I have just returned from Chianti. A memorable trip. I have been to Italy many times before. I love it there. It’s the history of my people. I know where I got my hand gestures from.

A friend rented a Villa and I went as a well-heeled freeloader. I cooked a little for the crowd. Lovely people and wonderful wine. 

One of the nights I was able to get Judy Witts Francini of Divina Cucina to come give us a pasta class. It was the best gnocchi I have ever made. We served it with sage, butter and olive oIl. It was just plain fun. Judy has a charming cookbook, the gnocchi recipe is included. We need to test this recipe with US ingredients to make sure it works for everyone on this side of the pond. Give us a few weeks and we’ll have it up on or Facebook page! You can order her book here .

Judy introduced me to this fabulous and easy Olive Oil Cake. You will not be disappointed!

If you are going to Chianti you should download her app . It was the most helpful resource we found! And we brought three guidebooks. 

I have known Judy for thirty years. Not only have we been lifelong members of IACP, we share many mutual friends. And, crazily enough, we’re both from San Francisco. Spending time with Judy is like spending time with a long lost sister.

Judy runs remarkable tours all over Italy. We talked about me joining her with some traveling ladies I know and hosting a luxurious, exclusive tour in Florence. Spa, gorgeous food, cooking classes, shopping (and, okay, twist our arms…) wine tasting. We’ll have to start early each day to get it all in! Details to come in the future. Judy will definitely be a guest on WBACA.

Wishing everyone a glorious fall.

Ciao Bella!