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September 15-16

September 28-29

The Olympia Powerlifting and Benchpress/Deadlift Invitational

October 7 
October 27
 Halloween Spooktacular Push Pull

October 27-28

November 3

Fall Classic

November 10
New York State Powerlifting Championship

November 11 
Salute The Veterans Powerlifting Championships 

November 9-12
IPL World Powerlifting Championships  

December 1-2

West Coast Open Powerlifting Championships

December 8

59th Ironman Powerlifting

December 15
NorCal Powerlifting Championships    


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Hello Lifters!


What a fantastic couple of months we've had! There is so much to say and share and a lot of information to cover, so please be sure to read through the newsletter to stay up-to-date on what's going on within the USPA!  


We had some awesome meets from June through early September. Near the bottom of the newsletter you can read the writeups that were sent in by various meet directors.  


On June 9th the Washington State Freedom Classic was held in Kennewick, WA directed by Cody Hyatt. Here's the meet results: Washington State Freedom Classic 

Also on June 9th the Minnesota State Powerlifting Championships was held in Minneapolis and directed by James Burdette and his staff. Here's the meet results: Minnesota State meet 


On June 23 we held the Johnnie O. Jackson Pro PushPull in Dallas, TX promoted by IFBB Pro Johnnie Jackson and Chris Pappillion and directed by Steve Denison. Here's the link to the meet results: Johnnie Jackson Pro PushPull 


Also on June 23 the Central States Open was held in Blue Springs, MO promoted and directed by Rodney Wood and Jay Shelton. Here's the meet results: Central States Open 


On June 29 to July 1 we held the USPA National Championship at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, CA. Great 3 day National meet and a great time! See National write up below. Here's the meet results: USPA National Championship 


On July 14 the New York State Benchpress and Deadlift was held at the Mickey Rats Beach Club in Angola, NY directed by Dennis Brochey. See meet write up below. Here's the meet results: New York State Bench/Deadlift 


On July 14 the North American Powerlifting Championships was held at the San Jose Fit Expo. This meet showcased some top talent in the Multiply division on day 1 and then on day 2 we showcased the Classic Raw lifters. Here's the meet results: North American Championship  


On July 28 the Jill Mills Classic was held at the Metroflex Gym in Austin, TX directed by Chris Pappillion and Robert Gallegos. Here's the meet results: Jill Mills Classic 


On August 3rd the Baddest Bench at the Big Show was held in Rock Springs, WY at the Sweetwater Fairgrounds featuring top Multiply benchers from around the USA. Here's the meet results: The Baddest Bench at the Big Show 


On August 4th the Rocky Mountain Regional Championships was held in Rock Springs, WY with lifters coming from Utah and WY. Here's the meet results: Rocky Mountain Regional 


On August 5th the House of Pain Summer Classic was held in Port St Lucie, Florida directed by Brian Burritt. Here's the meet results: House of Pain Summer Classic 


On August 11th the Mid-Cities Benchpress and Deadlift was held in Norwalk, CA directed by Chuck and Kellie LaMantia. See meet write up below. Here's the meet results: Mid Cities Benchpress and Deadlift 


The following meets have been held but results have not been posted yet. Once posted they can be found at this link: Competition meet results 

1. Aug 12, Central New York Open, Oneonta, NY directed by John Bogart.

2. Aug 18, Arizona State Open, Peoria, AZ directed by Tim Sparkes.  See write up below 

3. Aug 25, Don Rockenbach and Wally Strosnider Memorial, West Plains, MO directed by Rodney Wood and Jay Shelton  

4. Aug 25, Hawaii State Benchpress & Deadlift, Honolulu, directed by Solomon Lee and Louie Mansanas.  See write up below.  

5. Sept 8, Sierra Nevada Cup, Grass Valley, CA directed by Steve and Karen Matthews.  

6. Sept 8, Southeast Regional, Jonesboro, GA directed by Steve Goggins.  


Welcome Our Newest  

State Referees!


Bill Newman-CA 

Vanessa Gale-GA
Matt Houser-IL
Ben Tittle-MN
Robert Gormus, WA
Paul Balyeat, MN
Ren Yamashita, HI
Justin Pascual, HI
Zach Miller, WA
Randy Hyatt, WA
Shawn Frasquillo, TX
Laura McGuill, TX
Travis Borstad, MN
Steve Levy, FL
Patrick O'Neal, CA
Jim Phraner, NY
Jason Shook, FL

I'd also like to congratulate the following referees' for promoting to National Referee:

Rick McClung-OR

James Burdette, MN

Maura Shuttleworth, MN

John Deluca, CA

Angi Campbell, MO

Steve Goggins, GA

Brian Burritt, FL

Larry Bucchioni, FL

Bill Shumaker, FL

Jeannea Burritt, FL

Dennis Shock, UT

John Bogart, NY 


I'd also like to congratulate the following referees for promoting to International Referee: 


Dave Edmondson-UT

Ray Verdonck, HI 


Olympia Powerlifting Invitational
 Sept 28-29
ThArticle SubheadingOlympia logo
The Olympia Powerlifting Invitational is coming up on Sept 28-29 at the Mr Olympia Expo in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Don't miss this extraordinary "SINGLE PLY" showcase event where many of the top single-ply lifters across the nation will go head-to-head!
Here's the link to the lifting roster: Olympia roster

Our Meet Directors

We're always looking for enthusiastic and organized people to run USPA meets! So, if you're interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our current Meet Directors are:
Tim Sparkes-Phoenix, AZ.
Kevin Fisher-Santa Barbara, CA.
Al Garcia-Sacramento, CA.
Chuck LaMantia-Norwalk, CA.
Steve Mathews-Grass Valley, CA.
Ted O'Neill-Concord, CA.
Bob Packer-Fresno, CA.
Marcus Wild-San Jose, CA. 
Brian Burritt-Port St. Lucie, FL.
Steve Goggins-Atlanta, GA.
Ata Eldralin-Honolulu, HI. 
Darren Matsumoto-Honolulu, HI.
Leonetta Richardson-Honolulu, HI.  
Paul Dosen-Bangor, ME. 
Rob Muelenberg-Bangor, ME.
Brian Washington-Baltimore, MD. 
James Burdette, Minneapolis, MN
Jay Shelton-West Plains, MO.
Rodney Wood-West Plains, MO.
John Bogart-NY.
Dennis Brochey-Lewiston, NY.
Rick McClung-Newport, OR.
Chris Pappillion-Victoria, TX.
Cody Hyatt-Kennewick, WA. 
John King-Rocks Springs, WY.


Meet Photos

Hawaii meet
IPL Worlds
Powerlifting Championships!





We are two months away from the second annual IPL World Powerlifting Championships! Last year was absolutely awesome, and this year is going to be even better! We're looking at having between 250-300 lifters from over 10 countries!   


We made one minor change from last year. We decided to narrow down the event to four days from five to try and minimize the number of days people would need to take off from work. Because of that, we may very likely be doing sessions on each day. I will be sure to keep everyone updated through Facebook and emails.  


We were able to negotiate lower rates for Friday and Saturday nights. See information below.


  Golden Nugget


When: November 9th - November 12th

Room Rates:  

Standard $42-$75 (Double beds)

Gold Tower $52-$85 (Double or King) Limited # of rooms

Rush Tower  $72-$105 (King bed) Limited # of rooms

Gold Club Tower $92-$125 (King bed) Limited # of rooms

Gold Tower Parlor Suite One-bedroom $42-$75


Reservations: Must be made directly through the Golden Nugget Hotel Casino by calling 1-800-634-3454. Mention IPL Worlds and code: GSIPLW, or through this link: Golden Nugget reservations     


ALL RESERVATIONS ARE FULLY REFUNDABLE if cancelled within 48 hours of arrival.  


Parking: FREE valet or FREE self parking for lifters and guests (parking tickets will need to be stamped-see Shelley Denison at event)



Kids Corner 
This year we will have an area inside the ballroom designated for kids where they can color, do puzzles, play-do, etc. If you have any items that you would like to donate to the kids area, please contact Shelley Denison at 714-308-2556 or send an email to 


We will be holding a raffle for some great products, so be sure to check the table! Some of the prizes include:  RHINO duffle bags,wrist wraps, knee wraps, Cellucor supplements, Vidration Vitamin Water, Worx Energy shots and much more!  


Other info: 10 restaurants, fabulous buffet, 3.5 miles from Monorail and the Strip, $6 Double Duece bus round trip to and from strip and  




By George Pessell


JUNE 29-JULY 1, 2012



This year's edition of the USPA Nationals, its second, was again held at the luxurious Costa Mesa Hilton. Hosted by USPA

President, Steve Denison, the event ran seamlessly throughout the extended weekend. The warm-up area was very spacious, with four platforms available, all equipped with ER racks and plenty of plates. Even with over 200 athletes competing, there was never any issue with crowding.  


This was the first meet in a long while where the number of raw athletes actually exceeded the equipped single ply athletes, particularly at a national competition. Friday's lifting was run on a single platform, with Saturday moving to a two-platform set-up due to the large number of entrants. Again, Tom Moormeister ably managed the spotters/loaders without a single mishap. The meet announcer was none other than the illustrious Chuck LaMantia.


Women and men up to 198 started things off on Friday, with junior lifter Maddy Andrews, lifting in the 16-17 women's raw and open classes, putting up a fine 369 total via 110/82/176. Continuing on with women's raw highlights, master 45-49 lifter Tass Jones returned to the platform going 126/82/209 for a nice 418 total. Junior 132 competitor Christine Na hit a big 589 total with balanced lifts of 225/126/236. Jes Sherman, in the 132 open used a big 242 deadlift to total 540. Mary Case, lifting in the 165 open and master 55-59, lifted big, going 187/181/259 for a huge 629 total. Mary also was successful with a 4th attempt deadlift record of 275.


In the 198 open, I-Esha Scott used a big 325 squat and 374 deadlift to go with her 165 bench to total 865. Molly O'Rourke, lifting in the 198+ open, put up a whopping 1169 total via 414 squat, 270 bench, and a big 485 pull.


There were some remarkable performances in the women's single ply divisions. Gayle Underwood, in the masters 50-54 132 class, went 249/148/260 for an excellent 658 total. Gayle Arrowood made a successful record 4th attempt pull with 264 to cap off her performance. 148 45-49 master lifter Monica DiGiuro totaled a fine 733 via 264/192/275. Karen Parnow, lifting in the master 50-54 148, was close behind with a 722 total, including a big 303 deadlift. Betsy Spann, also 148, in the master 55-59, proved age is just a number, totaling 672. Betsy also pulled a big 292 4th attempt record deadlift.  


Also representing in the 148 masters, 70-74 competitor Evangeline Keresey used a huge 303 deadlift along with a 192 squat and 115 bench to total 611. Bernice Fuss, making her California trek worthwhile, hit all kinds of records. A 369 squat, 297 bench, and a whopping 402 deadlift gave her a winning total of 1069 in the 165 open and masters 55-59 classes. Liz Freel, present during most of the weekend's activities and helping a number of up and coming lifters, elected to sit this meet out in order to concentrate on her training for the upcoming Olympia.


As previously mentioned, the number of raw lifters continues to expand. The number of men's raw lifters was very indicative of this trend. 114 junior lifter Kevin Xiong totaled 700, along with getting a solid 4th attempt record deadlift of 304. 132 junior Kong Moua used strong, balanced lifting of 325/236/341 to total an outstanding 903. Kong also made a 4th attempt pull of 354. Kong's older brother, competing in the 132 18-19 class, got in on the action with a 760 total. Ageless Gordon Santee, a fine ambassador for our sport, lifted in the master 65-69 165's, was successful with 4th attempts in every discipline; making lifts of 242/194/418, compared to his official three attempt lifting total of 827. Gordon, put some weight on the bar! Master 55-59 165 lifter Bob Yamasaki, lifted huge going 424/64/496 for a big 1185 total.  


There were two 181 junior competitors, with Ryan Cordano using a big 567 pull and total of 1276 to pick up the gold. Joshua Stangby took silver with a 1152 total. Older brother Noah Stangby lifting in the 198 juniors, had strong lifts of 485/286/595 for a great 1366 total. Four men competed in the 198 raw open, with Nick Conn edging out Edward Willis, who also competed in the submasters, for the gold. Nick went 507/286/573 for a 1366 total to Edward's 479/303/556 and 1339 total. The bronze went to Jonathan Martell with a 1096 total.  


The 220 raw open division featured the biggest class of the entire meet and proved to be one of the most entertaining. Big and ripped Dan Green took the gold. He got off to a rocky start, needing all three attempts to land his huge 705 squat. It was smooth sailing after that, with Dan getting a good 473 bench and massive 771 pull to total an outstanding 1951. Michael Zundelevich took the silver, edging out Jimmy Doyle, with totals of 1515 and 1493, respectively. Bob Strange, lifting 220 75-79, continues to go strong, totaling 1151. The 242 raw open had six lifters. Emilio Paez took first with balanced lifts of 589/413/628 for the winning 1631 total. Silver went to Robert Schieder, close behind with a 1603 total via 600/369/633. Tyler Sage took the bronze with a 1499 total. Meet director and USPA President Steve Denison made a successful return to the platform taking the 275 open and master 50-54 with a big 1647 total, going 584/440/622. Good to see you back competing, Steve. Dan Leoncini took second, getting a big 622 squat and 1587 total. Andrew Doupe took the bronze with a 1433 total. In the SHW class, Xavier Bradford took the gold with solid lifts of 589/451/622 and total of 1664. Silver went to Joe Mass, with his big 655 pull and 1521 total.


Moving on to the single ply men's competition, venerable Scott Layman, also putting in considerable time in the referee's chair, took the 148 open and master 40-44 with lifts of 573/363/518 for a near 10x bodyweight total of 1455. Nick Cambrero lifted in the 165s and totaled 1284 by way of 468/314/501. Submaster Rudy Garcia took a 4th attempt record BP of 413 en route to his 181 win and 1380 total. Orange County Strength Club's lifting machine, John Dorsten took the gold in the 181 open, competing against fellow OCSC athlete and USPA referee Jose Hernandez. John totaled 1592, using a 529 squat, 380 bench, and huge 683 pull. Jose had a great squat day, going 540, along with a 303 bench and 518 deadlift to total 1361. Only one lifter competing in the 198 open, but it was big Shawn Buckley, defending national and IPL champ. Improving upon his previous record total, Shawn went 705/462/712 for an outstanding 1880 total.  


Three lifters vied in the 198 masters 50-54 class. Keith Kanemoto, another national and IPL defending champion, used his usual big squat and bench to reach an excellent 1653 total via lifts of 650/440/562. My long-time training partner Dave Contreras landed the silver, with an excellent day, going 3 for 3 in the squat with room to spare. Dave's lifts of 473/242/462 totaled a solid 1179. Close behind in third was Mike Koufos, totaling 1168 via 457/286/424. 220 teen Cameron Willis totaled a fine 1135, while junior and open 220 competitor Hubbel Richmond used strong, balanced lifts of 617/451/606 to total 1675.  


The 220 open division featured the third re-match between big Ben O'Brien and me. As I had won the first two meets, been was on a mission and out for retribution. The third time proved to be the charm with Ben getting p.r.'s in all his lifts going 688/573/683 for a huge 1945 total and the gold, narrowly missing a bench attempt with 600 and a 706 pull. Ben's bench and total established new world records. I landed the silver with 633/507/639 for a total of 1780, with the bench being a new master 50-54 world record. Congrats Ben, see you at Worlds. Hubbel Richmond gained the bronze with his 1675 total. My other training partner, ageless Howard Myers, was overtrained, as was I.  


Lifting in the 220 65-69 class, Howard went 479/330/573 for a 1383 total, along with a near-miss at increasing his own deadlift world record with 628. Rick Schwartz took the 242 masters 45-49, with solid lifts of 551/501/551 and a 1603 total. Defending champ Mike Tronske from OCSC had to withdraw from the competition due to suffering an injury during his opening bench. Wayne Jandoc successfully defended his 242 master 50-54 title, with a big 1682 total via 650/475/556. Greg Baxter moved up to 242, lifting in the master 55-59 class. Greg put up some big lifts, going 562/363/617 for a strong 1543 total and the win. I know Greg wasn't entirely pleased with his results and look forward to seeing his performance at the IPL Worlds. Todd Kezerian took the silver with a 1295 total.  


The 275 open was won by Cody Hyatt with a huge 1973 total by way of 771/523/677. Submaster Bryant Ayers took the silver, along with the gold in the submaster category with lifts of 578/424/578 and a total of 1581. Mark Menslage, competing in the 275 master 45-49, went 622-42-/617 for a big 1670 total. Joe Dentice, also refereeing during the meet, competed in the 275 50-54 class, and totaled 1410 by way of 501/380/529. Legend and new Powerlifting Hall of Fame member Brian Meek lifted in the 275 65-69 class and went 584/391/551 for a nice 1526 total. Junior 308 lifter Tyler Ward totaled a fine 1670 via 617/424/628. In the SHW open, big Dan Harrison, a strongman competitor, demonstrated some extreme strength, going 804/490/760 for a huge 2055 total.


In the bench press only, women's competitor Judy Camsuzou, lifting in the 148 raw open and master 40-44, impressed with a good record 4th attempt of 231. In the women's single ply, it was Bernie Fuss, lifting in the 165 open and master 55-59 with her 297 effort. Nick I'Anson, lifting in the 198 open and master 45-49, also put up a fine 297.


In the mens' raw bench, 123 master 50-54 Boyd Huneycutt Jr. made a fine 220. 148 teen Andrew Nash push up 225. Paul Babineaux made 264 lifting in the 148 open. Teen Justin Woods, lifting at 165, made a good 259. Junior 165 lifter Joshua Lanham went 308. In the 165 open, Jad Wehbe went 330 for the win over Justin Woods. Winner in the 181 open was Jeremy Davis with a big 370. Second was awarded to Charles Martin, with a good 319. Charles took the gold in the master 55-59 class. Master 40-44 lifter John King took the gold in the 198 open, with a big 429, edging out Jess Santos with a solid 407. Joseph Mundo took the 220 open with a 396. Kent Russell landed the silver with a 385. 220 Master 45-49 lifter Stacy Dedrick put up a huge 462. 242 master 50-54 lifter Jeff Hunter made a big 418. Dominic Licavoli, back on the platform after nearly 30 years, lifted in the 242 master 55-59 class, and made a fine 253. Dominic has done some amazing lifting back in the 80's. Hope to see him on the platform again soon. 242 master 65-69 lifter Daniel Smith III continues his reign with a big 358. In second was Patrick Rose with 165.


In the 242 70-74 class, Larry Negriff pushed a huge 363. In the 275 class, The Beast, David Douglass made a big 512. 275 master 55-59 and USPA executive committee member Alan Aerts went for and was successful with a 4th attempt record of 402. 308 open competitor Ryan DeWitt had the biggest raw bench at the meet with a whopping 600. 308 master 50-54 lifter Quinn Bremes push a solid 460 for the gold, with Rudolf Schaap going 418.


In the men's equipped bench, notables included 123 master 50-54 lifter Boyd Hunycutt's 236, Matthew Kinsell's 165 open 380, and Matthew Daisa's 507 at 181. Greg Powell lifting in the 220 open made a big 600. At 242 master 50-54, Jeff Hunter donned a shirt and put up a 573. 275 open and master 45-49 lifter Scott Hoekstra had the biggest bench of the meet with a huge 633. Alan Aerts doubled up and put a shirt on to make a solid 464 on a 4th attempt. Of note and lifting in the multi-ply was none other than big Scot Mendelson, who gave 1014 a ride, but it proved to be a bit much this time out.


In the women's raw deadlift competition, Myra Balina, lifting in the 148 open, made a huge 330. In the 148 master 50-54 class, Nancy Navarette pulled a nice 248. Linda Adam in the 148 55-59 class went for a record 4th attempt and was successful with a big 264. Lil Stewart, in the 181 65-69 class also went for a record 4th attempt and made a great 187.


In the women's single ply deadlift competition, Anna Kelske lifting in the 123 open went 319. 132 Master 50-54 lifter Karen trim also took a 4th attempt and was successful with a big 325. In the 165 open and master 55-59, it was none other than Bernice Fuss going for and making a new record 403. Silver in the 165 open went to Jessica Borio, with a nice 341 lift.


Highlights from the men's raw deadlift include junior lifter Joshua Lanham going 402 at 165. 165 open lifter Vahana Dorcis went 485. Josh Stangby, lifting in the junior 181 class pulled a big 551. 198 master 70-74 lifter Roy Taylor made a nice 396. John Bostick shed a few pounds and just missed the 198 class. Lifting in the open and master 40-44, John pulled a big 639.


In the men's equipped deadlift, teen 165 and open competitor Justin Woods pulled a big 540 at 17 years old. Javier Avila competing in the master 55-59 181 class, made a big 562 dealift on a 4th attempt. He'll be good for 600+ in no time. Jason Kelske and Jody Woods squared off in the 198 open, with Jason getting the win with a 672 to Jody's 650. Jody also won the master 50-54 class. 198 master 70-74 lifter Bob Kinsey made a solid 369. Arizona state chairman Tim Sparkes lifted in the 220 open and master 40-44 and pulled a big 677.


I'd like to express appreciation to the administrative staff including Chuck and Kelli LaMantia, along with Tom Miller. Also thank you to the many referees who officiated throughout the event including, Ron Scott, Gordon Santee, Ken Wheeler, Lisa Wheeler, Jim Merlino, Kevin Meskew, Joe Dentice, Scott Layman, Victor Elliot, Jose Hernandez, John DeLuca, Tom Miller, Louie Hernandez, Mike Tronske, John Bostick, and Dominic Licavoli. Lastly, thank you to all the spotters and loaders who worked very hard to keep all the athletes safe, including Tom Moormeister, Demetrius Koufopolous, John Hansen Jr., Nate Halverson, Mike Dunlop, Aaron Dawson, Adam Johnson, and Rubin Thomas.


The USPA is quickly positioning itself as the fastest growing powerlifting organization. Steve and his executive committee listen to and support the lifters. Meets are well run and enjoyable to participate in. Judging as I have mentioned in the past, is strict but fair and equitable. I look forward to the continued growth of the USPA and powerlifting as a sport.   

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Diehard Gym
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The Arizona State meet was held on August 18th at Die Hard Gym in Peoria, AZ.  The entire day was smooth running and a very nice showcase for a great crowd of spectators!


With the cooperation of Powerhouse Worship Center, who provided Die Hard with an excellent venue for the competition, as well as keeping all Die Hard Gym available for a warm-up area just a few steps across the hall, both men and women lifters were well represented.  


Competitors ranged in age from young Monet Sachs at 13 years old, who set a state record with a 176lb dead lift, to the ageless Gene Lawrence, at 73 years young!  We had about 40 competitors from as far away as Payson, Prescott, Cottonwood, Tucson and New Mexico, many of whom set state records!


We'd like to send a big thanks to our International Referees, Steve Denison and Kevin Meskew, and State Referees, Tim Sparkes, Joe Reyes, Bobby Schleder and Mark Stanford. We'd  also like to thank our spotter/loaders, Myron Sawyer, Jody Frego, and Anthony Resendes for an awesome job keeping everyone safe!


Special thanks go to Chris Gartrell and Genevieve Johnson who did an amazing job at the scoring table and to our sponsors Shelley Denison with Rhino Power Gear and Multi-Muscle Vitamins. 



Ironman/Iron Woman Championships 
New York 
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Our Mickey Rats Ironman/Ironwoman Championships were another success for us this past July 14,2012 with over 60 competitors! We not only recruited 30 new USPA competitors to the sport of powerlifting, but also had a record with 11 of them being females.  
Of those eleven women, topping the list was 198 lb''er Brittany Pryor who raw benched 292.1 and deadlifted 534.6 lbs. Stephanie Powell, who competed in the 148 open raw division, had a pull of 424.4 lbs. Melody Melo competed in the 148 lb. weight class in the multi-ply division and deadlifted an incredible 474 lbs. for the win! 
Almost all of our male competitors competed in the raw division, with Anthony Insinna benching 418.9 in the junior 20-23 220lb division for our heaviest raw bench of the day.  In the 220lb  junior 20-23  division, Daniel Rathke and Nicholas Emmick tied for the heaviest deadlift at 551.2 with Emmick winning top honors by virtue of lighter body weight.
Master 65-69 deadlifter Donald Swingle pulled 479.5 lbs for his win at 181 lbs!


We also had many outstanding local competitors at our Mickey Rats event, which was held at the Mickey Rats Beach Club House in Angola, N.Y.  The main reason for this central locale is to get more people involved in the powerlifting scene, and to have a good time afterwards. All application fees included hamburgers & hotdogs, plus fun on the beach!


Next on our list is the N.Y.S. Powerlifting Championships, which will be held at the Quality Inn in Niagara Falls, N.Y. on November 10,2012. This Inn is only 1 1/2 blocks away from the majestic falls itself and three blocks away from the Niagara Casino. We are working on the room rates and believe them to be for $50/night.


Dennis Brochey
N.Y.S. Chairman


3rd Annual Hawaii State Push Pull Championships
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Team Metro flyer

On August 25, 2012 Team Metro held their 3rd Annual USPA Hawaii State Push & Pull Championship at the beautiful Aloha Tower, Pier 10.  The venue, food, entertainment, spectators and lifters were awesome!  There were over 60 state and 20 american records broken at this meet.  We also had lifters from the other islands of Hawaii, the Marshall Islands and Australia. 

The judges and Team Metros' spotters and loaders were second to none. Team Metro and Sol and Geri Lee did a spectacular job in organizing this meet. We hope to see many old and new faces at next year's meet!


Ata Edralin




Bench Press and Deadlift
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Chuck & Kellie LaMantia were very excited that lifters came to Norwalk, CA on one of the hottest days recorded in summer to lift on behalf of the Norwalk High School Football Booster Club, which raises money to ensure the high school athletes have a Freshman & Junior Varsity and Varsity Banquet at the conclusion of their season.

The outdoor event featured the largest and most powerful stereo sound system in powerlifting's history, 7,000 watts (Live Sound Concepts, Gardena, CA).

Norwalk High School Football Booster Club Members and parents were joined by others in the community to show support for the event. After all expenses were paid, $915.00 was netted and turned over to the high school. Many thanks to all the many USPA referees who gave of their time unselfishly.

Thank you!
Chuck and Kellie LaMantia



As always, a big THANK YOU to our dedicated referees', supportive EC members, webmaster-Tom Kosanouvong, Tshirt/flyer designer-Dennis Reneau, and the hard-working spotters and loaders!


And, thank you to to all of you for your continued support! The success of the USPA, and the success of powerlifting, is because of you!


Train hard, train smart!  

Steve Denison

USPA President