SOWER Ministry Newsletter September 2022
Dear Friends,
September is one of those great in-between months, isn't it? We're in-between those hot days of summer and those long winter nights, though we're still allowed some shirt sleeve days before we grab the sweatshirts and heavy jackets. Maybe we've put away the lawn mower, but we don't have to pull out the rakes just yet. The Back-to-School ads have subsided and (thankfully) the Christmas marketing hasn't yet started (but what will we get those grandkids this year?). While September might be 'in-between' Summer and Fall, it's right at the start of some busy SOWER months. Many of you are checking out the RV and making plans for your trek south. (Don't forget, if you haven't sent in your 2023 registration you will not be able to work any projects in 2023 even if you signed up for them.) The office is busy processing the 2023 Registration Forms and putting the finishing touches on the Oct-Nov Sowergram and updating the Roster. The 40th Anniversary Rally Committee is holding zoom meetings, working hard to plan the best rally possible. And finally - the SOWER Trustees are anticipating their fall meeting, scheduled for Sept. 26-28 at the ministry headquarters in Lindale, TX. The Board is welcoming three new Trustees, David Pincus, Floyd Adcock and Wendell Ramaker, even as they say farewell to John Barber, Cheri Smith, and Bill Myers. We thank them for their years of committed service. Our ministry continues to grow, adding over 100 new member couples in each of the last several years along with adding new ministry opportunities. There are exciting days ahead for our ministry and much of it begins right at this September meeting. Please join me in praying for our dedicated Board members - that they may be blessed with wisdom and unity as they look to the future of SOWERs. 

Resting in His Grace, Thankful for His Mercy,
Stephanie Conrad #2509  
Wipe On - Wipe Off
The Fine Art of Window Washing
Lorna Christensen (3672) & Lindy Fonseca (3922)
Tools needed: rectangular bucket (home depot), CLEANING vinegar, clear ammonia (both from dollar store), lint free towel, extra towel, sheep skin with handle (janitor supply) and squeegee (large and small for tight areas.) Both can be purchased from janitor supply.
Window Washing Tools
Pour enough vinegar to barely cover bottom of bucket. Add approximately same amount ammonia (no exacts). Add enough hot water to cover sheep skin (facing away from fumes). Squeeze 1/2 water out of sheep skin. DO NOT WRING! Scrub window, making sure corners and edges are tackled using the sewn edge of sheep skin. Squeegee down once (making sure the squeegee edge is then dried off or you will get streaks), overlapping till whole window is finished. Use lint free cloth to dry around whole edge of window, but do not scrub! Use extra cloth, as needed, to dry all drips.
Reporting in from a New Project
Betty and I have just finished our first week at Maple Grove Christian Retreat Centre (ON-559) in Thamesford, Ontario, Canada, which is east of London.
Our principal activity has been devoted to “Frontier Village” which is a collection of 10 cabins used primarily by youth groups. Each cabin contains enough bunks to accommodate eight people. There is the need to strip each cabin of drywall from the ceiling and walls, plus the fiber installation between the studs. Following a thorough cleaning, a base coat of oil-based primer is sprayed on the bare wood, prior to the installation of the new spray-on insulation, which will then be covered with plywood.
Provisions are available for tent camping, also serviced RV pads. Frontier Village is separate from the rest of the conference grounds. There are many activities on-site for all to use, including a brand-new swimming pool, basketball courts, beach volleyball, etc. There is also a small store, meeting hall, and library for those who are less active and enjoy their time of simply relaxing.
Maple Grove has recently celebrated its 75th anniversary from its initial beginnings of all-day tent meetings. According to artifacts from that era, the full day of meetings would start at 6 am and concluded at 10 pm. In 1940 a permanent “Tabernacle” was built as funds became available and attendance outgrew the tents. The Tabernacle remains ‘til this day and is the central point of the Conference Grounds.
As SOWERs, we are appreciative of the Maple Grove staff and have welcomed their directives and assistance with the “job at hand”. They are asking for SOWERs again in May, so check 'em out!
Bruce & Betty Johnston (#3402)
Underserved Project Update
The office has put together an updated list of ministries that have received six or fewer SOWER couples in the last 24 months. Check the PLS to see where you can serve or contact the office to get any clarification about these underserved projects.

Updated 8/06/2022
New Project!!
Clinton, MO
One of the main functions of LifeChange Camp is to offer fun-filled, meaningful Bible camp experiences for kids of all ages during the summer months.  Children’s camps, Junior High and Senior High camps, and family events are all part of what LifeChange offers each year. Swimming in the pool, hiking, rappelling, basketball, soccer, and much more all take on very special meaning when enjoyed in a Bible camp setting. They are asking for six (6) SOWERs from March through November, so there are openings starting immediately! Check it out!
Annual Registration & Skill Sheet 
Have you sent in yours yet?
Don’t just copy from last year! If you worked projects and improved your skills, give yourself an upgrade. If you have health issues that prevent certain activities, make note. Don’t worry, there is still plenty you can do! Under other skills please list any hobbies or special experiences. The project just might be looking for that skill. For example, were you raised on a farm? That brings a broad range of skills. Are you a quilter, photographer, woodworker, fisherman, do furniture repair, weave baskets, or play an instrument? When your GL gives your skill sheet back, jot those items down so you will be prepared for next year. Remember the host receives your skill sheet six (6) weeks prior to your arrival and the GL one (1) week before you arrive. Let’s help make the most of your skills.

Nelda Thompson #3445
PS - Feel free to include new pictures too! I'm no longer a redhead, and Dave shaved off his beard, so we're kind of like new people!
Sharing the SOWER Ministry
Do you love to share the blessing of being a SOWER with others? Our ministry will once again be having a booth at this upcoming Escapade in Tuscon, AZ. We still need one couple to fill out our volunteer roster! Contact Gail Fieler for more information about helping to man the booth with other SOWERs!
Area Rep Needs
A SOWER Area Representative (AR) is a vital part of our ministry. The Project Committee (Vice President and two others) works with the ARs to stay connected to our various ministries. Essentially, the ARs are the 'boots on the ground' for the ministry, mainly checking on existing projects periodically and taking a look at prospective projects.
Here is our current need -

Southern CA
CA - 145 Grace Fellowship & Cherry Valley Brethren
CA - 461 Father's Heart Ranch
CA - 481 Coachella Valley Rescue Mission
CA - 500 Forest Homes Millcreek Canyon

MD - 18 Sandy Cove
NJ - 3 America's Keswick
NJ - 346 The Pilgrim Academy
WV - 63 Potomac Park Retreat
WV - 415 Appalachian Bible College

MI - 269 Spring Hills Camp #44
MI - 286 Brown City Camp
MI - 296 Grace Adventures
MI - 497 Timber Wolf Lake Young Life Camp

Please contact Dick Howard for more information!
Let us not forsake gathering together....
Save the Date!

February 27 - March 1, 2023
Florida Baptist Encampment
Groveland, FL

More information in the days to come!
What's All the BUZZ About?
Calling all SOWERS, Alumni, Hosts, and Friends of the Ministry! Make plans now to attend
Our 40th Anniversary Celebration
MAR 30 - APR 4, 2023
ALERT International Academy - TX-410
Big Sandy, TX 
Register before December 1 and save $25.00!
If you haven't received your registration form yet, you can download one from the Member Site, or request one from the office.
  1. I see in the PLS that ALERT has a dress code. Will ladies have to wear skirts to meals? No. ALERT has relaxed their dress code requirements for our Rally and only asks that we dress modestly.
  2. What is the refund policy if I have to cancel? SOWERs will refund your registration fee less $25.00. ALERT also has a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee to hold your spot, but any other payments made to ALERT will be refunded.
  3. Do we have purchase meals at ALERT?
ALERT has invited us to join them at meals (which are excellent and generous!) for a very reasonable cost. We think the opportunity for fellowship during meals is invaluable, so we hope many will join in. But it is not required. We do hope that everyone will participate in the banquet on Saturday night, which is a very elegant meal, prepared especially for us and served by the staff. ----------------->
HELP needed!
To be or not to be.....
If you are into drama/acting please contact
This would be for the 40th Anniversary Rally March 2023.
Committee Members
Mike & Jackie Barber #3601
Gary & Stephanie Conrad #2509
Wayne & Gail Fieler #3187
Dwayne & Margaret Gearhart #3263
Ron & Reenie Maynor #3738
Carol Nering #3100
Gary Smith #3627
Wes & Carolyn Strausser #3369
Nelda Thompson #3445
Dick & Billie Mondello #3923
Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Mike, for reminding us about this newly reinstated SOWER project - Locust Springs Christian Retreat (TN-337). They are asking for four (4) SOWERS in April and September!
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Group Picture The August 2022 group serving at one of our underserved projects - Baptist Park Camp (ME-334). L-R Dennis & Lorree Johnson (#3658), Terry & Donna Mascho (#3600), Ken & Brenda Diller (#3475), Larry & Guylaine Lokker (#3915)-first project!

Header Photo - Grace Adventures - MI-296. Photo by Sandi Barber (#3365)
Sam and Sally are spending some time with their kids and grandkids this month, so I thought I'd step in with a little update about this newsletter. They'll be back next month, I promise!

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