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Gear Recommendation
A love of the outdoors can be seen in many of the item choices available at NAO. The gear we carry has been chosen specifically for our SE Alaska environment, to make fishing, hiking and exploring more comfortable and survivable. We don't just sell these brands because they look good, we use them on our own adventures as well. I am a member of SEADOGS (SE Alaska Dogs Organized for Ground Search) and fortunately an employee at NAO, so I get most of my gear at NAO. I write this newsletter every month and usually I try to write about items that we carry, how to use them, and how to take care of them, however, my life was recently impacted by the landslide in Sitka. Although I can't supply you with detailed information about the Sitka search, I can tell you about the gear that made that search easier for me and share some of the photos I took.

I was part of the second wave of dogs to arrive, giving a much needed break to the first two dogs on the scene. They were both exhausted from trying to slog through the wet mud, rocks and woody debris. On Thursday the meteorologist helping with the search, warned us of a huge storm system that was due to hit Friday night. Due to the instability of the slide, especially with added rain and winds, the search was suspended in favor of improving runoff, so that the slide wouldn't move into the next neighborhood downslope. Friday evening we were sitting in the Sitka airport waiting for our flights back to Juneau and the question of gear came up.

All of us have been on a wide variety of searches over the years and dressing appropriately is always a puzzle. Our gear has to be tough or it doesn't last very long. Almost every person sitting at the table had some combination of lightweight pants or long underwear (base layer) layered under a tough outer rainshell. Layers are key to being comfortable, since I usually start out cold then gradually get hot while hiking. Being able to take off a mid layer keeps me from overheating and allows me to stay warm when we stop for a break. Since it was sunny on this search I didn't wear a rain coat, although I did miss all of the pockets that my raincoat has. Instead I wore Under Armour and Columbia shirts (that were not made with cotton) and a fleece vest.

The mud got on everything and there was no way to wash on site, so on the first day I wore Helly Hansen Impertech bibs over icebreaker leggings. The rain pants were able to shed much of the mud and water, keeping me dry and relatively clean, but the bibs were not a great option for bathroom breaks in the woods. The second day I wore a Marmot base layer and Marmot Pingora pants which are totally awesome, comfortable, waterproof, flexible and breathable. They didn't do as good of a job shedding the mud though, so after several hours I found I had no place to wipe my hands that wouldn't come away with more mud (I had left my gloves at the staging tent). Still this has been my preferred option for the last several searches I have been on, as they are the perfect combination of weight, comfort and weather proofing. NAO carries a great selection of Marmot and Outdoor Research pants and jackets that are similar to the Pingora - I am still waiting to find a pair of pants that are Devil Club proof though.

I often wear Outdoor Research Croc gaiters over my OBOZ hiking boots, however given the mud, I went for good old Xtratuf's and was very happy with them. Much of the time was spent searching for something that might be solid to put your foot down on. When you couldn't find that solid object or you slipped, your foot was instantly buried up to your knees. Surprisingly the mud never actually made it down into my boots. I think I was the only person present that took and used a Leki Trekking pole. This was actually my first time ever using a walking stick and I was really glad that I took it, since I needed to pull myself out of the goop more than once. I chose the micro Leki pole which folds into thirds, because it easily fits into my search pack, so if I wanted to be macho and not use it, I could leave it in the pack. Macho went out the window in favor of saving my knees however.

I am not the only NAO employee who can give you feedback on the gear that we carry, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask us and be safe out there!

All about JEANS
Wow! Finding the right style, shape and size of jeans can be tough! I have put together a list of all the terms you will find when searching for a pair of jeans. Hopefully you can use this as a guide to find the right fit for you.

Rise: Rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam (right between your legs) to the top of the waistband. It usually ranges from 7 inches to 12 inches.
Pant rise is important because it determines where your pants sit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline. The problem is women's and men's bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and our trusty length/waist measurements aren't always the best way to determine if something fits properly. Rise can work for you or against you. You can use rise to your advantage by changing your perceived dimensions, but choosing the wrong type of rise can also make you look disproportional.
High rise: longer than 10 inches, regular or even high rise pants contribute to a more sophisticated look.
Mid rise or normal rise: anywhere from 9 to 11 inches and is meant to be worn at your natural waist. Most pants, especially khakis and trousers, have a regular rise.
Short rise: range from 7 to 9 inches and are meant to be worn on your natural waist. Unlike low rise pants, which are meant to be worn at the hip, short rise pants are meant to be worn at the natural waist. They have a shorter rise, which means they won't have a bunch of extra material in the crotch area, and they will be comfortable on shorter bodies.
Low rise: meant to sit well below your natural waist, best for a casual look and they're not for everyone. If you have short legs and a long torso, stay away from low rise pants.
Slim Fit: narrowest fit, slim in the thigh without feeling tight.
Skinny Fit: sits below the waist and is very narrow with a slim leg.
Regular or Classic Fit: sits at the waist and has a slender, straight fit through the seat and thigh.
Relaxed Fit: Cut with room in the thigh and seat for comfort, but not baggy.
Easy Fit: roomy in the thigh and designed with a longer saddle
Loose Fit: Cut substantially larger from hip to knee to accommodate larger thighs
Straight Fit: The waist and hip measurements are very similar.
Defined Curve (Boyfriend): Proportionate curve between waist and hips
Well-Defined Curve: If your waist is significantly smaller than your hips, creating a distinct curve.
Leg type:
Straight Leg: The width of the leg stays the same from the knee to the hem.
Tapered Leg: The width of the leg decreases from the knee to the hem.
Boot Cut: The width of the leg increases by about one inch from the knee to the hem.
Flare: The width of the leg increases by more than one inch from the knee to the hem.
Inseam: The length from the crotch to the hem - measured along the inside leg seam. For shorter people the inseam might measure 30-32 inches, taller persons would look for a 34-36.
Destroyed: The jeans manufacturer places holes in the jeans in various locations to give a worn look.
Distressed: The jeans have some nicking and grinding and commonly have a pinched look waistband for the broken in look.
Frayed: Hems are frayed to give a worn look.
Whiskered: Faux streaking and fading at the hip and knee - creases look like actual wear.
Rinse or Wash: Refers to the depth of color for the jeans material.  Often prewashed with a stone or enzyme.
Jeans available at NAO:

Dish, Prana, Levis, Carhartt, Silver, NYDJ, Marmot and Yoga

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