It's not too late to jump into this
upcoming training!

PODS Fundamentals Training for PODS 7.0.1

Every Tuesday @ 9 AM - 10 AM Central
September 7, 2021 (skip 9/14) and
September 21 - October 12, 2021

with a culminating panel at our launch of PODS 7.0.1
on October 19th

Unit 1: Overview of PODS 7 and the value provided for all of your data management needs. PODS will be explored, including how this new version of PODS compares to PODS Legacy (versions 6 and earlier). PODS Standard--Recognized and used by industry professionals.

Unit 2: This unit begins the "dive" into PODS 7 data model and understanding the conceptual, logical, and physical models of PODS

Unit 3: This unit further explores the logical data structure of PODS 7 including how the core tables are structured, understanding of the schema, and the PODS 7 documentation "package" contents.

Unit 4: Understanding the flexibility of PODS 7 data model design, and how it is designed to be extended -- meeting the needs of your organization.

Unit 5: Introduction to Utility Network

Unit 6: Putting it all together
NOTE, this panel session will be on October 19th at our PODS 7.0.1 launch.

There is no cost for the training.
Unit 6 is the PODS 7.0.1 Launch. Register below.
PODS 7.0.1 Release to Membership

PODS 7.0.1 is in the final stages of internal approval for Member release. The package was released for member comments on September 9th. Comments on the release will be accepted for 30 days and the final release to members is expected in mid-October. While the comment period is short, PODS Association Board believes the thorough testing program instituted, identified issues and all have been fixed. We are excited about the impending release. Any comments may be submitted at

An email was sent to all registered members on September 9th. If you did not receive it and would like a copy, please reach out to
Join us in welcoming John Utley to PODS!

John Utley will be serving as our new Technology Coordinator, the role previously held by Christopher Moravec.

John brings a wealth of experience to the PODS Association with over 30 years of consulting, product management, and system implementation experience in the pipeline oil and gas sector. He has previously held leadership positions at several software and engineering companies and is currently Chief Technology Officer at INTEGRI-TEK. He has extensive experience in Agile and Scrum methodologies, GIS/data management, cloud-based infrastructure, and pipeline integrity management. He has been responsible for designing and successfully implementing many of the world's largest, most complex data management systems. John earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in GIS from Northwest Missouri State University and is active in a broad array of industry activities.

Welcome, John!