September Newsletter
ME'scope 201 Online Training
Introducing ME'scope 201 Advanced Signal Processing Features in Visual ODS Pro

ME'scope 201 begins September 20th at 11:30am MT

ME'scope 201: Advanced Signal Processing Features in Visual ODS Pro
The second in a series of Online, Interactive ME'scope training courses. This 4-hour course is broken down into weekly 1-hour, interactive training sessions.

Week #1: Difference between an ODS and Mode Shape, repeatable measurements, Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) signal processing
Week #2: ODS FRF measurements and how they are used
Week #3: EMA & OMA measurements and how they are used
Week #4: TRN Chain measurements and how they are used

Each course participant will receive video recordings of each 1-hour session as well as additional training materials.
The next session of ME'scope 201 begins Thursday, September 20th, 2018 .

Course Dates: 9/20,9/27,10/4,10/11
Cost is $399
ME'scope ODS and Modal Hands-on Training
Our most popular hands-on ME'scope ODS and Modal Analysis course is back,  September 18-20th . Join us at the Vibrant Headquarters for this 3-day hands-on training seminar in Centennial, Colorado just outside of Denver.
This course was designed to be an alternative to a typical computer software course, in that a more fundamental approach is taken with respect to Modal and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis.  We concentrate on Fundamental Relationships, Simple Guidelines and emphasize underlying concepts with Numerous Case Histories and Visual Animations. We believe that to be effective, the analyst needs to Understand the Motion!
In addition, the Software Training portion of the course is built around a Detailed Project Workbook (The ME'scope Workbook).  Each Workbook project is presented as a step-by-step series of instructions using the ME'scopeVES software. The various skill level exercises will acquaint the new or novice user with the many functions of the software.  

Course Date: September 18-20th 2018
Course Tuition: $1,695.00
Included: Project Workbook, 30-day ME'scope Trial License
Instructor: Dan Ambre, president of Full Spectrum Diagnostics, and Vibrant staff.
Laptop PC computers are required.
Join us for the International Machine Vibration Analysis and Conditioning Monitoring Conference (IMVAC). Orlando, FL November 12-15th 2018.
Visit us at the International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC) in Orlando, FL January 28-31st 2019.
Software Maintenance and Support
Need additional training on ME'scope?
 If you are current on ME'scope Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) you can view all of the ME'scope training videos for free. ME'scope support, training videos, software enhancements, bug fixes, and documentation are all available, but you have to be current on SMS. Contact  or your local reseller to get a quote for SMS. Renew today!
ME'scope Application Notes
Every month we review one of the ME'scope Application Notes. This month its all about Modes, App Note 7B: Modal Analysis of a Mass-Spring-Damper Model

In this Application Note, FEA mass, spring & damper elements will be added to the 3D model, and its single mode of vibration will be calculated and animated on the model. Finally, an FRF will be synthesized from the modal model and its physical significance will be examined. The 3D model was built in last months newsletter using the steps in App Note 07A. Click the red box below for the full app note.

Next month we will look at App Note 09: Calculating the Modes of a Beam
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