Happy September! If there is anything I’ve learned this year is that I must accept changes that are presented in my personal life and at Allure. Change can be planned, deliberate and obvious. Other times it can be presented in many layers and evolve over time. Change can be difficult, uncomfortable and feel unattainable. It’s the greatest challenge I face as a business owner. Admittedly, there are times I want to just stop and surrender. I am human. However, I’ve learned to embrace, acknowledge, do the work, allow, and see the opportunity.

 I will always remember this past August as a memorable one. Lorraine made her journey back to Ireland after being with the Allure family for the past 18 years. Although, we planned for her departure and had one too many parties, there is an obvious vacancy in our lives. We miss the ability to see her everyday and have her so close. We support her decision to be with her family and the new opportunities she will be presented with.

Robin’s daughter, Sarah, got married this past August in a beautiful, outdoor ceremony. Sarah is such a beautiful, young woman and I feel so blessed to have witnessed her special day!

I can always count on September for obvious change. The weather starts to get cooler, and families prepare for a new school year. Irida’s son, Klei, just started his new school year at UMass Amherst. Since moving to the United States, Klei, has proved himself to be a strong student with perseverance and drive. Irida and her family has planned for this very moment for many years. However, it never makes it easy to say “good bye and good luck” on their first day of college. We have no doubt that Klei will continue to make his family very proud.

As for me, I will continue to do my work of ministry in Allure Spa. Allure has always been a labor of love. I enjoy giving pedicures, facials, and sharing stories. It’s the human connection that has kept me inspired throughout the years.

I look forward to sharing more change with my readers each month.

From all of us at Allure, we wish you a Happy Labor Day!

We hope to see you soon.
Sandra Ishmael
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