SOWER Ministry Newsletter September 2019
Ah, sweet September. There is always something fresh and new about September, isn't there? Just as God has promised, the mornings are a bit brisker (it was 56 here in Ohio this morning), the days are still good for shorts and tees, and the early evening finds you reaching for that sweater. The trees are beginning to hint at oranges and reds and a sprinkling of leaves appear on that freshly mowed lawn. Pumpkins and mums start to show up at the roadside stands and soon we'll all be drinking warm cider and hot chocolate. But before we get too nostalgic about the change of seasons and maybe even start thinking about packing for those winter SOWER projects, let's remember those who have been affected by the recent hurricane that battered the Bahamas and the southeast coast of the US. We all have friends, family, fellow SOWERs and Host projects who have been affected by Dorian. Let's all pray for God's mighty comfort and guidance through all stages of these tragedies. Let's also give praise for His protection thus far!!!!

September also brings the SOWER Trustee Meeting in Lindale. There are exciting days ahead for our ministry, and much of it begins right at this September meeting. Please join me in praying for our dedicated Board members - that they may be blessed with wisdom and unity as they look to the future of SOWERS. 

Serving with you - for Jesus!
Stephanie Conrad #2509
How does that happen?
Have you ever wondered just HOW a ministry becomes a SOWER project? Whether a SOWER has recommended a project or the project ‘finds’ SOWERS, the process is basically the same. Generally the ministry contacts the office to ask for more information or an application. During that initial conversation with the office or one with a Trustee on the Project Committee (headed up by the Vice President), it is determined if the ministry would be a good fit for SOWERS. First they must meet certain criteria. They must be a non-profit (501c3) Christian ministry and be governed by traditional, evangelical, Biblical principles. Whether they are a rescue mission, Christian school or college, camp or conference center or a group home, their purpose must be to openly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Once they get past the initial conversation, they receive an application packet that includes a detailed application form along with more information about our guidelines and RV parking requirements. When the completed application is received at the office, it goes to the appropriate Project Committee member who reviews the application and continues the conversation with the applicant. If everything still is ‘a go’, then a site visit is arranged by the Area Rep. Currently there is a requirement for prospective projects to have a SOWER sponsor (someone who will champion that project by working there and encouraging others to do so!). Once all of the pieces of the puzzle are in place, the ministry is approved, a number is assigned, and it is listed in the PLS. They are now ready for us to sign up! Each project (whether its number is XX-550 or XX-01) is required to fill out a Project Update form annually to keep it current in our listing. Our Area Reps check in on each project annually, and any concerns mentioned in GL reports are forward to the appropriate Area Rep and committee member for further investigation.
Currently we have 168 active projects and on any given month there are between 300 and 500 requests for SOWERS! We are privileged to have so many opportunities to serve! Have you checked out a new project lately? There are blessings waiting for you!  
You want me to do What???
Paint a Train???
Don Schlager (2961) didn't even blink (well, not for long anyway) when he was asked to paint a train at New Life Ranch (OK-230)!
Rallies Ready and Open for Sign-ups!
Whether you're an Alumni, a Seasoned SOWER or New to the Family, there's nothing like a SOWER gathering to connect with friends old and new and get recharged about the ministry. If you live in close proximity to a SOWER project, let them know you're nearby! There are often impromptu gatherings of SOWERS happening all around the country all year long! Whether you're camping together or just meeting for a meal at a local restaurant, a SOWER Gathering is always a blessing!  
Don't forget to pick up a NEW SOWER T-Shirt at any of the regional rallies!
Happening NOW!!!!
Click HERE for more information about special speakers, Southern Gospel entertainment, and other activities!

September 16th- 19th .

Registration: $85.00 
Cabin rate: $25.00
RV Campsite: N/C

The registration fee includes 10 meals @ $6.00 each. We have eight (8) cabins reserved, so if you want a cabin please advise us ASAP. If additional ones are needed, we will try to obtain them, but no guarantee!

Please contact Emory Rockafellow by email or call 810-869-0826 for more information, to register or volunteer, or with additional questions. We are looking forward to seeing YOU at Michindoh!!

Minnesota Rally

Lake Beauty Camp (MN-523)
Long Prairie, MN
September 16th - 19th

RV Sites - $27.00/night
Loon Lodge - $54.00/night
Third night (18th) free
if staying for work day (19th).

Join us for a time of fellowship and an opportunity to meet SOWER President Gary Conrad

Contact Bill Cairns (320-295-3031 (T))for more information or to register!
Mark Your Calendar and Save the Date!
Register: Text or call Ruth Stoll at 727-967-0494 or email at

Looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion!

 Bill & Ruth Stoll, Jon & Cathy Richmond, Jeff & Barb Kaiser
2020 Florida SOWER Reunion
Florida Baptist Youth Camp (FL-143)
Groveland, FL
Feb 24-26, 2020
Cost: (Cash or check at registration) $70/rig W/E 30 amp; dump;       
Room Rent: $70/couple;  
Walk-ins: $7.50/person;       
Early arrivals: $15/night  
Meals included:
Supper on Monday, Tuesday (Potluck), Wednesday  
Breakfast : Tuesday and Wednesday
Texas Round-up
March 22-25, 2020
Alert Academy

September Board of Trustees Meeting
The SOWER Trustees will be gathering in Lindale, TX from  Sept. 23-25  for their annual meeting. Thank you for all your questions and comments sent in to Gary Conrad.
Please pray for these dedicated men and women as they meet and work together to further God's Kingdom through the SOWER Ministry.
From the Archives...
But still true today!
S aints on wheels roaming through the land
O thers are waiting our helping hand
W orking together doing God's plan
E xcited and eager to do what is in demand
R eady to share Christ's plan to man
S ervants for Jesus as long as we can
Ed Ahrens (#790), written in 1997
Whatcha doin' next summer????
June 21-26, 2020 SOWERS will be hosting a booth at the Escapades Rally located in Rock Springs, WY . Any SOWER wanting to help manage the booth and the informational session is more than welcome to be a part of this fun event to help spread the word about our organization. You would be paired with other couples so you would not be running the booth by yourself. We are needing help even partial days/week if you are available. The cost to park your RV at the Rally is your own expense, and details of registration are on the Escapees website . If you need additional information contact Wayne or Gail Fieler at 704-853-2274 or 704-813-0015,  or
Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Linda, for sharing about the work that is being done at Sugar Pine Camp (CA-253) in Oakhurst, CA. Looks like you had a great month in a very beautiful place! Watch the PLS for the openings at this Kingdom-advancing project just outside of Yosemite National Park!
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If you'd like to contact the Board of Trustees, please send an email to Gary Conrad, President, and he'll be happy to direct your question to the entire Board or the appropriate Trustee. 
Of course, you are welcome to contact any member of the Board individually by phone or email using the information in the roster.
I'm still waiting for YOUR story!!!
Do you have sweet memories from your first SOWER project? Or maybe you'd like to share how you learned about SOWERS and how the LORD led you to this ministry?
This newsletter is always looking for SOWER testimonies, God Stories, project highlights, group pictures, and more! And Bill Myers is always on the look-out for some great tips! Submit stories, ideas and photos to  Stephanie Conrad .
This month's Group Shot is from the August project at Navigators/Glen Eyrie (CO-458). L-R Joyce & Jeff Brooks (3372), Donna & Jim Dorroh (3850), Shirley & Bill Trosper (2064), Cathy & Jim Fry (3564), Marcia & Tony Santacruz (3501), Donna & Leeroy Pease (2263). 👍

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Header Photo - Sunset at Lighthouse Christian Camp (NY-379) taken by Diane Grillo (3384)
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Send it in today!!!
Dear Sam and Sally...
Dear Sam and Sally,
I’m new SOWER lady, I have a question about our annual Registration Forms. As I was filling out my skill levels this year, I was disappointed that there were no construction-type skills listed on the Ladies Skill list. I’ve renovated a couple of homes with my husband and have used most types of power tools. I even enjoy finishing drywall and laying tile! Yet it seems that we ladies are only called to do the more traditional ‘ladies’ jobs. How can I let my group leader know that I’m not only handy with tools, but I would enjoy working on some of the construction projects?
Willing worker

Dear Worker,
Wow – it’s wonderful to hear that you are skilled in so many areas! It’s true that the current Skill Level columns are divided on a traditional gender based skills. Maybe in the future those classifications will need to be looked at. But in the mean time, feel free to put any of your special skills in the “Other Skills” space. That way both the Group Leader and the Host will see that you would be available to help with those types of projects. You could also send a quick note to your group leaders letting them know that you enjoy that type of work and would be willing to work with the guys if needed. Every ministry has different needs, so it’s grand when there are lots of available talents!

Thank you for your willing service for our LORD!
Sam and Sally

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