September 2022 Newsletter
As summer draws to a close and the days get shorter, we appreciate all that fall brings. We are celebrating anniversaries, preparing for Halloween, and once again playing games!
Kristine celebrated her 3-year anniversary with the firm!
Christi celebrated a birthday and 16-year anniversary with the firm!
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The Benefits of Owning a Pet
- and the Science Behind it -
Higher survival rates, fewer heart attacks, less loneliness, better blood pressure, better psychological well-being, lower rates of depression and stress levels, fewer doctor visits, increased self-esteem, better sleep, and more physical activity," are just some of the recorded benefits of pet ownership, Herzog said. But here's a shocker ... Read More
Stacey and Pat Tyrrell opened the doors to Edley’s Bar-B-Que in Glen Carbon, Illinois on July 26th of 2021. Edley’s Glen Carbon was the first franchise for the long-successful bar-b-que restaurant. With multiple locations in Tennesee, they have grown in popularity due to their dedication to doing things “the hard way”. That means no shortcuts! At Edley's, you will find microwave-free kitchens and everything made fresh from scratch daily. Stacey and Pat knew they wanted to bring this type of restaurant and quality bar-b-que to their hometown. 

When you walk into Edley’s you are immediately greeted by the aroma of slow-smoked bar-b-que and big smiles from the entire Edley’s team. Every staff member takes pride in what they do. Stacey is seen nearly every day walking around the dining room, chatting with guests, and clearing plates. The Tyrrells’ children work at Edley’s as well. This is not just a family-run restaurant….this is an extension of the Tyrrell kitchen. Edley’s is the perfect place for friends and families to gather for a homecooked meal, enjoy patio seating and live music, and take in a sports game on one of their many televisions.
The Tyrrells are excited to announce their second
Edley’s Bar-B-Que is NOW OPEN

531 W Hwy 50 O'Fallon, IL 62069

Just like their popular Glen Carbon location, Edley’s Bar-B-Que in O’Fallon will feature dog-friendly patio seating, live music on the weekends, and mouthwatering slow-cooked bar-b-que and homemade sides. The Tyrrells look forward to getting to know the O’Fallon community!
Don't miss a special, follow Edley's!

Edley's Glen Carbon 2392 S State Route 157 Glen Carbon, IL 62034
VIDEO: Tax Deductible Loan Interest
Click Here to Watch
Not all interest is tax deductible. The rules for deducting interest vary, depending on whether the loan proceeds are used for personal, investment, or business activities. -Read More
All financial plans are important, but Social Security benefits play a profound role in preventing elderly poverty and are paid out at an important stage in a worker’s life. With that in mind, it pays to know when you can start receiving your monthly payments and how continuing to work while collecting Social Security will impact your benefits. -Read More
Halloween can provide lots of fun opportunities for local businesses to personalize their spaces. From vintage wall decor to spooky window decorations, showing your Halloween spirit may improve the experience for customers and help you build a memorable brand. These decorations may even be part of a fun Halloween party. Here’s a guide and some inspiring images for local businesses. -Read More

Spooky season is here! It’s time to bring Halloween festivities to the workplace. Not sure where to start? Here are 22 ideas for your office Halloween team-building 2022!
These 15 business books come highly recommended by financial experts and reviewers on the popular book site Goodreads to reinvigorate long-time business owners and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.
Bonuses are seen as a great motivational tool for employees. Employees work in order to earn the compensation that is negotiated for the work, but they will be inclined to do better – to go beyond what is expected of them in the performance of their tasks as set out in their job descriptions – if they can expect to get more for it, specifically a bonus. Could an employee bonus program be the benefit you need to retain your best and recruit top employees? -Read More
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