Hurricane Harvey

The sun is out, but the recovery from Hurricane Harvey continues. We hope all of our volunteers, board, and staff are safe. Please know, if any Houston Ground Angel needs anything, we will do whatever we can to help. 

We have heard from over 65 of our volunteers, letting us know they were safe. A number of volunteers did evacuate, and many were out of town. 

Again, if you have not contacted us to let us know you were safe, please do contact us: 
Our vice president, Tony Castiglie, has had a number of challenges due to the hurricane. Therefore, his normal column will not appear this month, but we will have both reports in next month's e-newsletter.
Tony, I know I speak for all of our volunteers, staff and board, when I say we are so glad you and yours are safe and dry, and we hope your lives will return to normal soon. If there is anything we can do, please let us know, and we will be there! 

CNN Checks On Houston Ground Angels 

Here is an email received by Kathy, one of our two Mission Coordinators. As many of you may remember, Houston Ground Angels was a CNN Hero a number of years ago! 
Hi Kathy,
This is Liz with CNN Heroes.  I wanted to make sure that you and everyone at Houston Ground Angels is ok. We are thinking of all of you.
Best, Liz, Editorial Producer, CNN Heroes

Sept. 9, Coffee at First Baptist Church has been Cancelled 
Due to the aftermath of the hurricane, the coffee scheduled for 9/9/17 has been cancelled.
We will announce the next get-together for Houston Ground Angels, as soon as the city returns to normal and plans are arranged.
Hope to see everyone very soon! 
Houston Ground Angels is Back-Up and Operational

Houston Airports, from the last report, are open and flights are coming in. 

There are missions available on the website, so if you are able to get out of your area, and if the roads are clear between you and the airports you provide services to for our patients, please consider taking a mission. However, please make sure your patients have checked with their respective hospital or physician to ensure they are open and accepting appointments or treatments. 

To consider a mission, please click here
Thank you! 
Houston Ground Angels is a wonderful organization, and the board of directors are an awesome group of dedicated volunteers. Most of the time our board is in the background, and at this time I would like to thank them for all they do. 
Our board of directors are:
Bill Barnes, President
Tony Castiglie, Vice President and Treasurer
John Jacobi
Martha Harrer
Janette Coiner
Linda Higgins
Thank you to our board members for all you do for Houston Ground Angels!

Labor Day Weekend 
We hope everyone will have a safe, dry, and good long weekend, this Labor Day Holiday. After all that our great city and surrounding areas have gone through, we understand most will take this time to regroup, rest, volunteer, and stay in town. 
Take care, stay safe, and thank you for being a
Houston Ground Angel!