Meet OAA's Legislative Consultant:
 Kris Pickford

  • Built database of state and federal regulations
  • Interpreted newly passed HIPAA Red Flag rules
  • Helped States navigate sunset clauses for licensure
  • Clarified federal regulations within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Aided state legislative battles affecting scope of practice
(If you didn't understand all of those accomplishments, the most important thing to know is that Kris and the work he's doing is continually informing and protecting YOU as an optician in ways that matter!)
"I have been working with the OAA for more than a decade on legislative and regulatory issues that affect our members.
"Together, we have been through several FTC reviews of Eyeglass One and the Contact Lens Rule, redefining prescription releases and advanced telemedicine during the emergence of the online economy.

"Many of these battles are still being fought today. We will win some and, unfortunately, we will lose some; but we have been trending in the right direction, and the hope is that with our shared vision, we are becoming more vigilant with the mission to help America see ." ~ Kris Pickford

Members : 60

Meetings Per Year : 2

Board Members : 4

Challenges : "Getting sponsored speakers. We also have the lowest population of any licensed state in the U.S. "

Successes : "Maintaining a very high percentage of members based on the number of Licensed Opticians in the state (approximately 45% currently!)"

Bravo Vermont! Keep up the Good Work!
Opticians Guild of America

Being an independent optical business owner doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

OGA History
The Guild was formed in 1926 to establish the highest level skill set for opticianry that an office could attain. To be a member of the Guild meant your office had met the strictest standard achievable.

Times Changed
Over time, the world around us has changed, and entrepreneurial optical establishments have become a rarity. Individual opticians, more often than not, are practicing in retail settings for much larger corporations as opposed to smaller local "shops."

The Guild Today
It is our hope that opticians with a desire to show their patients that they have worked to set themselves apart from other competitors in the area will join the Opticians Guild of America. Many individual opticians in the United States can qualify and differentiate themselves from the "rest of the pack." 

Power In Your Voice
Join this esteemed group of professionals to increase the power of our collective voice in the optical marketplace. The OGA is designed to help you be independent and strong — together .
Question: Where Do You Work?

#1 Independent Optician (31.4%)
Optical Chain (20.6%)

Optometrist (14.6%)

Ophthalmologist (12.4%)
Medical Center (7.6%)

Optical Lab (2.5%)

Other (7.6%)
What Does It Mean ?

We are still largely an independent profession.

SO... ?

We must advocate for ourselves! Join your state association . Help protect your profession. We need your VOICE!

WED. 18 — SAT. 21
OptiCon at Vision Expo West  (Las Vegas, NV) 

The complete event for ophthalmic professionals — where eyecare meets eyewear; and where education, fashion and innovation mingle.

SUN. 22
New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO)
Region 4 Symposium
(The Desmond Hotel, Albany)
8:30A - 3:00P

SUN. 22
New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO)
Long Island Symposium
(Radisson Hotel, Hauppauge)
8:30A - 3:00P

SAT. 28 — SUN. 29
Opticians Association of Ohio
Central Region Annual Conference
(Bruce E. Seigel Center for Health & Education, Columbus)

SUN. 13
New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO)
Region 1 Symposium
(Erie Community College, Williamsville)
8:30A - 3:00P

TUE. 15
Certified Opticians Association of Texas
Houston Area Meeting: Kering Eyewear

SUN. 20
New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO)
Region 5/Metro Symposium
(Crowne Plaza JFK Airport Hotel, Jamaica)
8:30A - 3:00P

SAT. 26
Opticians Association of Washington
Fall Education Day
(Red Lion Hotel, Yakima)
7:00A - 5:20P

SUN. 27
New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO)
Region 3/4 Lake Placid Symposium
(Golden Arrow Resort, Lake Placid)
8:30A - 3:00P

SUN. 10
New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO)
Region 2/3 Symposium
(del Lago Resort, Waterloo)
8:30A - 3:00P

September 18-21, 2019