September 2013
Issue: #11

Today is the autumnal equinox, when the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated. This time of balance also marks, for many, the return to a regular routine, as summer holidays come to a close-the balance of day and night, the comfort and expansion of discipline and the gentle turning inward as the seasons change.

Kaliji began September in Pennsylvania, then returned to California for an online workshop in Nada Yoga and a KRIYA Live Program.  


She then traveled to Santa Cruz for a weekend intensive "TriYoga Teacher Training for Teachers", in which over 20 teachers from around the country joined together for a seamless flow of teaching and learning.


Next Kaliji traveled to the Catskills for the Equinox weekend, and will complete September with a retreat in Florida!

 Kaliji in Europe!

European teachers and students will have the chance

to join Kaliji in Frankfurt at the Inside Yoga Conference 

Oct 18-20, and at eventswith TYC Allershausen 

(Oct 21-23) and TYC Bad Toelz (Oct 23)!  

TriYoga for EVERYONE!

TY teachers Kamala Paul (Davis, CA) and Jasmin Jinn (Santa Cruz, CA) offer special TriYoga Chair flows for their students -opening up hearts and bodies in flow-ers of all ages!


Message from Yogini Kaliji

On autumn equinox, day & night are equal in length.

This provides yet another subtle support t

self-reflect on ways to achieve greater balance.


A balanced mind is a calm mind. 

 A calm mind is a peaceful mind.

A peaceful mind is a wise mind.   

A wise mind is a blissful mind.

 A blissful mind is a fit instrument for the flow of Grace. 




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... in the flow,
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 Level 2 teacher trainings continue 

at the TriYoga Center Santa Cruz; 

at the Akademie f�r Yoga in Berlin; 

at the TYC in K�nigstein; in Sams�, Denmark; and in Kiev, Ukraine.  



TriYoga Community Berlin hosted their first workshop! John & Stef gave

weekend program for students 

and teachers of all Levels.

What's happening in your corner?
 Live this month!
Join Kaliji online for the continuation of the Subtle Anatomy online course on October 6th.  Visit the KRIYA site to register or for more information.

Cinnamon Bun Fruit Salad
Enjoy the bounty of fall fruits in this delicious salad.

Chop and combine peaches, 

strawberries, Asian pear, dates, 

almonds and hemp seeds. This

combination is nutritious, delicious, 

and filled with a variety of textures.


For the sauce, whisk together a couple tablespoons of almond butter, a couple tablespoons of coconut milk, a big dash 

of cinnamon, and a little dash of agave 

for a rich, cinnamon bun flavor.


From Kelli's Vegan Kitchen


Welcome to the TY Teaching Team!
New Basics Teachers Michael Lee 
and Lee Brewster in Sebastopol, CA; 
new Level 1 Teacher Chris Bratt at TYC Santa Cruz; and new Level 2 teachers in Germany: Kinge, Elke, Dorthe, Silke, Dagmar, Christel, Devayana and Maike!
 Maggie helps Chris to celebrate his 
Level 1 Certification!
 Center Tips

TriYoga Center in Bad Toelz, Germany 

has a nice tradition: before every class, 

the teacher brings each student a small moist towel to wash hands, face or feet. 

In the summer, the towel is cool; in the winter, it's warm. Students love the 

care and attention, and it's a great 

way to keep studio mats clean!


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