TRICK OF THE TRADE is here to remind you that patience is a virtue.

Sometimes we tend to forget that a normal sales cycle applies to tradeshow leads too. This cycle involves all the activities it takes to move a prospect from a lead to a close. Think about how long that usually takes. There are a lot of different experts that provide different time frames of sales cycles. I usually see the trend to be between 90 and 120 days.

So first, ask yourself if you're giving enough time to determine whether the leads that came from a meeting are converting; next ask yourself if you've put together a strong post-show process to better ensure that your leads close within that time frame.

Ultimately, be careful to determine whether a show was 100% good or 100% bad until you've taken enough time to evaluate all the fruits of your labor!

TIP FOR: Meeting Planners
Creating Fun and Inspired Environments
Over the last several days, Ann and I have had multiple conversations with exhibitors to gain insight which will could help meeting planners better understand how they can improve the exhibitor experience at their events.

During that conversation, one of several interesting comments was made... to better communicate it, I will try to quote it:

EXHIBITOR A : We crushed sales at that meeting; it was really good!

EXHIBITOR B: We did too; we probably had more sales at that meeting than any other in the last several months.

After I heard these two anonymous exhibitors make these statements, I was very intrigued due to the fact that the particular meeting being mentioned was different than many... the difference being that the planners had scheduled for SEVERAL off-site activities for attendees which included golf, water activities, wine tastings, etc. Fun stuff, right?

But my concern, initially, was that these types of activities could potentially take time away from the exhibitors. Apparently - not the case.

So my brain started spinning a little bit more and we started discussing the theory that if attendees are genuinely enjoying the meeting almost as if it were more of a vacation, could that impact their spending habits in the exhibit hall? I mean, think about it... when do you spend a lot of money... on vacation!

There is much more observation needed to bank on this theory, but if this is the case, then we highly encourage meeting planners to find creative ways to keep the attendees smiling beyond education; find ways to help them escape and relax. Because if this theory is true, then the exhibitors are going to be potentially making a lot more in sales... and everybody wins!!!

Additionally, here are some initial ideas that you may consider when trying to incorporate ways to shape a fun and inspired meeting:
  • Be very strategic about your city/venue choices; visit them to get an idea of how you feel when you're there. Does it make you feel relaxed, or does it make you feel anxious? Maybe you feel nothing, which doesn't inspire either.
  • Find some entertainment; consider a band, a comedian, or a magician to lift the spirts of everyone during a day that may be feeling mundane.
  • Inspire your audience by bringing in new types of speakers that they haven't heard before; these could be speakers from different verticals, but still match the educational goals of a DPM.
  • Mix up the format. It can get really boring to constantly have standard lectures and PowerPoints. Mix it up with some round tables or discussion groups that allow your audience to interact and feel like they're a part of the action.
  • Bring in a motivational speaker. We've discussed this before, but here's a new twist on it... have a motivational speaker do a presentation right before an exhibit hall break. This way, if everyone is feeling extra good afterwards, the exhibitors will reap the benefits of a happy crowd coming into the hall.

These are starting points, so jot some of your own down and have fun creating fun!

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