Newsletter ~  September 2017
Do not be unwise, but understand

what the will of the Lord is.

-Ephesians 5:17
Thought for the Month

We must choose to pursue wisdom. It's up to each of us to determine how we will walk through life. Wisdom... must be sought out and pursued. The person who walks in wisdom is very aware of his life, how he affects the world, and how the world affects him. He recognizes that every person faces three enemies in life: the world system, the flesh, and the devil. He seeks to know God's plan and purpose - not only for his personal life but also for every situation involving other people around him. 
By Charles F. Stanley

Grand Rapids Mud Run     

     We were at the 2017 Grand Rapids Mud Run on August 26 th 2017, and we had a blast. Being able to talk to everyone and watching the pure joy and excitement of the runner before and after the muddy freestyle was great to watch and enjoy. We want to give a special thank you to all those runners you donated the muddy shoes and to Model Coverall for the awesome cleaning of the shoes.

     The shoes that were donated will be sent out to all 8 store locations this month. It was great to be able to partner with the Grand Rapids Mud Run and hope to be there again.

Thank you
The Salvation Army ARC

Punch Card and More Discounts

Upcoming Event Dates  (details to follow)
Labor Day Sale - 9/4/2017
Kentwood ONLY sale - 9/23/2017


Majors Roger and Cecilia Senn, Administrators