Craig Mercer
Tennis Director 
ACE Toronto

It is a great start to the new year with a lot happening at the club. We have exciting new changes to our staff, a new partnership for our fitness and programs bustling more than ever.


We have a dynamic and diverse coaching team this year with the addition of new coaching staff. I am proud to say that we now have almost a 50/50 split between male and female coaches.

Here is our coaching staff:

Left to right: Craig Mercer, Natalie Araya, Luis Gomez, Erika Perez, Benajamin  Cayuela, Brad Thorpe (Fitness Director), John Cairns, Isabella Baston, Morgan Lever, Jessica McEachern (Fitness Trainer) and Madeline Dinunzio.
As mentioned in the last newsletter we have a new partnership with Striation6. ACE Toronto players can now purchase a membership at the Striation6 for only $10 per month. Players who are interested in joining first need to contact Brad (owner of Striation) and me for approval.

ACE Toronto New Partnership with Striation 6 Exercise and Performance Centre

We are excited to welcome in a new era of fitness training at ACE Toronto. Effective September 2017 Brad Thorpe and his team from Striation 6 Exercise and Performance Centre will oversee the fitness training division at our Toronto facility. 
With over 25 years in the sports performance and personal training industries Brad has consulted with the Toronto Blue Jays, Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence, Hockey Canada's Program of Excellence, Pakmen Volleyball Club, University of Toronto's Family and Community Medicine Program, and the Stop Concussions Foundation. In addition to his consultant work, Brad's methods are used by a number of professional athletes competing in the NBA, MLB, NFL, UFC, FIVB and the NCAA as well as a number of Team Canada and Provincial Team athletes.
Irfan is no longer coaching at ACE Toronto and will continue to coach at the Granite Club. We would like to thank Irfan for his great work here at Toronto Tennis City and wish him all the best in his coaching career.
We will host a meeting for parents and coaches in our competitive stream on Wednesday, October 11th from 7-8pm at Toronto Tennis City so that parents can get to know the coaches, our philosophy and goals for the year, and to ask any questions you may have.

Our bubble will be going up from Sept 30th-October 6th. This means that we will not have
access to the courts during this time and will use this time to provide additional fitness training and fitness and tennis education for the players in the competitive stream. Players in the International Team will play tennis at Davisville Tennis Club that week. Please bring your son/daughter to training at their regular times that week as it is an equally important part of their year long training program. 

Complimentary 2hr mobility workshop geared towards improving prerequisite ranges of motion and movements for tennis. Learn how to warm up each joint in order to prepare the body for the specific demands of the sport.

The session will focus on how to maintain joint health through detailed movements in order to expand and control range of motion while improving tissue resiliency and force absorption capacity. These concepts will help  decrease risk of injury and improve performance. 

Registration Deadline: Saturday October 21, 2017
Date of Workshop: Saturday November 11, 2017
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: High Point Wellness Centre - 5110
Creekbank Rd. Suite 700 Mississauga, ON, L4W 0A1

Registration to: 

Dr. Bryon Weinberg is the Chiropractor for the Toronto Argonauts in addition to working out of High Point Wellness Centre. He was a NCAA Division 1 tennis player and a hitting partner for the likes of Roger Federer and Venus Williams. Dr. Weinberg has treated and currently treats numerous tennis players including Olympic medalist and former world ranked top 10 player Maria Kirilenko. Dr. Weinberg is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Function Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, and Co-Founder of Athletic Movement Assessment. 

Dr. Bryon Weinberg BA, DC, CSCS, Acu., ART®
Co-Director of Athletic Movement Assessment
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Medical Acupuncture Provider
Active Release Techniques Provider
High Point Wellness Centre
Centre for Health & Safety Innovation
5110 Creekbank Rd., Suite 700
Mississauga, ON
L4W 0A1


ACE TENNIS BURLINGTON operates out of Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub. The Cedar Springs Club boasts state of the art fitness facilities that compliment its 11 indoor tennis courts. It also offers full member recreational services including access to pools, a basketball gym, and a restaurant. Physiotherapy, medical services and massage therapy are also available on site.

Toronto Tennis City is Toronto's most unique tennis destination located at Yonge and Davisville. The club provides its members with year round access to red Italian clay  courts with state of the art LED lighting, a beautiful club house and a complimentary REPLAY video analysis system. The club offers first rate adult programs and service  oriented staff. Toronto Tennis City is also home of ACE Tennis Academy, Canada's #1 school for junior players.

Ace players and coaches benefit from the Ace Replay system which provides them with the opportunity to access a video replay of the player's practice, lesson or match play. The Ace Replay system provides an opportunity for match analysis, an understanding of player's behavior in pressure situations and evaluation through analytics. 

All Canadian Sports Management Inc. is a 40 year old company which has specialized mostly in the field of tennis through strategical planning for tennis development, creation and management of sport facilities, the creation and operation of events, research and development. All Canadian also operates Canada's top tennis developmental school ACE Tennis and has ownership in ACE REPLAY, a new video replay system.

ACE has been a Gold Designated Tennis Development Center 16 years in a row. The TDC "Go for Gold" Program is a "support program" designed by Tennis Canada to work with junior competitive development programs across Canada. The TDC program is a key component of the overall player development plan of Tennis Canada and its mission of developing world class players. The TDC program designates indoor clubs/academy's meeting minimum program requirements with a gold, silver, bronze or basic designation. 
   Toronto Tennis City 
   185 Balliol Street
   ON M4S 1C2 

   Phone: 647.381.6464 

Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub
960 Cumberland Avenue
ON L7N 3J6

Phone 905.632.9500