September 2019
Trending Economic Development
News Stories in 2019
By Marian Kansas, Consultant

As the manager of  The Future Of , Avalanche’s curated content website featuring new economic development articles and commentary each week, I spend a lot of time finding and reading economic development-related articles from a wide variety of sources. I’ve seen trending topics shift since we started The Future Of about a year ago, from the economics of opening craft breweries as a revitalization method to the impact climate change will have on our local and national economies.

Even though trending topics change as various economic, political, and cultural shifts take place, a few themes are consistently discussed among economists, researchers, and journalists regarding economic development.

Which 20 Metros are Gaining and Losing the Most Young Professionals? (…and the Reason Why)
By John Rees, Research Director

During the past decade, talent has become the most important driver of economic vibrancy. Regions such as Austin and Seattle are rock star metros thanks in part to their ability to provide employers with seemingly endless pools of smart young professionals. Having a growing pool of talent is especially important in an era when labor is scarce and more difficult to attract. The US unemployment rate remains near a historic low, and the proportion of Americans who move each year has fallen by approximately 50% over the past 40 years.

In recent years, however, the success of several of the country’s most economically dynamic regions has been undermined by quality of life challenges. Soaring home prices and increased traffic congestion in big population centers are pushing a growing number of highly educated workers out to more affordable locales.

Avalanche on the Road
See the Avalanche team at IEDC's 2019 Annual Conference on October 13 - 15 in Indianapolis. If you'd like to connect with any Avalanchers at the conference please let us know, We would love to see you!
Celebrating our Clients
Columbus 2020 is now One Columbus - Columbus 2020 is now One Columbus and has launched a new 10-year strategy with a big, bold vision: to be the most prosperous region in the United States. Congratulations to the entire team at One Columbus on this huge step forward into the new decade!

Automotive paint company to build plant on vacant Tubman site in East Chattanooga - Japanese automotive paint manufacturer Nippon Paint has selected a 45-acre site in East Chattanooga, formerly the site of an abandoned city housing project, to locate its new $61 million manufacturing plant. The facility is projected to hire 150 people in the next five to seven years with average wages of $16 - $22 an hour. The plant is expected to provide jobs for residents in a traditionally low-income area and is part of a larger effort to revitalize East Chattanooga. We're wowed, Chattanooga Chamber ! Way to go!
Avalanche in Action
Summer 2019 might be officially over, but things are staying hot at Avalanche. This month, Amy traveled to the New River Valley region of Virginia to speak about the power of partnerships at Onward NRV's Annual Dinner. It was great to see old friends and see how much the community has prospered over the last few years! Next, the team journeyed to Cleveland to kick off our CLE 2030 Inclusive Growth Strategy. We wrapped up the month in Cincinnati where we presented our regional economic development framework to the REDI Cincinnati board and partners. Here are a few snapshots of our team in action.
The Future Of Featured Post: Which is Better: Place-Based Policies or People-Based Policies?
Research finds merit in both place-based policies- those that improve the economy of a location- and people-based policies- those that help people move to neighborhoods with better access to jobs and quality of life. But which is more effective?

Many city leaders have long focused on people-based policies that relocate people and families out of distressed areas and into more prosperous areas. However, new research finds that place-based policies are more likely to be effective than people-based policies.

Avalanche's curated news website, The Future Of, shares what we see as the most relevant news to our profession with YOU. The Future Of is designed for busy thought leaders and change makers in our field who are continuously curious but do not have enough time to cull through messy mass media to find meaningful news. Contact us for subscription information.
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Check out the  Detroit Regional Chamber's new Headlight Data Dashboard  that provides a one-stop, interactive, online portal for all economic, workforce, education, and demographic data in the 11-county Detroit region. The Detroit Data Center provides businesses, community leaders, and residents in the region with extensive data with which to make business, policy, and career decisions. 

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