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"To Improve the Well-Being of Children, Empower Families, and Strengthen Communities."
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September 2022 Parent Newsletter

Welcome to the Preschool Services Department Parent Newsletter.

Here you will find information, resources and PSD news!

We remain committed to both our Vision and Mission Statements and pride ourselves with providing quality education to our preschoolers as well as empowering their families by equipping them with the resources, job skills and education needed to not only strengthen the family unit but also the communities they work and reside in.


PSD Program

Fatherhood Fire 2022

Ron Barrios, Gary Sookram, Dianna Hernandez, Ernesto Gamez- Orozco

Fatherhood FIRE

Congratulations to the Preschool Services dads that recently graduated from our Fatherhood FIRE program! 

Fatherhood FIRE is a program intended to encourage fathers to build positive relationships with their children while strengthening their parenting skills.

As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child" but, now because of their outstanding dedication and time invested in the program they, are ready to implement the strategies and skills they've learned, with success. 

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In celebration, of Hispanic Heritage Month we'd like to recommend the following Spanish and/or bilingual books:

  • Counting with Frida/Contando con Frida
  • Besos for Baby / A little Book Of Kisses
  • Solo Pregunta!
  • Señorita Mariposa
  • Just in Case

You may be able to borrow titles like this at your local library. Enjoy!

Local Library
Safety Spot
Find Here More on Car Seat Safety Laws


Preschool Services Department invites its families to a series of Parent Workshops.

  • Food Allergy Workshop
  • Money Management I and II
  • Oral Health for Kids
  • First Aid Kit Workshop
  • Early Childhood Asthma
  • What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick?
  • Family Literacy Program

(For more details select the workshop of interest below)

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Childhood Asthma
Money Management II
First Aid
Oral Health
Food Allergy
When your child is sick?
Money Matters I
Family Literacy
A customized program based on your career goals! Learn at your own pace from our state-certified instructors!
Academic coaches are available to help you! Receive a REAL high school diploma, NOT a GED!

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Apprenticeship Program
Looking to advance in your job or career? Consider Preschool Services Department, Apprenticeship Program. A program developed to assist you with developing the skills and knowledge needed to acquire a better job or advance in your career. Resume and on the job training offered.
Apprenticeship Program 

Please Note: Preschoolers will enjoy learning with you. For safety reasons, you should be in the kitchen with them at all times, supervising and monitoring progress.

Pizza FUN


  • One 12-ounce package multigrain sandwich thins
  • 1 cup pizza sauce
  • Ingredients will depend on your design:  

    Olives, peppers, pepperoni slices, mozzarella string cheese 

    or provolone cheese. 



  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Split the sandwich thins into 2 halves and place 6 on each of 2 baking sheets. Spoon 1 to 2 tablespoons pizza sauce over each sandwich thin, spreading it to the edges. Add the toppings to create each of the monsters.
  3. Use olives, peppers, pepperoni slices, cheese cut into pieces to create your Frankenstein, ghost, mummy, spider, pumpkin designs.
  4. Bake all the pizzas until the cheese begins to melt, but before it bubbles, 8 to 10 minutes.

    (Browning or bubbling may ruin your shapes.)

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