Guess What?!
We are keeping a virtual exhibit hall going!
Since the success of PodiatryExpo in August, we have decided to maintain an exhibit hall all year long where you can access educational information - and fantastic specials!

Sponsors are currently just getting started to showcase their products and services. We already have a few sponsor booths to showcase - so check them out!

We will keep you updated as our exhibit hall continues to fill up with more trusted vendors who keep your practices running smoothly!

More Sponsor Booths Coming Soon!
  • Dr. Jill's Foot Pads
  • Bianco Bros. Instruments
  • McClain Laboratories
Voice of the DPM
Nobody is sure when face-to-face meetings will be the "norm" again... but when we are able to get back to on-site exhibit halls, we want to help everyone make the most of it!

Last week, DPMs answered a quick poll to let us know what they are most looking forward to learning more about when they are able to step back onto the vendor floor.

Here's the breakdown of our respondent answers...
TECHNOLOGY (lasers, ESWT, EPAT, X-Ray, etc)
If you missed our quick poll and would like to share what you're most excited to learn more about, CLICK HERE AND ANSWER OUR ONE-QUESTION POLL!
Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
Time is On Your Side... the Silver Lining of 2020

With no travel we have become very accustomed to local life. So - how are you using this time we’ve been given?

Are you making the most of it and choosing to see the positive side of each day, or are you “grinning and bearing” until our lives go back to the way they used to be? Will they go back to the way they used to be? Nobody is certain... but we continue to adapt!!

Meeting Planners
We know you’re learning tons of new skills given the circumstances you've been thrown into. You can probably rattle off several virtual event and chat platforms now, right? You’ve mastered the art of moderating Zoom and GoToMeetings.

With the changing meeting environment, it's become crucial to have some credible resources to help along the way!

A few of our go-to information providers are Event Manager Blog, Meetings & Conventions (.com), ILEA, and many more. Ann is currently taking this “down-time” to work towards her Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation. You could become the next expert on how to organize speakers during a virtual event or the next expert on how to maximize virtual sponsorships. The opportunities for growth are endless.

While we're all saving dollars not traveling, it's fair to assume that trade show revenue is not near the levels as you're accustomed to. This leaves you with the challenge to stimulate sales in different ways. Enter online marketing! Yes, something that's been available for a very long time... but hasn't been as necessary in our profession as it is right now.

So how do you know which online marketing opportunities are actually paying off for you? We encourage you to strongly evaluate where you are spending your marketing dollars and rank them according to what is working. If it’s not paying off, cut it out - or figure out WHY it's not working and see if making some tweaks will help your performance.

Recently we sent out some information on creating landing pages to improve your campaigns. This is just one example of how you can improve upon what you've already got in the works.

There are also great resources to check out. We recommend They also have a print magazine that you can sign up for and receive for free. It’s packed with ideas on how to maximize the money you spend on your trade show exhibit, plus sales training, goal setting, and more.

Don't forget about some of our helpful tools from newsletters-past!
to help you get creative for giveaways that you can pass out at shows or ship as fun client gifts!

We have seen many physicians using the "new norm" to bring on new technologies, revamp their marketing strategies, and learn how to utilize patient communication tools.

If you are still struggling to know where to start, take a look at your accounts payable and make sure that you are getting the most out of the services you are paying for. If you haven’t been focused on your online reputation management, now is a good time to revisit it.

Or maybe your website is pretty basic; it serves its purpose, but there is room for improvement. Start by adding resources for patients such as helpful articles, tips for diabetic foot care, sports medicine, and more.

To take a line from Dr. Chris Milkie’s keynote speech during the PodiatryExpo, “Become an authority”. By becoming an authority, your patients trust you and are more likely to show interest in some of the ancillary services and OTC products you carry, increasing your bottom line.

If you’ve been putting off joining any kind of practice management program because you’ve been so busy, make it a priority now. There are quite a few available, but some of our favorite resources are: Cindy Pezza’s Practice Engagement Program, Chris Milkie’s Ultimate Podiatric Marketing Machine, and Dr. Lowell Weil Jr.’s Foot & Ankle Business Innovations (FABI) event and Mastermind.

We also understand that you still need your CMEs and may be struggling to find the time to attend enough one-hour sessions to meet your requirement or to block off a few days to attend an online seminar that requires you to participate in real-time. Use our calendar to find CME options that fit your schedule and goals.

Don't forget about some of our helpful tools from newsletters-past!
CLICK FOR OUR POST-MEETING ACTION PLAN to help you get the most out of your meetings (on-site or virtual!)

What’s that saying?? The hardest steel goes through the hottest fire? You got this.
Voice of the Vendor
Meeting planners... this one's for you! Last week, vendors answered a quick poll to let us know what they are most concerned with when selecting which conferences to attend once meetings are back on site regularly.

Here's what they selected as being most important to them when determining their exhibitor schedule for 2021:
(focus on heavy traffic)
(focus on quality interaction)
(i.e., wound care, dermatology, pediatrics, etc.)
If you missed our quick poll and would like to share what you're looking for in future meetings, CLICK HERE AND ANSWER OUR ONE-QUESTION POLL!

October 1 - October 4

Diabetic Foot Global Conference | VIRTUAL
October 9 - October 10

APMA 31st Kaplan-Clarke-Foster Golf Tournament & Practice Mgt Seminar | Williamsburg, VA | October 14 - October 18

Mid-Atlantic Podiatry Conference – Podiatry Institute | Hyattsville, MD
October 16 - October 18
(virtual attendance also available)

Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit | Denver, CO
October 16 - October 18

APWH Annual Conference | VIRTUAL
October 16 - October 18

Orthopaedic Trauma Institute (OTA) Annual Meeting | VIRTUAL
October 21 - October 24

Superbones Superwounds West Conference | Las Vegas, NV
October 22 - October 24

The Fall Classic Seminar – NEOAPM | VIRTUAL
October 22 - October 24

Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot & Ankle – Podiatry Institute
Atlanta, GA |October 22 - October 25
(virtual attendance also available)

IFAF Annual Hawaii Seminar | VIRTUAL
October 23 - October 25

OKPMA Fall Symposium | Oklahoma City, OK
October 23 - October 24

ACLES Annual Program | VIRTUAL
October 24 - October 25

Midwest Podiatry Conference | VIRTUAL
October 29 - October 31

SAWC Fall | Las Vegas, NV
October 30 - November 1

Hallux Valgus and Related Forefoot Surgery – Podiatry Institute
Fort Myers/Sanibel, FL | November 4 - November 7
(virtual attendance also available)

Fundamental Peripheral Nerve Repair Course – AENS | Phoenix, AZ
November 4 - November 6

Goldfarb Clinical Conference | VIRTUAL
November 5 - November 8

Minnesota PMA Annual Conference | VIRTUAL
November 5 - November 7

Annual Symposium – AENS | Phoenix, AZ
November 6 - November 8

CFPM Annual Conference | VIRTUAL
November 12 - November 14

IFAF Ankle Arthroscopy Course | Fremont, CA
November 13 - November 14

Stepping Forward – Leading the Way
Podiatry Institute Women-Centric Conference | Nashville, TN
November 19 - November 22
(virtual attendance also available)

Desert Foot Conference | VIRTUAL
December 5 - December 6 - (part 1)
December 12 - December 13 - (part 2)

Windy City Podiatry Conference – Podiatry Institute | Schaumburg, IL
December 4 - December 6
(virtual attendance also available)

OSET Orthopaedic Summit | Las Vegas, NV
December 8 - December 12

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