Volume 09 | September 2020
EMPCare, RFID Printer with Robotics, Monitoring Printhead Elements, and More!
This month's newsletter carries a theme we hope every single EMP customer has felt. At EMP, we care. We care about our customers and their satisfaction. We care about our employees. We care about doing the right thing. We care.

This newsletter highlights the many ways we care; from our EMPCare offerings, understanding our customer's whole software ecosystem, helping with your printhead issues, and more!
New Service Offerings from EMP
We are consistently trying to find new ways to help service our customers. We have recently re-branded our printer and mobile computer service offerings as EMPCare. Along with this, we have created a new customer facing portal that makes the data entry for every device a simple and straightforward process. Want to better understand how we can help with your printer and/or mobile computer maintenance? Click on the article below!
ERP, WMS, MES, We Want to Know!
We take pride in doing what is best for our customers. This is why we spend so much time building long term relationships. Part of this process is understanding your business, what ERP software you are using, and any other software add-ons you may need. We take pride in getting to know our customers and giving them the best possible solution. Click below to learn more!
RFID Printer and Robotics
Often times printers are off in the corner waiting for someone to tell it what to print. This was not the case with one of the recent projects we worked on. The Zebra ZT411 was integrated directly into the custom, robotic machinery. The printer works in conjunction with the PLC and the robot. Want to learn more? Check out the Solutions Newsletter below!

Printhead Element Out
We are amazed by this. There has been a feature in many of Zebra’s label printers for some time now that no one seems to take advantage of. You can send a command down the to the printer for it to monitor the print head for elements out. When a pixel goes blank, the printer will pause itself and tell you there is a problem. This feature can save you tons of money every year in fines.

EMPCare with OneTouch
We have a full line of mobile computers that we can provide, but we think the most important thing that we provide our customers is our ability to support these devices. EMPCare for mobile computers is designed to keep your devices up and running so they are ready when you need them. It is a flexible service that can meet any customer's needs. From basic to full support, our technicians are trained and ready to go! Want to find out how we can support your hardware...?

GoZebra - Get Paid to Upgrade!

GoZebra Trade-In Program
Does your technology need a refresh? Why not get paid to upgrade! Check out Zebra's GoZebra Trade-In program to see if you can get paid to upgrade your devices....

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