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Fall has arrived! Here are some reminders of the electrical services we provide as well as some energy saving tips...


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Reminder of Some of Our Services
   Heating & A/C Wiring

Air conditioning is starting to leave our immediate thoughts as the cooler weather is coming in, and heating is becoming our main concern. We can help you out with your boilers, furnaces, heat pumps & zone valves, control panels & AC's as well as baseboard & toe kick heaters.
This season try a programmable thermostat in your home or office o save energy.
Backup Generator Power


A standby generator can support critical systems in your house like heating, refrigeration, sump pumps and general lighting. You won't have to worry about frozen pipes, spoiled food, flooded basements or being left in the dark.

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  Energy Saving Tips to Keep in Mind
Thermostats should read 4° C for refrigerators 
     and -18° C for freezers.
            Make sure your freezer is an appropriate size; 
            oversized units waste energy.
                     There should be no more than 6mm of frost.
                          Clean dust off refrigerator coils for even 
                              heat dissipation.

There should be enough space around the unit for
    heat to escape.

         Unit should be away from heat sources (radiator,      
             stove, etc.) and from cold areas (unheated porch,
                  garage, etc.).

                       Make sure door seals are intact and tight.
                             Don't leave the door open if you don't
                                 need to.

                                     Don't overload the unit as it will
                                          prevent internal air circulation.
We look forward to getting your projects underway!


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