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Newsletter  September 2017
Everyone seems surprised when one year's season doesn't predict the next year.  2017 is no exception.  General reports from our network claimed that 2016 was a big growth year. The Spring of 2016 and the hot dry weather over the summer was credited for for the increase; or was it because of the election?  Who knows.  

2017 has not followed the same pattern.  In fact many report the Spring was especially slow and the trend has only slightly improved in the following months.  August however has been much busier in general.

The good new for Northeast customers is that we have everything you need this year.  We prepared well expecting the 2016 momentum to continue into 2017 and bought A LOT of product.  Its a good thing too because we are able to respond quickly to our dealer stocking needs.  We all know time is money and you can't sell from an empty shelf.

We are hopeful the surge we saw in August predicts and busier Fall season.  There is  no reason to think not.  We are here to help - give us a call when that next big project crosses your counter and we will make it happen for you!
We are Fully Stocked!
This year we made sure to have enough stock to support all our customers needs.  All sizes are in stock including steps, slabs, pier caps, posts - you name it.  We even brought in whole blocks so can support most any shape or size stone project your customers can imagine!

Imported Gray Granite
Blue Mist Granite
Desert Brownstone
Phoenician Granite
Umbria Granite
Persian Gray Limestone
Beach Pebbles
Bluestone, Blue Natural
Bluestone, Blue Thermal
Natural Thin Veneer
We have increased our inventory levels of all thin veneers.  Many or our styles and cuts are competitive with other available products.  We have display racks, boards and brochures for your show room.  This year we introduced a simple pricing structure which has made the sales process much easier.  Ask your sales representative for more details

Always 35% off:   Thermal Bluestone second quality  treads, widestock, pattern and slabs are always on sale. Sold by pallet only. No returns.  Many other products are available at deep discounts.  Call or visit our yard to see what's available.