VegMichigan's Biggest Initiative Ever
VegMichigan has been evaluating how our organization can have the biggest impact introducing more young adults to the benefits of eating plant-based and we have decided on a direction that we feel will be the most effective. We are excited to announce that VegMichigan has secured the funding to open our first plant-based restaurant on, or near, a college campus. We are currently working with a leasing agent and looking at a variety of locations as well as developing the restaurant concept and menu. The goal is simply to offer delicious food without animal products at a low price and to gently educate students at the same time. If the first location is a success, we hope to open additional locations on college campuses around the state. If you have restaurant experience and are looking for an exciting new opportunity, email to learn more.
Dr. Jamie's Health Corner
Happy September, VegMichigan friends! August went by really fast, but I'm excited that it's time to write another blog post for you! This month, we will discuss the common lifestyle habits of some of the world's longest living individuals. I have referenced the book, "The Blue Zones" by Dan Buettner to help guide us through this discussion. Dan identified five areas around the world where people are known to live exceptionally long, healthy lives. He discovered nine common themes among each of these populations, which he presents throughout the book. I chose three of his themes to discuss this month, and I presented some ideas and resources for ways that we can create our own personal "Blue Zones" culture, and increase our own health and longevity. We also have a guest contributor this month who will discuss some things about exercise! I hope you find Dan's research as interesting as I do, and I hope some of my ideas resonate with you and inspire you to try some new wellness activities in your own home! 
Hutkay Fusion Helping During COVID-19
Many of us have enjoyed a delicious meal at Hutkay Fusion restaurant in Ann Arbor over the years. When COVID-19 hit, Swaroop Bhojani, the owner of Hutkay, wanted to help those who were struggling, as well as our first responders. Hutkay decided to donate free meals to anyone who needed them, without restrictions. For those who are unable to pick up the food, Hutkay is making regular deliveries to seniors, shelters, and others with the help of volunteers. Hutkay's team created this project out of the goodness of their hearts and with their own money. The meals are high-quality plant-based meals consisting of gourmet veggie pilaf and lentil soup. VegMichigan made a donation to help support this wonderful initiative and we hope you will also consider donating to this worthwhile cause or volunteering your time to help with food prep or delivery. Contact Swaroop at (734) 846-0900 if you can help.
The Most Flavorful Tofu Marinades
Flavor up your tofu and other dishes with three quick and easy marinades that are healthy and delicious. Watch Olivia demonstrate these recipes and share some general principles for crafting your own marinades. Click Here for the recipes and remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
Virtual Presentations In September
Join us for a free virtual Plant-Based 101 presentation by humane educator, Kim Korona, on Thursday, September 24 at 7pm hosted in partnership with the Milford Public Library. Learn how a plant-based diet can benefit your health, animals, and the environment. Registration on the Milford Public Library website opens on September 10. Learn more and register here.
VegMichigan will also be hosting a private virtual presentation this month for adults with mild developmental disabilities. VegMichigan presenter, Chantal Singer, Registered Dietician Nutritionist at Michigan Medicine’s Mott Children’s Hospital, will discuss how eating more plant-based foods can lead to a healthier life.
August Events Were a Virtual Success

Congratulations to the 32 participants of our summer Plant Plunge 5-week course in partnership with Chickpea and Bean. The course was a huge success. Highlights included participants who lost weight, reduced blood glucose, and reduced blood pressure. We received lots of positive feedback on this program, including this one from Anthony:

I feel as though I have realized success with this program. The measurable results are: I have normalized my BG & BP in just a couple of short weeks. I have lost 15+ pounds. More than anything, however, I have gained the confidence that I have some agency in determining my health outcomes. It is also satisfying to know that this way of eating avoids hurting animals (sentient beings) and is more thoughtful about the planet we share. (#WeNotMe). I can’t say loudly or often enough how grateful I am for the grace that has come with this moment. Thank you!" - Anthony

We also had 65 participants Zoom in for our virtual cooking demo last month in partnership with Redford Township District Library. Kim and Marc Ramirez of Chickpea and Bean demonstrated how to make vegan sloppy joes, coleslaw with sweet & tangy dressing, and cookie dough balls.

If you missed it, we will be partnering with Chickpea and Bean for another Plant Plunge session this November. Dates will be announced next month. Stay up-to-date on all of our presentations and events by visiting our online calendar.
Last Month's Prize Winners & New Riddle
Congratulations to the winners of last month's riddle challenge! (The answer was tofu.) Virginia Gauger won a vegan cheese tasting box from Planthropie, Mary Jo Meida won an organic deodorant set from North Coast Organics, Jennifer Holtz won a gift card to Blondie's, and Shalonda won a gift card to Chili Mustard Onions. Congrats! Thank you to Planthropie and North Coast Organics for generously donating prizes to our raffle!
For the September riddle, you'll have a chance to win one of the following great prizes!

To be entered to win, solve the following riddle, and email your answer and gift preference to Winners will be announced in the October newsletter. Good luck!
I have been called a fruit, a vegetable, and a grain.
I am tough on the outside, but if you peel away the layers, I’m as sweet as can be.
I also take part in a fun fall tradition, unless you get lost.
The Brinery Launches Delicious New Tempeh Products
We've loved The Brinery's Storm Cloud Zapper and all of their delicious sauerkrauts for years, and now The Brinery has launched an amazing new line of tempeh products, including burgers, bacon, chorizo, and original soy. The tempeh is made using age-old fermentation techniques from organically grown, non-GMO beans sourced from northern Ohio, and is both raw and unpasteurized. The tempeh is currently available in a number of Ann Arbor locations and will be available at locations outside of Ann Arbor in October. For more info and a list of where to buy the new products, check out The Brinery's website here. See above to enter to win a variety pack!
Tempeh Burger
Tempeh Chorizo
Tempeh Bacon
Toarmina's Pizza in Canton Now Has Vegan Options
Toarmina's Pizza Canton, located at 3700 N. Lilley Rd, is now offering vegan menu options that include Violife cheese, Impossible meat, and a wide range of vegetable toppings! Both the round and deep dish crust options are vegan and delicious. Vegan options are only available at the Canton location. Visit Toarmina's website for 10% off a vegan pizza order. (Valid through September 10.)
Make Your Own Mackinac Island Fudge
We're thrilled to partner with Luna and Nate, professional vegan chefs in the Ann Arbor area who run a vegan food blog called Lettuce Live In Peas, for a special guest blog this month. Combined, they have more than 15 years of experience as professional chefs, and we think you'll love their DIY vegan Mackinac Island fudge recipe. Read the blog and get the recipe here.
Barn Sanctuary Featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show
We are so impressed by all that Barn Sanctuary has done for the vegan movement! Through their Saved By The Barn show on Animal Planet, social media outreach, tours, and continued features on national shows, Dan McKernan and his team have been instrumental in spreading the message that farm animals are no different than our pets with their own personalities deserving of love. Watch the video clip here.
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