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Ann & Sarah's Monthly "Tricks of the Trade"   was created and co-founded by us - Ann Dosen and Sarah Breymeier. We have spent nearly a decade in the podiatry industry, attending dozens upon dozens of podiatric meetings and trade shows.

Additionally, we are the presidents and founders of our own small businesses - Clover Conferences and Ten Toes Marketing Communications. LEARN MORE ABOUT US .

We understand the challenges of running your own business and heading up all departments - from development, account management, sales and marketing.

Therefore, we want to put our experience to good use!
Below are some helpful "tricks of the trade" from us to you... enjoy!
Read This: "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson
Stay Productive Without Getting Overwhelmed.

I read this book cover to cover in just a couple of days. It's been a few years since I read it, but it always stands out as one that I recommend to anyone that wants to continue to achieve. Whether you own a small business (like a podiatry practice or a device company), it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you should be doing.

The Slight Edge provides practical/doable advice to help you set your goals and break down the activities that must take place to achieve those goals - step by step. By doing a little bit every single day, you will see big changes over time. There's no need to do everything in one day, one week, one month, or even one year.

Do one action item every single day and the result will show itself!
Top 3 Podcasts I'm Listening to Right Now

Every day I listen to at least one podcast episode while I’m driving or working out to give me inspiration for the day. There are days when I wake up and don’t want to do a single thing other than catch up on episodes of Outlander, but after listening to one of these podcasts, I know I can take over the world! No matter what your daily life brings you, every single person on the planet will get something out of listening to these individuals.

John Maxwell Leadership Podcast – a weekly podcast from the leadership authority John Maxwell. This podcast focuses on the principles, practices, and process of becoming a transformational leader. Even if leadership is not one of your primary goals, the principles translate to any project or position you are in. I always come away with new motivation or a fresh outlook on a current project. Each episode comes with a downloadable resource to work through.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield – Amy Porterfield is considered the GIANT in the online marketing space. She is so inspiring to listen to. Her episodes include expert interviews, mini execution plans, and secrets from her product and service launches; all tied together by her mission to make each episode as actionable and profitable as possible. Every episode I listen to of hers gets me thinking about the next big thing I want us to tackle. Her advice is tangible and for real life.

Rise Podcast with Rachel Holli s – hosted by the best-selling author of “Girl, Wash Your Face”, this podcast is a series of conversations with business powerhouses and personal development leaders where each episode provides listeners with tactical, valuable takeaways. 

Thanks to Our Conference Partners for
Voice of the DPM
Naperville, IL

I generally have three different reasons for choosing the meetings I attend (other than the ones I may be lecturing at).

First, I look for meetings that are singularly focused - either on a component of our profession that I love, such as practice management, sports medicine, regenerative medicine or surgery; or an area of our profession that I am interested in exploring. This October I will be lecturing at and attending the  Academy of Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery to see how I may incorporate the newer ideas and theories of MIS into my surgical practice.

Second, I look for meetings where I will be able to socialize, gain professional awareness and informal discussions with colleagues such as my state association meeting or the APMA National . That being said, I am only interested in going to those that have enough lecture topics that are relevant to my practice. 

Finally, both in my "before-kids" life and now as an empty-nester, I look at destination meetings.
I know that many meetings like to talk about the "Monday morning" take away from a meeting; but honestly, I look for lectures that can change the direction of my practice. 

With health care changes quickly affecting every aspect of our profession, I want to find ways to keep me motivated and excited about podiatric medicine .

I appreciate lectures that give enough information on a given procedure or treatment so that I can incorporate ideas immediately into my practice, but I also get excited about ideas that require me to do my own research!
I find it frustrating when there are multiple tracks with topics that are similar or represent topics that are appealing to a certain type of practitioner. I would prefer that the tracks be very distinct so that I would not have to choose between lectures.

Most Association meetings need to appeal to their entire membership.  In an ideal world, one track would be geared toward surgery and the other is geared toward diabetic or wound care.
Like most who attend conferences, I use the exhibit hall for the opportunities to connect with colleagues as much as I do for professional advancement. However, I usually commit one day to really looking at the exhibits to see what I can add to my practice or to make my practice life easier.

I usually have a few things in mind prior to attending a conference to look for, but I try to keep an open mind. I try to support the exhibitors as much as possible and have the goal of buying one new thing or adding one new company to my practice with every meeting I attend.  

Without exhibitors, professional conferences would not exist as they do today and it is important to support those that support our profession. 

I must add that I have become increasingly frustrated by the number of non-medically related vendors I have seen at many conferences over the last few years.
I believe in taking advantage of unusual opportunities! 

In 2020, the third podiatry conference and trip to Israel will take place in May, sponsored by American Health Care Professionals and Friends for Medicine in Israel. 

The previous trips were incredible and provided opportunities to learn in a variety of intimate settings while exploring an incredible country. DPMs can learn more at:   
Dr. Marlene Reid is currently a Board of Trustee for the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association as delegate to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and a former trustee to the APMA Political Action Committee, a past president of both the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association and the American Association for Women Podiatrists and former Chairman of the APMA’s Public Education and Information Committee. 

Dr. Reid’s academic interests include women’s foot health issues, women’s shoes, practice management topics, edema and etiologies, chronic vs acute tendon pathologies and regenerative medical approaches to healing tissues. Because of her experience in PR, public education and marketing, Dr. Reid has become a nationally recognized expert on internal marketing for podiatric practices and has lectured over the years on marketing and related practice management topics as well as academic topics. 

She practices in Naperville, IL at Family Podiatry Center with her husband. 
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90-Day Meeting Outlook
International Aesthetic Foot Society | 2019 Conference | New York, NY

NMPMA (New Mexico) | Fall Conference | Albuquerque, NM

GraMedica | Didactic Hands-On Training | Macomb, MI

IPMA (Indiana) | Annual Convention | Indianapolis, IN

GTEF | No Nonsense | Key West, FL

SAWC | Fall Meeting | Las Vegas, NV

IFAF| Annual Hawaii Seminar | Kauai, HI

DF Con | Annual Conference | Los Angeles, CA

APWH | Annual Conference | Philadelphia, PA

Podiatry Institute | Mid-Atlantic | Hyattsville, MD

PRESENT | Superbones West | Las Vegas, NV

NEOAPM | Fall Classic | Cleveland, OH

IPMA (Illinois) | Annual Conference | Schaumburg, IL

Podiatry Institute | APMA Region 1 | Framingham, MA

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
IFAF | Arthroscopy Course | Mendota Heights, MN

Goldfarb | Clinical Conference | King of Prussia, PA

AAPPM | Fall Conference | Daytona Beach, FL

Podiatry Institute | Hallux Valgus & Related Forefoot Surgery |
Ft. Myers, FL

FIP | World Congress of Podiatry | Miami, FL

MPMA (Minnesota) | Annual Conference | Saint Paul, MN

ACPME | Teaneck, NJ

Kent State | 11th Annual Southeast National Conference |
Orlando, FL

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
PRESENT | Desert Foot | Phoenix, AZ

Podiatry Institute | Windy City Conference | Schaumburg, IL

ACPME | Los Angeles, CA

OSET | Orthopaedic Summit | Las Vegas, NV

CLICK for events calendar and specific date details.
Voice of the Vendor offers industry suppliers a unique opportunity to showcase their products and/or services to their audience! Additionally, at the bottom of each product/service description, please take note of when and where you can learn more about our featured vendor.

September 2019's Featured Vendor: DARCO
Choose the Company Loyal to Podiatry
Darco International, Inc . was founded in 1985 by H. Darrel Darby, DPM. Dr. Darby was a graduate of OCPM and president of the APMA in 1976; he is credited with designing the first modern day post op. shoe. Since that time, Darco has become a leader in the manufacture and distribution of post operative footwear and offloading products.

Since our founding in 1985, Darco has grown significantly to include locations in Raisting Germany, Shanghai China, Dharwad India, and Halesworth England. Our goal then and now is to provide the most innovative and highest quality products to the podiatric profession. Products such as the first square toe Med -Surg shoe , OrthoWedge , Peg Assist Offloading insole have often been duplicated, but only one carries the Darco name, a name that we proudly stand behind and honor via our commitment to quality.

Dr. Darby was a staunch supporter of podiatric education ; it was his career goal to give back to the profession that gave him such joy and provided the opportunity to meet and establish lifelong friendships with other clinicians and persons within the podiatric community. As a result of his strong belief in the training he received at OCPM and the desire to support podiatric education.

Darco is a Visionary Sponsor of the APMA and APMSA corporate partner through our donation of $500,000 that goes toward student scholarships at the nine podiatric schools located throughout the US. Additionally, Darco takes great pride in supporting the podiatric schools through various sponsorships and donations to functions held at the schools.

Darco attends and exhibits at podiatry meetings on a yearly basis. We support state and national conferences willingly and look forward to the various meetings. SAM-FPMA , NYPMA , The Midwest , The Western , APMA National , OHFAMA , NCFAS , and No-Nonsense are just a few we attend on a frequent or yearly basis.

You see, Darco is not just another company who serves the podiatric industry; our roots are deep and ingrained in Podiatry and Podiatric education. Our founder mandated this due to his strong beliefs, and we honor his legacy by continuing to be involved as much as possible in the podiatric community.

Darco will never be the cheapest product on the market, which was never our goal. We want to be the best and be a true partner in podiatry . We’ll never forget our roots, and we’ll always strive to deliver products that assist podiatrists in helping their patients start the healing process. So when you have a choice of products, choose the company loyal to podiatry.

Visit our web site for information on Darco products:
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September 2019's Featured Meeting:
Podiatry Institute - Ft. Myers/Sanibel
The Podiatry Institute’s perennial favorite conference for almost 30 years has been the Sanibel Island Conference. 

Whether you come for the warm sun and white sand beaches or the outstanding faculty providing podiatry pearls and lectures relevant to your practice, this conference is sure to please. 

This four-day conference has a half-day lecture schedule which gives you plenty of time to enjoy all the area has to offer – shelling, fishing, dining, or just relaxing by the pool.
Experience an unforgettable getaway at our host hotel, the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa.

In addition to the latest information on Hallux Valgus and Forefoot Surgery, the conference provides hands-on workshops, a PICA Risk Management Session, an Opioids lecture, and the Florida CE Package.

For more information or to register, please visit our website at
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