September 2014 Edition
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In His Presence
Just as I was worshiping in the Lord's Presence the other day to Brian and Jenn Johnson's song, "Forever And A Day" their words caught onto a longing inside of me. As much as I am earth-bound, I want so much more to be heaven-minded. I know that I will be heaven bound later by God's amazing grace, but there is a desire in our Father's heart that His children align more fully with His purposes now. This really is one of the things the Holy Spirit longs to help us do in answer to the Lord's Prayer. 

Jesus taught His disciples to pray as seen in, Matthew 6:9-13, which says, "Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Jesus was teaching us that we are made to be vessels through which God's Kingdom comes to earth. So, people can experience God through the Holy Spirit in us. This means that we need to position ourselves for Our Father's will in heaven to be enforced by us on earth.

For me to enforce the Father's will on earth, I need to know it. It will include reading the Bible, where He tells me to renew my mind (Romans 12:2) and spending more time, however short, in His Presence to hear, perceive, understand, and so on. If I spend more time in His Presence, and am conscious of HIM throughout the day, I will carry some of the purposes of my Father's heart for this hurting world that He adores so much and I will see and understand things from His perspective - heaven's perspective.

Wouldn't it be lovely if when we have our devotional time with our Heavenly Father, or any other time that we can, that we ask and expect Him to put some of His Purposes on our hearts. This implies that we should become more attentive, possibly with some paper and a pencil, or just an expectant mind, to hear and do what the Lord reveals. This is the essence of being heaven minded. 

In this way we can go about our day in the office, school, shop, gym, church and react and respond to things happening with a mind that is saturated with that heavenly perspective. In this way, we really are becoming the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13) as Our Father intends. This is a new discipline I want to follow, you may want to join me.

However, just a heads up that one of the enemy's weapons of today is distraction (either good or bad) so you may find busyness thrown your way, but pray for our Fathers help in this and let's see if we can release so much more of the fragrance of heaven on earth wherever we go.

God blessings,

ANNOUNCING: Christian Healing Certification Programme - CHCP
We have had enquiries, since our Kingdom Foundation conference in Lagos, from people who wanted to know how to become better equipped in the ministry of Jesus involving healing the sick and performing miracles.   

We are extremely happy to recommend to you The Christian Healing Certification Programme (CHCP). The online course offers three areas of study; Physical Healing, Inner Healing and Deliverance. Students can study from their home base, and provides the flexibility to take as many or few courses to suit their schedule and their ministry needs.
This course, is suitable for both ministry leaders and the lay person. We hope many of you will press into more of what the Lord wants to offer us through this training.

If you are interested, PLEASE CLICK HERE. The link takes you to our website where you get connected to Global Awakening for full details, and registration for CHCP. Please do this quickly as the course starts in October. Do let us know if you register so we can encourage you through the programme.  
Appreciation: Rev. Michele Bauermann
Thank you to those who prayed for and attended the conference with Michelle Bauermann in Lagos in June which we co-hosted. Participants felt really spiritually refreshed and empowered and we had great testimonies of physical and emotional healing. Michelle took time to prophesy into the lives of so many people who attended. Lapis Lazuli Ministries also held a time of prayer for Nigeria during her visit. Below is a photo from the conference.
Report on Voice of Apostles, Orlando, 2014

Last month, Lapis Lazuli Ministries with a Nigerian contingent, attended the Voice of the Apostles (August 11 to 16, 2014), a conference run by Global Awakening, founded by Dr Randy Clark. The conference was held in Orlando. We had advertised the conference on this website previously.  


It was really a full week of worship, teaching, impartation, powerful annointing, healing and so much more. The manifest Presence of The Holy Spirit was really tangible. You could practically feel His pleasure at the desire in the hearts of the attendees. So many got healed and amazing testimonies abound on the website   


The variety of the Guest Speakers that were gathered was very interesting as they carried such unique annointings. We left refreshed, renewed in the Spirit, emboldened and encouraged. We were honoured to have our very own Taiwo Durotoye lead prayers at one of the big evening sessions.  


Lapis Lazuli also had a private session with Dr Randy Clark, Tom Jones and Paul Martini. The main take home message is that the VOA conference is one to target and save up for next year August 2015.  


Secondly, please start praying as Nigeria has been chosen for an even bigger Kingdom Foundation conference early next year to be led by Dr Randy Clark and a host of his International Ministry Team members. We desire a revival in our nation, and we have a prayer answering God. 

Former Olympian Healed of Knee Pain At VOA 2014! 
Former Nigerian Olympian, Grace Apiafi, lives in Carlifornia and heard about Randy Clark from her brother, Rudolph Roger-Halliday's friend, who told her about Rudolph's healing at the Lagos Lapis Lazuli Ministries Conference. She was healed of a long term knee injury at VOA 2014!

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve you all.

God's blessings,  

Femi and Mina Bajomo
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