September 2017 Newsletter
With the new school year upon us, we are so excited to tell you about many new things happening at The Award! You may have even noticed our new Online Record Book. We hope you all had a wonderful summer and maybe you even did your adventurous journey. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your awards being completed. If you have any questions, you can always contact our office at 204-988-3016 or 
Website Update

Our website has gone through some updates and has a cleaner look. Take a moment to check it out. You will see it now has a section just for participants as well as easier ways to find the divisions. Use the MENU button in the top right hand corner to navigate the website.
If you are looking for the Manitoba Division specific information - find Manitoba Division under FIND US. You can find information like upcoming adventurous journey opportunities in 2018. Just click on adventurous journey on the right hand side of the page.
Online Record Book - Next Generation

The Online Record Book has undergone a major update this summer. It to ok effect in early September so you have probably already noticed a big difference if you have logged in. We are so excited because it's a much easier system to use. Also, for the first time ever, there is now an APP for your phone. We highly recommend downloading the APP. It makes doing your award so much simpler! You can log all your activities right on your phone.

You no longer have to download and print assessors reports - you can send the report via email and your assessor can fill it out online and it will automatically be put into your account once it has been submitted by your assessor. 

If you are having trouble logging in to the new ORB, try the Forgot Password link on the login page. Make sure to re-set to a new password that you have never used in the Online Record Book before!

If you are still having issues with logging in to your online record book account, please let us know by sending us an email

We are working on a Participant Tips document that we will send to everyone by email in the next week. It will help you to navigate the Online Record Book and completing your award.

The next generation Online Record book is really great and it will make doing the award so much simpler and easier. If you have any questions please contact us, we are here to help. Call 204-988-3016 or email

Award Achievers July to September

Joel Gamache

Nicholas Pasieczka


Mara Bohm
Connor Graveline Kaylene Normand Guneet Uppal
Victoria Deakin
Rishawn H Chantelle Recana
Adam Yusim
Kamryn Diehl
Ava Laceda Christina Selkirk

Kenzie Amendt
Doris Goubran
Isaac Anderson Wyatt M
Bennet Finney Reese Peacock
Lyndon F Sammi Rea
Martin Glikman Samantha Yarmiy

Twin River Travel Adventurous Journeys

This summer Duke of Ed participants had the opportunity to go on their Adventurous Journeys with an outfitter we were working with for the first time - Twin River Travel. We wanted to know what these trips would be like, so we sent our National Youth Rep Nick Taylor on a Bronze Trip with some participants! Here's Nick's review of a Twin River Travel AJ

I was given the chance to join a bronze adventurous journey that was being set up through a new wilderness outfitter that we are running trips with, Twin River Travel. I was joined by 3 bronze participants as well as the 2 guides on the trip. We had our preliminary training on the Friday before we left. One of the many good parts of the Twin River experience is their handling of the equipment and transportation. They provide all of the required camping gear, and only ask that you bring proper camping clothing (rain gear, sweaters, etc.) in a dry bag, and to meet at the Canoe and Kayak Club on Churchill Drive.
Our route took us from the Bird River where we paddled, portaged, stopped for lunch, then paddled some more, finally arriving at Elbow Lake after dealing with a rainy day where we then set up camp. We spent the drizzly evening setting up our campsite, enjoying our dinner of butter chicken, rice, and naan bread, and staying warm by the fire. On the second day we had a lovely pancake breakfast, then under the cover of the clouds, set out for a day trip to the waterfalls at McGregor lake. We got to do some fishing, explore the area, and had our lunch above the falls. After lunch, we paddled back to our campsite, where we then learned how to do T-rescues with the canoes, wherein we use one canoe to support a canoe that has flipped and filled with water, empty that canoe of water, then hold it up while the paddlers get back in from water. We then relaxed for a bit on the beach by the fire before we made pad thai for dinner. That evening we enjoyed the wonderful view of the stars and the northern lights that were partially visible. On our final day we paddled back down the Bird River, where we finished the trip off by doing some cliff jumping into the lake before getting in the van and heading home.
Overall the trip was fantastic, Twin River Travel really shows their knowledge of the camping experience and makes you feel as comfortable as you possibly could on a trip like this. They give you a sense of security while you camp, while still making it a fun experience. The guides were both friendly and professional, and you could really tell that they care about making these trips great for new and experienced campers alike. I would recommend their trips to anyone who has ever even thought about going camping, Twin River makes it easy for anyone to get out and enjoy the wilderness.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
This year the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program is partnering with The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. We are asking all award participants and their leaders to sign up to do a shoreline clean up in their area. 

All you need to do is register to be a part of a clean up, or lead a shoreline clean up if you are over the age of 19. To register visit the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  Go to

Take an hour and just walk along a riverbank, lakeside shore, or any small water way and pick up any garbage. 

Did you know that garbage along the shore and in our water ways is a major cause of pollution. Help us make the environment along our waterways cleaner. Join a Shoreline Cleanup today!