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"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first STEP"
~ Martin Luther King, Jr

In the month of September, we are embracing Next S.T.E.P.S.

Each week is dedicated to a STEP towards recovery and resiliency:
WEEK 1: Stay Connected to Community. 
WEEK 2: Take Time to Breathe. 
WEEK 3: Embrace Where You Are.   
WEEK 4: Prepare for a New Day. 
WEEK 5: Support Your People.  


Check out our events below and see what activities align with this month's theme!

Welcome Aboard!
Tammy Horlacher
My name is Tammy Horlacher, and I am the Activities Coordinator for the STEM Center for Strength.
I live with my husband, two daughters (a Senior and a Sophomore), two labradoodles and one leopard gecko.
We are a former STEM family for 6 years, active in TSA. 
I am passionate about using my experience as a volunteer coordinator to serve our entire community through healing and connection in real and meaningful ways. 
Bernadette Amaya
I provide administrative support to our Center. I am a native of Colorado and returned seven years ago.
My family and I have been a part of the STEM family for six years and currently have two juniors and a freshman at the school.
I have been active in PTO and participated in other various events at the school. I enjoy being a part of the STEM community which has driven me to work at the Center.
Working with a team that is passionate about providing social and emotional support to my community is a blessing and I look forward to being a part of that.

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Helping our community build resiliency is one of our core values.
We provide multiple ways for you to access mental health support free of charge. 
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