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September 2014

It appears and feels that fall is here already!  But we can also tell by how full the running trails and streets are around the city!  People are gearing up towards their goal fall race(s) and really ramping up the training!  Be sure to stay in check with your appointments with our Chiropractors and/or Massage Therapists to keep you training hard.


Happy Fall Running!   

The Runner's Academy

There has been a lot of talk recently about the importance of posture and core strength in running, or any sport/activity for that matter. This is great news! Posture IS really important and understanding your own posture is even more important. We see a lot of runners in clinic who present with postural deficiencies, especially in the pelvic region. Although, when we refer to posture, we do tend to talk about the spine as a whole, the pelvic region specifically can be addressed and usually contributes to more proper alignment throughout.



The position of your pelvis can actually greatly affect your run technique. Whether the pelvis is in a tilted forward position or tilted backward position, this can affect the related muscles groups in the front or the back of the body. Depending on how your posture is performing mechanically, this can shut certain muscles off, and make other muscles work overtime; creating a large imbalance from back to front (and sometimes right to left).


You can always check out your own posture in a mirror, and this can often reveal poor postural positioning, but what's hard for you to see is how you carry your posture during movement. The latter is much easier for another person (hopefully someone with a trained eye, e.g: therapist or maybe a coach), or a video camera to see. Capturing your movements, whether that be running or not, on screen really helps to visualize where they may be an issue or underlying weakness.


At The Runner's Academy, these are some of the first things that we look at before we take a look at how your posture then reacts when we put you through some movement tests and video your run technique. Especially if you are finding yourself dealing with injury or failing to progress your run to the next level, your pelvis may give us an indication of the problem.  

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  One of our amazing clients; Kate van Buskirk, tells us about her trip to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
As some of you may or may not know, our client and friend Kate van Buskirk represented Canada in the 1500m at the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland!  Kate has had great success in 2014 and we know will continue with this into 2015.  She has graciously sat down with us for a Q & A session and reflected on her time at the games, as well as her amazing outcome!
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We will be in attendance at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon's Running, Health and Fitness Expo!  Come and say hello, meet our staff, sigh up for a free sports massage, sign up to win prizes and have a chance at a mini run gait analysis!

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          Dynamic                  Warm Up Video
Check out Dr. Sheppard's Dynamic Warm up for runners.  Really you can use this warm up before any activity!  Try it out!
Newest Addition to The Runner's Academy Team
We are excited to welcome Dr. Brittany Moran; Chiropractor, to our team.  Check out her bio by Clicking Here
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Exercise of the Month
       The Deadlift
 This is a great exercise to improve the power in your run stride.  By working on the glutes and hamstrings, that "pull through" part of your run stride can be stronger.  Be sure, for this exercise, to keep the knees slightly bent, spine and neck neutral, and to hinge at the hips.  Maintain this posture as you return to a standing position and feel that pull through with the hips.   
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