Volume 1 | September 2017
September Newsletter
As we start the new school year, there is a lot of information. Be sure to read about what we have been doing at RMDS, check out our upcoming events, look at our educational corners to see what the kids are learning, get involved with FSSO and much more!
FROM AMY NOVOTNY: our Director
Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! We have had beautiful weather this summer which has allowed us to enjoy the beauty of Colorado. It is my hope that your summer was all that you planned for and more. It has been an absolutely amazing start of the school year.

Before I go on, I want to extend a warm welcome to those families who have joined our Rocky Mountain Deaf School community this year (total of 14 new students). We are delighted that you chose RMDS to partner with you to educate your children and we look forward to your involvement at RMDS.

The staff at RMDS have been working diligently to prepare for the beginning of school. Our recent event, Back to School night event, was a success. Shared information from teachers concerning their expectation and requirements for your child. Please follow up with your child teachers if you were not able to attend the event to acquire the materials that were shared at the event.

Speaking of communication, please remember to update your contact information so the communication will continue to happen. Expect a weekly email on Mondays from the principal secretary, monthly newsletter from the school and continuous information from the classroom teachers. RMDS school calendar is also available on our website. Our website will have a new look on Monday! Be patience with the change as we make it perfect. Soon, an app will be available so you can view things easily on your mobile devices and receive messages there rather than your email.

We want RMDS to be the best part of your child’s day and place where they feel happy and engaged. I look forward to collaborating with you, other families and the community as we work together to make sure every student has a great year here at Rocky Mountain Deaf School..

My door is always open, please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns with me. I can be reached at anovotny@rmds.co  or 720 961 9208 (videophone) or 720 666 0445 (text)

Here’s to a successful school year. Go Mountain Lions!!

Amy J Novotny
Happy 20th Birthday RMDS!!
RMDS, formerly Magnet School of the Deaf, enrolled 11 students on September 7, 1997! Yesterday we celebrated our 20th birthday and currently have 70 students!
Signing "Happy Birthday" to RMDS!
BIG Thanks to our Summer Camp Sponsors!
Thanks to Sorenson, Colorado Association of the Deaf and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (State of Colorado) for sponsoring our Summer Camp last June. The kids had a great adventure. They learned a lot by exploring and discovering new things.
FROM EILEEN KRATZER: our Assistant Principal
A quick note!

Hello Families! We have had a GREAT beginning of the school year! Staff and students are glad to be back and have already gotten into the swing of things! Routines are in place and learning is evident every day!!

If you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or me! We are here to support your child and your family!

Here’s to a great RMDS school year!
October Counts!
Every year, schools receive their monies based on how many students are present in school during a certain period of days. This year the window is September 22nd to October 11th. Please be sure that your child is in school every day during this time. If they are sick, please be sure to let the school know. Thanks!!
Our number one priority is to keep students safe in case an emergency arises. We will notify parents when an emergency occurs. We will email, send phone messages, and/or text to notify you. In order for that to happen, you NEED to be sure your contact information in Jeffco Connect is correct.  If you want messages sent to you, please be sure your number is there and that you check “Emergency”. If you want to receive text messages make sure you check the “text” box to the right of the number. Please watch your messages for procedures. We want everything to go smoothly and keep everyone safe at the same time.

Please click on the Emergency situation information sheet to learn more about each emergency situations.
September Lunch Menu
RMDS provides breakfast and hot lunch service daily. These healthy and nutritious meals are prepared by Rev Foods. Breakfast costs $2.75 and lunch costs $4.00. Families will be billed monthly for lunches served to their students.

Pay your school fees
You can now pay the required class/student fees online. Be sure to go to Jeffco Connect and click on Jeffco Student Fee Payment on the left side column.

For Sports and Clubs payments, please send cash or check to the front desk or call the front desk with your credit card payment. 720-961-9200 VP, 303-984-5749 Voice
Drop Off and Pick Up Zone
Did you know that RMDS has a drop and go lane? The drive lane in front of the school is used for buses, vans and parents to quickly drop off students in the morning.

Please be respectful of the drop off and pick up lane so vans, buses, and other cars can leave right when they need to.

If you feel you will need more than a minute, please park in our parking lot to ensure the flow in the lane is smooth.

Thank you.
From Suzanne Sharpe, our IEP Coordinator
You are invited to a Jeffco Parent Meeting around transition and transition IEPs on September 27th at Wheat Ridge High School from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. There will be guests from JeffCo Admin office, Hands and Voices, Colorado Department of Education (CDE), Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and Deaf Adult Mentors. Interpreter will be at the meeting.

Details will be coming soon. Watch our next couple weekly news for the detailed flyer.
HEALTHY HABITS: with Dr Nick Kapustka
September is upon us and with each September comes "Back to School" time. It's important to get your child to sleep on a regular schedule.

Science continues to allow the students to explore the world around them by conducting experiments, and analyzing the results. This year, in both the middle and high school, there is a heavy focus on earth science.

August 21st was an amazing day with the solar eclipse. The students got to experience the eclipse using indirect viewing methods such as live web-streams, shadow art and 3-D models. The students thoroughly enjoyed seeing the changes caused by the eclipse, and set up a variety of experiments to collect data, including temperature, brightness and wind speed.
September is an exciting month as we celebrate the Deaf Heritage Month. It is recommended for you to attend the event at Wellington E. Webb Atrium on September 20 th (see flyer below). Our MS/HS students will participate the event, and some of them will perform a variety of ASL poetry themes, stories and presentations. It is free and voice-interpreted. You will learn more about the Deaf culture and heritage including history. Hope to see you all there!
READING: Kathy Wagner

RMDS has begun a new partnership with Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL). Read about how we are planning on working together.

Our transition program is off to a great start. We have been busy! (Transition Night, new ACE Program, Jeffco Parent Night information)

2018 RMDS
 International Trip to Italy
(High School students)

New JrNAD Officers!
Help us congratulate our motivated and enthusiastic new leaders of Rocky Mountain Deaf School’s Chapter of the Junior National Association of the Deaf!

In order of appearance: Treasurer, Jameson Healy; Sergeant at Arms, Hunter Puerta; President, Zeeishleena Grant; Vice President, Zoe Trujillo; Teen Night Out Representative, Evan Strickfaden
Art isn't just for painting and drawing. We do so much more in Art! We have a magic wall, our own art gallery, a art community club, our own Instagram account and an online art gallery!

RMDS Board
Save the Dates:
The Board meets from 6:30-8:30 pm on the first Wednesday of every month in the cafeteria.
  • October 4
  • November 1
  • December 6
  • January 10
  • February 7
  • March 7
  • April 4
  • May 2
  • June 6
Questions: Please contact the Board President, Dan, at dmillikin@rmds.co
Family Student Staff Organization
Family Student Staff Organization: We have a lot happening the next couple months and a lot of news to share. Please read our newsletter!
Questions or for more information: Contact Carmel at PTO@rmds.co
September 29: Night at the Rockies Game
Summer Youth Camps
Provided by Gallaudet Youth Programs
Gallaudet University is offering Summer Youth Camps again and it isn't too early to start thinking of Summer Camps 2018! Registration opens on October 1st and each camp has a limited number of slots.